5 Best Bitcoin and Crypto Wallets to Explode In 2022

Best Bitcoin and Crypto Wallets to Explode In 2022

Best Bitcoin and Crypto Wallets to Explode In 2022

In the modern world, cryptocurrency has taken over. As many transitions to paperless cash, digital currency has been on the rise. All transactions are made online. Also, the storage of money is in a wallet. Bitcoin has been around since January of 2009.

The best Bitcoin wallets make it easy to secure your funds and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin or other forms of crypto money, then finding the right wallet matters. Finding a wallet that manages your currency while holding storage and ensuring safety is essential. Below we have mentioned a list of cryptocurrency wallets, to make sure you have the best money storage facility.

How Many Bitcoin Wallets Are There?

Wallets make purchasing Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies easier. Wallets also have reached over 70 million users at the end of March 2021. Users multiplied significantly in 2021, due to the rise in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Wallets That Will Explode in 2022

Bitcoin is known worldwide, and other forms of cryptocurrency too. Finding the right wallet is necessary to ensure nothing goes wrong when handling your digital money. Just as important it is in finding the right bank to store your funds, that is how wallets work.

1.  Exodus is Beginner Friendly

Exodus is best for beginners. Not only does it have no purchase cost, but cloud storage and cold storage are free as well. You can open an account with Exodus in no time, and have the best Bitcoin wallet for 2022.

Exodus has good customer support, and an option for cold storage too. Without these factors, it can become difficult in handling and storing funds. Plus, this option is beginner-friendly and allows you to fully understand Bitcoin wallets without overcomplicating the process. The pros of Exodus allow you to have a variety of cryptocurrencies. Plus, a built-in exchange factor and excellent customer support. However, a closed source software can be a con, which some people do not like of this wallet.

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Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet, with a very simple user experience. An interface that anyone can handle and ensures that you can swap between a number of currencies at the same time. This feature allows you to swap between over 150 different cryptocurrencies within the wallet.

While Exodus is great for beginners, some experienced Bitcoin wallet users may find some features not up to standard. It may create some security concerns for people because it is a closed sources wallet. Also, one of the main factors is that it allows custom fees to be set up, keeping the overall costs lower than other wallets. Transactions can be done in no time, and allow for excellent customer support if you need help along the way!

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2.  Electrum for Advanced Users

Once you start getting used to using Bitcoin wallets, Electrum can be the option for you. The purchase cost is free, also free to use is a cloud storage and cold storage as well.

  • Customizable transaction fees
  • A greater level of security

Electrum is one of the original forms of Bitcoin wallets out there. It has been around since 2012, two years after the creation of Bitcoin. However, because of its advanced features, this type of wallet is only suited for experienced users. Electrum is open source, allowing users to set custom fees and the option to choose between legacy Bitcoin and Segwit. Also, you can determine the level of security that you desire.

You can create a standard wallet, one with a 2-factor authentication or a multi-signature wallet as well. Simple, with customization at its core, great for advanced users with excellent security levels to uphold against anything. Just like using technology for your business, the right salon software is essential. The same goes for handling your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Using a wallet is essential!

3.  Mycelium is Best for Mobile Users

Giving you control from anywhere. Mycelium is a mobile-only wallet, currently supporting Bitcoin, ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Mycelium is mobile-only which makes it easier to handle money and funds on the go. Plus, it has a more refreshed user interface and built-in exchange capacity.

One of the earlier wallets to form, you can also set custom transaction fees, keeping the costs lower than what would have been. One of the more enticing features is that Mycelium has a hardware wallet support, allowing users to hold their funds in an offline storage device. However, you can still use Mycelium’s user interface to see the holding of funds and transactions too.

  • Customizable fees
  • Hardware wallets
  • Open-source software

However, even though most advanced users would love to use such a powerful Bitcoin wallet, it may be confusing for first-time users. Also, this kind of wallet is only allowed on mobiles, which sometimes can make a hassle for people who are not used to seeing their funds other than desktop.

4.  Ledger Nano X for the Ultimate Hardware Experience

The Ledger Nano X is the best for people who want to store their Bitcoin and crypto funds on hardware storage rather than digitalized options. The purchase cost for this wallet is not free, like the others. It will cost 119 dollars and there is no cloud storage option, because of the cold storage feature.

This wallet offers secure cold storage and can connect to devices through Bluetooth or USB. The ledger is from the French company that was launched in 2014. This is the second generation from the Ledger Nano S version. It resembles a USB drive and connects to your device via Bluetooth or USB. You can connect your cold storage wallet to your IOS or Android device without hassle or even needing a computer.

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The support that the Ledger offers is over 1,800 cryptocurrencies and provides a user interface that holds all your funds accordingly. You can even add new wallets according to the different types of crypto you have, to enhance your currency portfolio.

Ledger wallets have been and most certainly are the best popular form in the Bitcoin wallet industry. Comes with the option to connect to a desktop computer or a smartphone through the 1 USB-C to USB-A type cable.

  • Convenient user interface
  • Ultimate storage for 3-20 different apps
  • Open source and customer support optimization
  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Two different types of USB cable options

5.  Trezor Model T for the Best Security Option

The Trezon Model T is known for the ultimate security option, with a purchase cost of 195 dollars. However, there is no cloud storage because this type of wallet is made for cold storage only. Coming with the strongest security features and a track record of the best hardware wallet can give you the best option yet!

