Top 5 Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine of 2022

Top 5 Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine of 2022

Top 5 Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine of 2022 | Best companies in Ukraine

IT outsourcing has become one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Unfortunately, one of the reasons was a pandemic. COVID-19 made millions of companies from New York to Dubai accelerate the digitization processes. Deloitte researched that almost 70% of businesses switched to outsourcing in 2020. And all those companies need professionals for tech improvements. It is an excellent illustration of the high demands on quality and efficient software developers. 

But where to find a reliable outsourcing company? And why do so many businesses consider Ukraine as the best place for hiring outsourcing developers? Let’s try to answer those questions. 

1. Ukraine’s IT Services Market

It is not a secret that many European and US businesses prefer to work with Ukrainian IT. Ukraine has had a leading position for the last few years among all countries for outsourcing software development. The experts predict that IT outsourcing services in Ukraine will generate $8.5 billion in the next five years. 

Why do companies in the EU and US consider Ukraine as the best IT outsourcing destination? And here is why Ukrainian developers are so popular:

  • they have a good tech education;
  • self-sufficient service providers;
  • good knowledge of English;
  • cost-efficiency;
  • flexibility and fast learning skills. 

2. Top 5 Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Ukraine is a great place to search for developers. But what companies should you look for? The following paragraphs will briefly overview the best outsourcing companies in the local Ukrainian market. 

2.1. Freshcode

The company was founded in 2014 and has 100+ team members. The Freshcode offices are based in Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv. They work with US, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Israel clients. The main focus is web development, mobile development, and UI/UX design. Freshcode is experienced in EdTech, FinTech, Healthcare, Real Estate, and E-Commerce projects. They have a reputation as reliable and efficient partners for small businesses and midmarket. 

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2.2. Intellias

Intellias is focused on developing custom engineering solutions for the retail, fintech, automotive, agriculture industries. They are based in Lviv and Kharkiv, but they also have representative offices in Germany, Israel, USA. Intellias has a dedicated team of professionals (more than 2500 team members). The company has worked in the market for almost 20 years. In 2017 they became one of the fast-growing companies in Europe. 

2.3. Relevant Software

Relevant Software is another IT outsourcing company based in Lviv. They have been working for more than 8 years in the market. The team is 80+ engineers with highly developed skills in software development. They provide services in DevOps, web, mobile, and SaaS development, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and digital design. Relevant Software work with Fintech, IoT, retail, construction, and travel industries. 

2.4. Binariks

This is a Lviv-based company with +250 employees. They can guide your business through all development stages – from MVP development to launching a ready solution. The company is focused on the healthcare, education, delivery, and insurance industries. They provide such services as AWS, web and mobile development, dedicated teams, UI/UX design, and cloud solutions for different business goals. Binariks has a reputation as a modern and innovative company. They have been working in the development and consulting services market since 2014. 

2.5. Exoft

Exoft is a reliable development company focused on the logistics and healthcare industries. The main office is based in Lviv. They have up to 50 employees. The area of expertise for Exoft company is enterprise resource planning solutions web and mobile apps building. They ensure business process automation, cost-efficiency, and project scalability. Exoft has worked in the market for almost nine years and can be a great partner for your outsourcing projects. 


For the next few years, almost all industries will demand outsourcing technologies development specialists. For decades Ukraine was a great place to search for reliable and effective development teams for different projects. This article briefly described how beneficial a partnership with a Ukrainian company is and where to focus on looking for the best one. Each of the top companies has its field of expertise and can help with your business ideas. If you need to discuss your case in-detailed, you can contact our specialists.

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