Top Law Firms For Internship in Los Angeles, USA in 2022-2023

Top Law Firms For Internship in Los Angeles, USA in 2022-2023

Top Law Firms For Internship in Los Angeles, USA in 2022-2023

The Best Law Firms For Internships In Los Angeles for 2022-2023 as as follows

Jenner & Block

Jenner & Block is known for its public service and pro bono programs. The firm’s associates are encouraged to pursue a broad range of pro bono cases while developing their legal skills. The firm takes on pro bono cases ranging from asylum hearings to civil rights litigation. Associate attorneys also represent artists, nonprofit organizations, and other groups that need legal advice.

The firm is actively seeking a junior Associate in Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation. The ideal candidate would have between one to three years of experience and be interested in working on a broad range of matters. They would advise clients on executive compensation arrangements, retirement plans, and M&A transactions. Applicants must be a team player with strong technical skills. They should be able to prioritize work.

Jenner & Block has a history of promoting diversity and inclusion. It also offers pro bono services and has an office in New York. The firm has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC, as well as an overseas base in London. An internship at the firm will provide you with the experience you need to pursue a successful legal career.

As one of the top law firms for internship in LA, the firm has a long history of providing diverse experiences for their interns. Members of the Firm hold leadership positions in professional organizations that promote equality in the legal field. Those who complete their first summer with the firm will receive $5,000, and their internship will continue to grow. If successful, the firm will offer an entry-level associate position.

Finnegan Law Firm

If you are planning to pursue an internship in law, consider the Finnegan Law Firm. This top-ranked IP law firm has a diverse team with extensive tech experience. It is also known for its pro bono work for veterans. Its staff also values training and mentoring, promoting a positive team environment. You will also have plenty of opportunities to interact with partners. Lastly, interns have access to the firm’s resources, including a blog and an intranet.

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While interning at the firm, law students will be involved in all aspects of trial preparation, including legal research, writing pleadings and appellate briefs, taking depositions, and attending pretrial conferences. Additionally, interns will be part of a real trial, which may involve both criminal and civil cases. While interning at the firm, you’ll learn more about the practice of law than you’d ever expect.

If you’re an international student with a passion for helping people, you’ll want to work at a firm that has a global perspective. This firm values pro bono and diversity, and they encourage you to volunteer and participate in other organizations. The firm is also known for its exceptional employee relations, with its commitment to transparency and diversity. In addition to internships at Finnegan Law Firm, the firm also has a full-fledged career program.

O’Melveny & Myers

O’Melveny ranked as a top law firm for 11 consecutive years by the American Lawyer, a ranking of the nation’s top-rated law firms. This rating is based on many criteria, including revenue per lawyer, diversity of attorneys, and associate satisfaction. If you are considering an internship in Los Angeles, you might consider applying to O’Melveny.

O’Melveny is a good choice for an internship if you are interested in criminal law, or want to work with a diversity-focused firm. Its non-discrimination policy ensures that every applicant is considered equally for a position. Additionally, it has one of the most innovative talent development programs in the country. O’Melveny’s diversity program provides an internship experience that mimics the real-world practice of law in a law firm setting.

O’Melveny LLP also sponsors social events for summer associates. These events foster a sense of community and bonding among summer associates. Organizers hold various events for summer associates, including baseball games, golf outings, cooking classes, concerts, museum trips, rock climbing, and river rafting. The summer associates are expected to bill up to eight hours a day for the duration of the program.

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O’Melveny & Meyers Law Firms for Internship in Los Angles

Williams & Connolly

When choosing a law firm to intern with, you should look for a firm with a diverse portfolio of clients and the ability to handle a variety of cases. Williams & Connolly has a diverse range of clients. Some of them are high-powered litigators, while others are more traditional corporate lawyers. Some of their clients include major corporations and government agencies.

The firm is a litigation powerhouse and a good choice for those interested in working on high-profile, complex cases. Associate development is a top priority and associates enjoy a high degree of autonomy. The firm also supports pro bono work and is a leader in diversity. Its internship opportunities are exceptional and it has a global presence. A diverse staff and firm culture are other attractive features.


The firm ranks near the top of “who’s who” in prestigious BigLaw firms, and prides itself on qualities beyond profits per partner. Its culture is one of openness and respect. Associates are supported by senior partners and have the resources to take on high-level matters. WilmerHale understands the importance of promoting the public good, and has invested in effective legal matter management. The firm has undertaken a number of green initiatives.

Its alumni include Peter Keisler, now the top official in the Justice Department. Similarly, Steve Bradbury, who was an astrophysicist at Kirkland & Ellis, now heads the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. Other notable alumni include Cheryl Mills, a former member of the Federal Communications Commission, who now works as a consultant for companies and earns millions of dollars.

The firm’s Justice Academy program is open to high school students who want to gain hands-on experience in the legal industry. The program involves attending interactive seminars twice a month and working in an office environment. In addition, it has flexible hours and allows interns to work between 15 and 35 hours per week. However, interns should plan ahead to work during their summer months as the program will last for approximately six months.

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If you are considering an internship at Orrick Law Firm, you may want to consider their diverse and forward-thinking approach to practice. The firm’s IP and technology team has a global footprint and represents clients in a wide range of industries. They handle matters related to patents, trade secrets, and technology. Their attorneys have also developed tools that improve the delivery of legal services and develop apps that cater to client needs. Orrick has also been recognized by the Financial Times several times for their innovative and forward-thinking approach to solving client problems.

One of the top things Orrick does to support its community is to hire lawyers from diverse backgrounds. The firm’s attorneys and staff work to ensure that all its employees have a positive impact on the communities in which they live and work. For the past seven years, Orrick has ranked in the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list, and in 2022, it will again be #13.

In addition to hiring a diverse legal team, Orrick also offers a unique internship opportunity. It is the only firm of its kind that offers an internship program specifically for underrepresented law students. Fellows are paired with partners in diverse law firms throughout the country, which provides the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of attorneys. Its culture emphasizes mentoring, collaboration, and a positive team environment. While an internship is an exciting opportunity, it’s not for everyone.