Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians and everyone? Is he an evil?

Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians and everyone? Is he an evil?

Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians? Why did he kill everyone? Why is Omni-Man evil?

According to the comic’s source, Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man, is an alien race known as the Viltrumites. So the question is, what was the reason Omni-Man killed The Guardians? The Viltrumites are warriors, a race that conquers the planet. They were hated and feared throughout the universe. Omni-Man was put on Earth to take it over but began an entire family instead. He got married to Debbie Grayson and had a son named Mark. He later inherited his father’s abilities by being the superhero Invincible. Invincible and Omni-Man in the past were also in a relationship.

Invincible‘s father’s identity is exposed as a genocidal killer. The world of Invincible is transformed in the character’s personal life, his appearance on the world stage. And it included the overall strategy for dealing with superhero violence. It then takes on more than just a bit of bloodshed.

Viltrumites are brutal conquerors as they kill every species on the planet to build their empire. However, after a certain time, the virus wiped all of them. The remaining Viltrumites were sent to other planets. And he laid down, hoping to undermine their defenses on the world they resided on. It is from within preparing for the eventual rise of an uprising and a comeback. In killing all the Guardians, Omni-Man, naturally disguised as Earth’s greatest hero, was weakening Earth’s defenses in preparation for his eventual takeover.

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In another way, Nolan killed the Guardians as they were his method of sabotaging his Viltrum plans to take over Earth to help his Viltrum friends.

In Invincible Issue 11, Omni-Man informed his son of the truth about his motivations and how the Viltrum race is brutal fighting off enemies. Invincible was asked for his team, just as Darth Vader asked Luke Skywalker to join him in Star Wars. Mark does not want to aid him in taking over Earth, and the two begin to fight.

Is Omni-man a Viltruman?

Omni-man is a perfect example of Viltruman. They are an alien race that sends volunteers to other worlds. It was to ensure that the volunteers make the world weaker from within when the Viltruman empire can attack the planet. Thus, as a volunteer, Omni-man destroyed the guardians, the most powerful beings on Earth. 

Why is Omni man evil?

Omni-Man was sent on a mission to penetrate and study a small backwater world at the empire, Earth. He embraced the superheroes and married Mark’s mother as he learned to be accepted into. He killed the Guardians to help reduce the threat to the planet for his friends Viltrumites.

That leads to a horrific fight in which Nolan can beat his son to pieces. Nolan sits on top of Mark’s body and tells his son that he will outlive everyone and everything he is concerned about on Earth. He wants to know what Mark might have been able to experience on this planet. Mark claims he could have been a father. Nolan raises his fist in a bid to deliver a fatal blow. However, he stops and takes off with tears streaming down his face, leaving this Earth behind. That moment, as well as his violent past, defines the character of Nolan.

However, his story isn’t finished, and neither is the story of the Viltrumites. In reality, there was another reason why they sought to take over Earth. A deadly disease ravaged the species and killed the majority of their population. The eugenicists were the ones to blame. Viltrumites were eventually re-crossing with other species, something previously impossible for them.

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Humans were among the species with the highest genetic compatibility. They had a dream of turning Earth into a breeding place. Nolan’s time on the planet was intended to be the initial step. However, his experience living in the world altered his character. He was taught to take care of people outside of his species. This development took Nolan beyond his first physical limitations.

Then, he is back on Earth fighting to save the world from Viltrumites. Through a series of painful conversations, he reconciles with his wife and son. In the process, Nolan is accountable for his actions in the past as he works to atone.

He also has a child born to aliens from another planet and shares his home with his family on Earth. Together, they fight to protect Earth from other Viltrumites and even take the fight to space. Though Omni-Man initially pretended to be a protector for Earth by the conclusion of his story, the fiction is made real. And he becomes a true guardian of the planet.

Why did Omni man kill everyone?

By killing all of the Guardians, Omni-Man, portraying himself as Earth’s greatest hero, weakened Earth’s defenses in preparation for his eventual takeover. That’s right, Nolan killed the Guardians as they were his method of sabotaging his Viltrum plans to take over Earth to serve his friends Viltrumites.

Why is Omni-Man evil?

Why did Omni-Man not kill the Guardians of the Globe earlier? Why was he waiting until after Mark got his powers?

Omni-Man was attracted by life on Earth. He was able to love his son and wife. In the days when Mark did not have any powers, he likely wanted to forget about the whole thing of conquest. He took care of his animals (the humanity) and enjoyed the happiness of his child and wife. He didn’t take down the Guardians sooner, as he hoped that he would never need to.

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As Mark gained power and abilities, his obligation to conquer the world was reaffirmed. It could be that his Viltrumite supremacy program reaffirmed itself. And he realized that he could not allow his Viltrumite son to be treated as a pet in a household. The most tragic thing is that it was impossible that Mark would ever become a part of his family. He was raised as a typical modern, liberal child. Racial supremacy and conquest were never going to cross his mind. Omni was naive in the way his son was raised. Perhaps he believed that if he had a son who became the true Viltrumite, he’d become a ruthless conqueror just like the other true sons of Viltrum.

However, Omni-Man became lost within the dreams until he woke up. So what was his thinking process? Omni Man was determined to ensure that Mark’s powers were awakened before choosing. Is it to conquer all of Earth and go on or enter and let the Viltrumite race slaughter everyone and then take over the Earth to their own? Omni-Man was trying to contribute to the Viltrumite race and would be doing this through Mark awakening his abilities. After seeing the power in Mark the first time, Omni-Man moved to the Guardians. They were the only force to his side in the end since he was certain that Mark or any other person could hurt him.