How to sell crypto on trust wallet to bank account?

How to Sell Crypto on Trust Wallet?

How to Sell Crypto on Trust Wallet

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency will be the new buzzword in the market. And these new and evolving technologies give you the freedom to trade and make financial decisions. Buying, storing, and selling cryptocurrencies is increasingly attracting the attention of a large population. For anyone looking to invest in the future or for anyone here for a quick trade, the opportunity is a click or tap on your computer or mobile device. Most transactions in the world still depend on Fiat, to cash out cryptocurrencies always arises.

Trust Wallet is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency wallet programs on the market today. It offers several features that allow users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies easily.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a wallet software that allows users to store various cryptocurrency tokens on a wider range of blockchains. The Trust wallet integrates seamlessly with centralized and decentralized exchange platforms such as Pancakeswap, allowing users to convert Meme Coins and other low-capacity tokens before the sale. Android and iOS users can seamlessly access the mobile application of Trust Wallet. There are some differences when selling two mobile apps. However, the basics remain the same.

How to sell crypto on trust wallet to bank account?

What makes it best to use?

However, Trust Wallet has some built-in features, such as confusing exchanging, exchanging, or earning cryptocurrencies. These capabilities may be limited to swaps or exchange services built into Trust Wallet. This service is a DEX, also known as a decentralized exchange. It implies that cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency transactions only occur and cannot be linked to any bank. Therefore, you will not have access to trading in FIAT currencies such as US Dollar, GBD, or Euro.

So, if you currently have cryptocurrencies in Trust Wallet, how do you effectively cash them out and withdraw them back to your bank account?

How to Sell Crypto on Trust Wallet?

Why should you have it?

Before selling your cryptocurrency on Trust Wallet, you need to consider a few things. Here are the queries that you need to clear. Let’s continue reading!

  • Can I exchange cryptocurrency for bitcoin? We will focus on monetizing Bitcoin, trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex.
  • Cryptocurrency transfer and conversion fees. Different methods guarantee different transaction fees.
  • Processing time. How long does a transaction take? It may take minutes, hours, or days. Therefore, it is important to plan.
  • Local currency required. Do you want US Dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen? It depends on where you are now. Do you want to transfer money to your bank account or PayPal?

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How to sell on Trust Wallet?

The process of selling crypto on the Trust Wallet app relies on the type of currency want to sell. However, since it is very easy to sell major cryptocurrencies like BNB and Bitcoin, we discuss the process of selling Safesun, one of the many coin memes in the crypto space. Sell ​​SafeMoon or other cryptocurrencies with a low market cap on Trust Wallet. You must follow these steps:


Clicking on Pancakeswap will take you to the Panckaswap page, where you can exchange Safemoon tokens for BNB. We recommend exchanging your meme tokens for BNB, especially with the Binance smart chain and centralized exchanges like Binance.

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In Pancake Swap Dapp, select the coin you want to exchange (SafeMoon in your case) and enter the amount you want to exchange. Click “Max” to replace the entire SafeMoon.


Then select the currency you want to exchange and set the slip tolerance. Slippage is essentially a phenomenon in which trades are entered at a higher or lower price than the stated price or quoted price, often due to high market volatility.


After setting the slip tolerance, selecting the desired currency (e.g., BNB), click “Confirm SafeMoon” and wait for the Pancakeswap to be confirmed.


Once approved, click “Exchange” to exchange SafeMoon Coins for BNB.


A popup of your “Transaction Sent” will show on your screen at this step. This step will complete your transaction, and SafeMoon will appear in your account in BNB.


At this point, the SafeMoon coin has been converted to BNB, and you can now transfer BNB tokens (Binance Coin) to any Binance Exchange address by entering your Binance address in the recipient address section. To trade BNB with a Stablecoin. will you do isYu can withdraw Binance Coins using or Fiat depending on your region and the features supported by Binance in your region. Please note that there is a transaction fee to exchange cryptocurrency. Selling crypto on Binance is simple as it offers peer-to-peer options and direct cash withdrawals to your bank account.

You can also run this tutorial on Trust Wallet for better understanding.

Concluding Lines

Trust Wallet is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency wallet with some great features. But giving up on a mobile app can be a bit frustrating. Hopefully, they will enable the output function in the future. The current procedure requires multiple platforms to withdraw funds from the Trust wallet to a bank account

Here are some frequently asked questions by users about the Trust wallet.

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Is Trust Wallet Safe to Use?

Our Trust Wallet Review found that cryptocurrency wallet apps use multiple security mechanisms to protect client cryptocurrency holdings from being hacked or stolen, but the short answer is yes. And since Trust Wallet provides it all, you can conclude that it is secure

Is it easy to access and free?

Anyone with a mobile device or tablet can download the Trust Wallet app. Available for iOS and Android platforms. There are no installation restrictions, and you can also install on multiple devices. It’s completely free, and no subscription is required. There are no registrations or forms to fill out.

Your data remains with you. The only thing charged from the wallet is the gas fee when sending the transaction. These fees are paid to miners, for example, on the Ethereum network or on some Proof of stake chains that require a small fee to process transactions. Trust Wallet doesn’t charge any fees, and you don’t have access to the funds in your wallet.