Top benefits of O365 Migration you must know

Top benefits of O365 Migration you must know

Top benefits of O365 Migration you must know

The number of active commercial users for Office 365 doubled to over 120 million per month. The trend looks as if it will continue to rise even more. Most of the major companies in the world have already made used Migrate on Premise exchange to exchange online service, which has enabled them to implement several business cloud services.

Office 365 has lots of advantages – you can work remotely, it’s safe and many features help you. Alongside these benefits, a few benefits are mentioned below for organizations.

Mobile Access

Modern offices are virtualized, and employees often work from remote locations. Office 365 supports mobile workers by allowing employees to work from anywhere, on any device. For example, on the way to the office, employees can start a task on their tablet and continue their desktop without interruption.

As mobility improves, so does the need for security. To meet this need, Microsoft has developed Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365. MDM allows businesses to define policies for mobile access to email and documents. You can also remotely erase a lost or stolen mobile device.

Intelligent Collaboration

Office 365 offers tools to help you build smarter teams. With Microsoft Teams, for example, you can bring together your whole team to work on a single document simultaneously, no matter where they are in the world. Video conferences are better with the use of Microsoft Teams because then it’s simpler to take notes and collect information. Another important aspect is that you can use OneNote to collect handwritten notes, emails, and images from a project all in one place.

All Office apps in Office 365 are on the same version and you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues. OneDrive allows you to save your documents in the cloud, meaning that colleagues can access them. If a previous version of a file is needed, it’s easy to find and retrieve.

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Many companies cite security as their number one concern when considering a move to the cloud. Fortunately, in addition to managing mobile devices, Microsoft has integrated several key security features into the Office 365 suite. This leads to the trust in services like Migrate SharePoint from one tenant to another and helped Microsoft to provide services in many different fields related to the cloud including QuickBooks and Virtual Desktop as well.


In the past, growing your business meant buying costly servers and installing or updating software on each computer. Office 365, on the other hand, greatly simplifies adding users to your system. Companies can subscribe to each user and add new employees at any time.

Reduced Burden on In-house IT

One of the essential benefits of Office 365 migration is that it authorizes small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of full-featured software without the necessity for substantial in-house IT support. Microsoft takes care of everything for you and it’s easy to recover if there’s a problem. Their uptime is guaranteed at 99.9%.

With Office self-updates, each of our employees can update Office without any IT administrator getting in the way. It will also save energy since no one will have to deal with the installation process anymore. We’ll be both more productive and more secure!

Contracting expert migration assistance is vital if you’re planning a major migration process. Apps4rent specializes in experienced Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Desktop services and can help you avoid the headaches that torment other migrations.