Top Rated Malaysia WhatsApp Group Links List

Top Rated Malaysia WhatsApp Group Links List

Top Rated Malaysia WhatsApp Group Links List

WhatsApp features a group chat option that lets you send the same message to several contacts without having to type it repeatedly or hold a conversation with a group of pals.

WhatsApp has recently added a new function that allows anyone to join any group using the WhatsApp group invite link. The group’s administrator must create a unique URL for the group and then distribute it to everyone.


Is WhatsApp common in Malaysia?

No doubt, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in Malaysia. According to, WhatsApp is the preferred chat program of 98.7% of Malaysians, while WeChat is preferred by 27.7%.


How Many WhatsApp Users Are In Malaysia?

WhatsApp was named the preferred communication app by 98.7% of Malaysian respondents. In comparison, nearly 54% of those polled said they used Facebook Messenger.

According to a study conducted by TNS Global, Malaysians are the largest group of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users, with 77% and 41%, respectively. WhatsApp was the most popular choice among users due to its tremendous perks. It includes simplicity and speed in communication and information sharing and effective interfaces inside an organization, where every instruction or alert may be issued without time constraints.


Can I include a link in my WhatsApp status?

As you can see, it follows a very simple procedure. You need to begin constructing your Status using a button other than the Status tab. Although the capability is limited compared to a standard Status, it is suitable for companies looking to attract customers for discount sales or publish new content on their blog.

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How to save group chats with the ‘Back up’ Option?

Although the suggestions are geared around Status, we made an exception for this item because it is critical that you back up your app interactions, especially if you use the messenger. Access the application settings to back up your WhatsApp.

Select the Conversations option after entering the app’s settings. Then, click Conversation Backup and the Backup button to back it up right away. It’s important to remember that you’ll need a Google Drive account to send the backup. You can also set the backup frequency, making backups automatic. With WhatsApp, you can plan backup copies to happen every day, week, or month. When backing up or setting up the automatic backup, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection.


Why is there a restriction on adding 256 members to a WhatsApp group?

There can be various reasons, and we can come to the following conclusions about WhatsApp group limits:

  • The most likely explanation is that it automatically restricts WhatsApp usage. You can’t see everyone’s message at once if there are too many users in the chat and they’re all sending messages simultaneously. As a result, fewer people make it easier to communicate with everyone.
  • Another reason to limit the number of participants in WhatsApp groups is privacy. Perhaps this is one of the key causes. Because everyone in the group may not know everyone else, it puts users’ privacy at risk.
  • There may be internal reasons for limiting group sizes to 256. Whatsapp, on the other hand, is constantly enhancing its features.

However, what if you need to create a WhatsApp group with more than 256 members? Is it possible to create a WhatsApp group with more than 256 members? You certainly can! But how? Let’s investigate!


How to Extend Group Limit in WhatsApp?

In this article, I’ll teach you how to expand the number of groups on WhatsApp. You can raise the size of your WhatsApp group from 256 to up to 10,000 members by using the methods mentioned.

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There are primarily two methods for circumventing WhatsApp’s group limit:

  1. Without Root (up to 3k people)
  2. With Root (up to 10k people)

Now, let me explain these tricks to you.

Trick 1: Without Root


To add individuals to your WhatsApp group, use this simple approach. To increase the size of your WhatsApp group and add more members, follow these steps:

o Open your WhatsApp app and navigate to the group you created.

o Select the ‘Group info’ option from the three-dot menu.

o On the next screen, you’ll see a variety of Group information options. Choose “Invite through the link.” 

You’ll receive an invite link to send to your WhatsApp group to the people you want to invite.

Trick 2: With Root

The trick is to have more than 3000 individuals but not more than 10,000. You have complete control over the value in this procedure. The following are the three requirements for this method:

  1. Rooted Mobile Device
  2. ES-FILE EXPLORER WITH ROOT (Download from your native Play Store)
  3. Installed the most recent WhatsApp version

That’s all there is to it for extending the WhatsApp group limit.


How Do I Create A WhatsApp Link?

There are five different ways to make a WhatsApp link in Malaysia.

Creating by Myself:

You can make it yourself if you don’t want to use a third-party program or website. Then you could send it to your customers when or directly. The steps are as follows.

  1. Copy the following URL structure. The code for the WhatsApp Malaysia link is 6.
  2. At the bottom of the link, paste your WhatsApp number.
  3. After your phone number, type “?text=”. “Here’s an example.” Make sure the link is free of spaces.
  4. Use to encrypt your text. Then type your message. Copy the content after clicking the Encode button.
  5. Add a message to the end of the link
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By Using an official Link:

You may quickly build a WhatsApp link created by WhatsApp. However, you’ll need a WhatsApp business account to do so. You can also personalize your link by adding the message you wish to appear in it. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into your WhatsApp Business account.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Business Setting option.
  4. Select the Short Link option.
  5. Copy and paste your web address


Why Isn’t some WhatsApp Group Link Working?

The admin can generate a WhatsApp group link or an invited link. It was designed to get more people into the organization and establish a supportive community. However, if the administrator does not wish to add more persons to the group, the administrator can deactivate the group link. If you have that group link and try to join it, it will not function. The admin has removed the invite link.



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