Top 9 Largest Companies Which Are Accepting Bitcoin As Payments!

Top 9 Largest Companies Which Are Accepting Bitcoin As Payments!


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Top 9 Largest Companies Which Are Accepting Bitcoin As Payments!

If you have bitcoin, then there is a possibility you are making good gains out of your investment. But the thing is that how can you spend the gains which you make with bitcoin? Today millions of people own bitcoin, and this crypto is very valuable. Numerous people are investing in bitcoin at 1K Daily Profit ™ – Official Site [2022] | and looking at it as an investment option. Still, the main aim of bitcoin was to replace the use of traditional fiat currencies. But for this, the companies and businesses need to accept bitcoin to spend it and use it as a payment mode. The good thing is that today various companies are accepting bitcoin, and here we will discuss the top 9, so get ready.


It is truly a modern era if you can spend your digital money buying your favourite cup of coffee. Well, Starbucks is not presently accepting bitcoin. However, they have decided to start accepting the crypto payment in a specific location from March 2020. The users need to use the Bakkt app, which helps convert digital money into fiat money. This money is then transferred to your Starbucks app. With these two apps, you can easily make payments for your purchases.


If you want to buy homemade and some outstandingly unique items, you should visit the Etsy platform. It now accepts bitcoin payments, which allow you to make purchases and pay for them from your digital coins. Moreover, Bitcoin payments are fast and safer, so you will not find a prerequisite to be concerned about any little thing.

Home Depot!

Do you want some DIY by using your bitcoin? If yes, then home depot is the most acceptable decision for you. This company announced that it would accept bitcoin payments in the year 2019. You will be glad to know that it is the biggest DIY and appliance store accepting bitcoin payment through the Flexa platform. Your experience buying things from this platform will be worth it, and you will not regret it.

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The best thing is that now one of the biggest food chains, Subway, accepts bitcoin payments. But it is not accepting bitcoin at every store. So, you can use your bitcoin for buying the subway meals, but make sure you are researching whether the store is accepting the bitcoin payments.

Burger King!

Since 2016, the burger king food company has been accepting bitcoin as a means of payment in the Netherlands. After that, some other locations of burger king in America also started accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment. For this particular thing, the burger king platform has to partner with the crypto buyer app, which helps deal with the crypto exchanges.


You will be amazed to know that the Microsoft company has been accepting bitcoin for a while now. In 2014 Microsoft removed this payment mode temporarily. But in January 2021, the company decided to continue accepting bitcoin payments. You can use this crypto for paying for the Xbox services, Microsoft app store and many more.


It is a popular online marketplace that allows users to start an eCommerce store anytime. It also permits the sellers to admit crypto payments. This site also accepts Ethereum. Litecoin and many other crypto payments. 

Whole foods!

The Whole Foods company is now accepting the bitcoin payment. However, they do not do it directly, and they can use the Flexa payment system just like home depot. This system helps convert the digital currency into fiat money, making it easier to transaction and spend your bitcoin. So next time when you go grocery shopping, you should make use of your cryptocurrency for making payments. 


In the last year, PayPal started to accept cryptocurrency. PayPal is one of the most extensive online modes of payment, and it is now accepting crypto, which is a huge thing. You should know that PayPal will now accept bitcoin payment, and then they will convert it into fiat money when you want to make the payment for your purchases. Moreover, the company also allows the customers to get educational content that will help them know about this cryptocurrency system.

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