5 SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Target Landing Page in 2022

SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Target Landing Page in 2022

SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Target Landing Page in 2022

Creating a website today is an essential step towards success for small businesses. It is the foundation for building an online presence that will help you grow your business. In addition, you can learn more about people who visit your site and turn them into a partner or customers. It’s a win if any of these things occur. So how do you attract visitors to your site?

To achieve your inbound marketing goals, you need to have several critical components. These include landing pages that are effective and contain compelling CTAs. Your chances of converting strangers to your website are very slim if you don’t use landing pages. If no one is viewing your landing pages, they will not convert. If you want to know how to drive traffic and conversions to land pages, then you’re in the right place.

What is a landing page?

A landing page serves one purpose: it collects information from visitors by using forms. Each piece of information should encourage visitors to complete the form. Although you may have multiple pages on your website that collect data, landing pages are not considered those pages. An effective landing page will only present one offer and direct the visitor to the form to act.

Why is a landing page important for a website?

Landing pages are crucial because they allow your content to be displayed in a convenient place for visitors. Effective landing pages remove distractions so that the visitor can concentrate on the offer and fill out the form. In addition, the visitor will fill out the form more quickly if there are no distractions such as sidebars or menu options.

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Top 5 tips for driving more traffic

If you’re getting fewer sales in your business, then it’s time you reconsider your website optimization techniques. We’ve given the top 5 tips so you can improve performance.

Use SEO for optimizing landing pages.

However, for people to convert, they must be able to find your page. This can be done by optimizing your landing pages for SEO. It can, however, be more difficult.

A landing page should not be filled with too much text. Landing pages should convey a clear message quickly and encourage people to take action. There are fewer keywords that could help you optimize your landing page. But the good news is that you can use a better way for it. Let’s suppose you design an SEO-friendly landing page for personal finance software. A conversion-focused landing page should target keywords that buyers would search for:

  • Software for personal finance
  • Software for budgeting
  • Software for accounting

Google can tell that people searching for “personal finance software” are ready to purchase. Therefore, your landing page can be optimized for SEO to target that specific keyword phrase. For example, you can use keywords such as “how to budget” and “how to save money” to direct users to a landing page with a guide to the best ways to save money.

Website optimization for organic search through guest blogging 

Let’s begin with a disclaimer regarding guest blogging. This practice has been exposed for many reasons. SEO experts will not approve of the use of shallow content to earn backlinks. If you’re asked to guest blog, pitch a guest article, or host a guest posting, there are some things to consider:

  • Is the website considered authoritative? 
  • Do you expect to get quality backlinks from the collaboration?
  • Who is the audience for your website? 
  • Are they in your target audience’s shoes? 
  • Are they interested in learning more?
  • Are you referring to Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) or the page that will be published? 
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If yes, then remember that the quality standards for this page are higher for EAT (Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

Guest blogging is a way to have your author bio at the page’s end if done correctly. Quality backlinks to your website and mentions about your product are great ways of “borrowing” website visitors and leading them to your landing pages. 

Although you don’t want to write a whole post about your offer, that would be boring advertising. However, a cleverly placed call to action can send new leads to your site that may not otherwise have been aware of your offerings.

Drive more traffic via email marketing 

Imagine making up to $44 per $1 you spend on a marketing campaign. It’s possible with email marketing. Email marketing can be used to drive qualified traffic from buyers who are already interested in your brand as part of their buyer’s journey. 

That means that they have visited your landing page and read your lead magnet. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have bought anything. These leads are great candidates for a reason. Whether you use email drip campaigns, newsletters, or nurturing sequences, they have been reading great content. 

You’ll hopefully be linking back to product or landing pages. They are familiar with your brand and the things you do, making them an essential part of the elite traffic you want.

Use social media to engage with the audience

Why is it that 91% of businesses use Social Media for Marketing? There are many answers. First, everyone can create and manage a business’s social media account. Second, marketers will only have to pay to reach their target audience through paid advertising. However, this is not always the case.

A social media manager or designer can be hired if you don’t have a budget, especially for new businesses. Today, there are many intuitive and free social media management tools. If outsourcing is not an option, they can meet all your marketing needs. Businesses have the option to direct visitors to their landing pages through social media marketing. To drive high-quality traffic, make sure your CTAs communicate the importance of your request and are specific.

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Engage by using thank you page

A Thank You! Page is an excellent addition to any landing page. People must complete your call to action and acknowledge their efforts when they do. It is a perfect way for you to drive traffic to other landing pages. 

Thank-you pages are a place to express appreciation to new subscribers or customers and share helpful information that can lead to other helpful landing pages. Thank you! Page can be used after a landing page that contains:

  • Sign up for the newsletter using this form
  • Download gated content via this form
  • A landing page that houses a feedback survey
  • A top website that brings high traffic through landing page

Every business owner is busy setting up their product in the market, but it won’t last long if they don’t promote their brand. That’s why top websites use these tactics to ensure they’re getting continuous and heavy traffic. As a result, TheWiSpy, Business Insider, and Bloomberg websites get the most traffic on their landing pages. 


If the message on your landing page isn’t straightforward and relatable or does not address customer objections, it won’t suffice to send high-quality traffic. Landing pages should only have one goal: to convert visitors into leads. You don’t need to spend much money or do complicated marketing to drive high-quality traffic towards your landing page. 

If it involves money, your methods should provide a high return on investment (ROI). These are great tips to get the right people to your landing pages, regardless of how big or small your business is. Driving quality people to your website is the first step in increasing conversion rates.