  • Web-based user interface
  • Huge list of supported currencies
  • Customer and community support
  • Support of over 1,800 cryptocurrencies

Just like the Ledge option, this wallet is only known for its cold storage. The model T is the second generation of hardware wallets to enhance your Bitcoin security. The utilization of the touch screen feature allows beginners to even understand this form of wallet. Also, encryption is big when it comes to this wallet and allows you to have a MicroSD card slot. You can use the MicroSD cards to encrypt the PIN and further protect your wallet from hackers and other attacks.

Plus, the connection is made easier due to the form of smartphone and desktop compatibility. However, some might see the higher price point as a con and not bother to keep this wallet as an option. Although this option is best for security reasons, it may be confusing for beginners.

How Many People Own Bitcoin?

Exact figures are not known but an estimated 190 percent increase has been noted. All of this increase had been between 2018 and 2020. Both of these types of increases maybe because of the rise in accounts and secure identification.

Do Bitcoin Wallets Vary Per Country?

Even though Bitcoin wallets are popular, some countries do not follow these trends. Some countries rather deal in paper money, and other countries have the option of both paperless and paper cash. Depending on the country and whether it is developed or not. In the United States, Bitcoin is more popular and Bitcoin wallets are taking over, 10 times more than other countries to say the least. So, depending on several factors, Bitcoin wallets trend depends on the country and regulations.

Which Wallet is the Best for 2022?

Wallets need to have the best features to be able to securely hold and manage your digital Bitcoin funds. While Bitcoin wallets vary in compatibility and features, Electrum is the best for users of all experience levels. Not only is Electrum free of cost, but also has the option of cloud and cold storage combined. Great for customization and users that want something more than the bare minimum. However, if you want only security and focus on keeping your funds safe more than anything else, the Trezor Model T is worthwhile. Make sure to find the right wallet according to your needs.

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Best Bitcoin and Crypto Wallets to Explode In 2022

Number of Blockchain wallet users worldwide from November 2011 to November 2021 in millions

Nov 2011 0
Dec 2011 0
Jan 2012 0
Feb 2012 0
Mar 2012 0
Apr 2012 0.01
May 2012 0.01
Jun 2012 0.01
Jul 2012 0.01
Aug 2012 0.02
Sep 2012 0.03
Oct 2012 0.03
Nov 2012 0.04
Dec 2012 0.07
Jan 2013 0.1
Feb 2013 0.12
Mar 2013 0.15
Apr 2013 0.23
May 2013 0.28
Jun 2013 0.32
Jul 2013 0.36
Aug 2013 0.4
Sep 2013 0.44
Oct 2013 0.48
Nov 2013 0.58
Dec 2013 0.89
Jan 2014 1.07
Feb 2014 1.26
Mar 2014 1.4
Apr 2014 1.51
May 2014 1.62
Jun 2014 1.74
Jul 2014 1.94
Aug 2014 2.11
Sep 2014 2.27
Oct 2014 2.42
Nov 2014 2.57
Dec 2014 2.71
Jan 2015 2.85
Feb 2015 3.02
Mar 2015 3.16
Apr 2015 3.32
May 2015 3.47
Jun 2015 3.64
Jul 2015 3.87
Aug 2015 4.11
Sep 2015 4.33
Oct 2015 4.62
Nov 2015 4.95
Dec 2015 5.34
Jan 2016 5.78
Feb 2016 6.13
Mar 2016 6.53
Apr 2016 6.91
May 2016 7.31
Jun 2016 7.68
Jul 2016 8.02
Aug 2016 8.36
Sep 2016 8.77
Oct 2016 9.26
Nov 2016 9.92
Dec 2016 10.69
Jan 2017 11.68
Feb 2017 12.01
Mar 2017 12.64
Apr 2017 13.16
May 2017 14.19
Jun 2017 14.86
Jul 2017 15.2
Aug 2017 16.46
Sep 2017 17.26
Oct 2017 18.06
Nov 2017 19.34
Dec 2017 21.51
Jan 2018 22.65
Feb 2018 23.36
Mar 2018 23.93
Apr 2018 24.36
May 2018 24.99
Jun 2018 25.65
Jul 2018 26.82
Aug 2018 28.09
Sep 2018 28.87
Oct 2018 29.76
Nov 2018 31.13
Dec 2018 31.91
Jan 2019 32.82
Feb 2019 33.76
Mar 2019 34.65
Apr 2019 36.57
May 2019 38.86
Jun 2019 40.07
Jul 2019 40.91
Aug 2019 41.61
Sep 2019 42.29
Oct 2019 43.04
Nov 2019 43.87
Dec 2019 44.51
Jan 2020 45.45
Feb 2020 46.24
Mar 2020 47.12
Apr 2020 48.18
May 2020 49.59
Jun 2020 50.68
Jul 2020 52.03
Aug 2020 53.17
Sep 2020 54.25
Oct 2020 55.65
Nov 2020 60.36
Dec 2020 63.48
Jan 2021 66.22
Feb 2021 68.79
Mar 2021 70.65
Apr 2021 72.26
May 2021 73.51
Jun 2021 74.53
Jul 2021 75.11
Aug 2021 76.32
Sep 2021 77.12
Oct 2021 78.55
Oct 2022 78.64
Nov 2022 79.3



Bitcoin wallets are already famous and people use them globally. However, due to the rise in the increase of users and trends, wallets are becoming more popular. There are several factors when choosing the right wallet; cloud storage or cold storage. You have to think about security, features and other essential needs. Which is solely based on the individual user. When finding the right Bitcoin wallet, see which one suits you best and has the right features needed. For more information about the management of businesses, Wellyx is the option just right for you.