Top Shia Momineen Whatsapp Groups To Join In 2022

Top Shia Momineen Whatsapp Groups To Join In 2022

Shia Momineen Whatsapp Groups

Shia is one of the sects of Muslims. It is the second-largest sect in the world. Shia WhatsApp groups are meant to be created for the Shia Muslims. In these groups, you will not post pictures and videos related to the worship of Allah, Shia Muslims, cultures, and jobs. You can also share Majlis and Matami videos and pictures in these Shia Whatsapp groups. 

According to data, almost 15-20% of the Muslim population in Pakistan is Shia. Pakistan has the second-largest number population of Shia after Iran. Shias are spread almost all over the country in different regions of Pakistan. However, Gilgit-Baltistan has the highest Shia population. There are many mosques of Shia’s in Pakistan and many shrines and dargahs across the country. 

Reason Behind Creation Of These Whatsapp Groups?

Nowadays, hundreds of WhatsApp groups promote inaccurate data related to specific sects. So, there is a need to create specialized groups with genuine and new data related to Shia Momineen. However, WhatsApp groups are an authentic source of information. These WhatsApp groups can be joined by a person whose sect is Shia from any part of the world. So these WhatsApp groups provide a platform to spread useful facts to each other. People also like to share Matami and Majlis’ videos in these WhatsApp groups. 

Shia Whatsapp Group Links Joining Rule

Here we discuss some of the rules to joining the Shia Whatsapp group.

  • Fighting is not allowed in Shia Whatsapp groups.
  • This group is only allowed for people interested in Shia WhatsApp groups.
  • In this group, you can post only Shia-related posts.
  • These groups do not allow you to post any violent or religious posts.
  • Shia Whatsapp groups do not permit violent and illegal content for all.
  • Respect is the priority for admins and all the members of the group.
  • These groups will not permit any abusive and illegal activity.
  • It would be good if you did not change the icon and the name of the Whatsapp group without the admin’s consent.
  • It would be best if you did not do messaging to an unknown person in the Shia WhatsApp group.
  • Never share any private or personal videos and pictures in these groups without the admin’s consent. 
  • Never posts anything that is not related to Muslim culture.
  • Try not to post anything related to insulting politics or any other sect of the Muslims.
  • Shia WhatsApp groups are for good purposes. So it would be best if you run it with good intentions.
  • You can share global and domestic scholarships for students.
  • You can also share Islamic content in these groups.
  • Members of these groups also share Noha Manqabat Qaseeda Salam Lecture by different scholars
  • You can also post important and latest news related to the Shia sect in these groups.
  • Feel free to share educational stuff related to Shia Momineen.
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How To Send Whatsapp Group Invites Through Links To Others?

There are many Shia Whatsapp groups on the internet where you can share Noha, Manqabat, Salam, Dua, Ziyarat, etc. You can also share these links with your families and friends so they can also know about these groups and join them.

Here is the process of how you can share these WhatsApp groups

  • Open any Shia WhatsApp groups that you have joined already.
  • Then you have to click on the DP picture and go for the detail sections of the group.
  • Now open the group’s description, where you can find a clear description of the Shia Whatsapp Group. 
  • We have a link to this group in the description section from where you can join this group.
  • Copy this link.
  • Now share this link with whom you want. 

Shia Muslim Communities In Pakistan

There is a considerable population of Shias in Pakistan. Shias are around 15-20% of the Muslim population living in Pakistan. Additionally, Pakistan has the second-highest Shia population after Iran. In addition, Shias live almost in every region of Pakistan. The main cities include Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi, with large Shia communities. There are a considerable proportion of Shias in Gilgit-Baltistan. Additionally, Pakistan has many Shia mosques, shrines, and dargahs. The mainly Shia community of Pakistan adheres to the Twelve schools of thought. 

According to a report, among every 10 Shias that kill in Pakistan, 5 of them are Hazaras. However, most of them are not distinguishable by their identity or name. Among the Twelve Shia, the most vulnerable is the community of Hazara in the Quetta region; because they identify easily from their language and ethnicity. 

Leading Anti-Shia Groups In Pakistan

The main anti-Shia groups that the Pakistan government bans are the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), the Ahle-Sunnat Wal Jama’at (they were known as Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan previously), and the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. In addition, LeJ believes that it is a sacred calling to protect the legacy of the Prophet and his companions. Furthermore, many government policies have been made for many years to protect the Shia Muslims of Pakistan. However, their efforts were not fruitful in suppressing the growing influence of extremist forces. 

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These forces now targeted the notable Shia speakers, journalists, and those who have some influential position in society; to weaken the strength of the community. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan and the most notable individual of this country, was a Shia Muslim. However, his aim and vision for all the communities to live in safety and peaceful environment are no longer acknowledged. 

Reasons For Violence Against Shia

The main reason behind the violence is religious, as there is a vast Shia-Sunni divide in Islam. In addition, the extremist Sunnis and Wahabis in Pakistan believe that it is their right to kill Shias for being non-believers. The second main reason is political, especially in Pakistan’s support of Suadi Arabia. As Iran is a Shia dominant country, it tries to export its Islamic revolution across the Middle East and those countries with a considerable Shia population. So Wahabi-dominant Saudi Arabia sees this as a threat. 


Shia Muslims are one of the second-largest sects in Pakistan. So there are many Whatsapp groups for Shia Muslims to share their religious content. These WhatsApp groups have Shia from around the globe. I hope you will get help from this guide. 

Shia Momineen Whatsapp Groups 



🚩꧁╭⊱ ۴ سلام یا حسین⊱╮꧂🚩


🚩🕌 لشکرِ امام المھدئ 🕌


7⃣8⃣6⃣Shia WhatsApp status✍️


Noha Group😭


Online Quran academy


Shia ahkam


Shia Multimedia


Shia WhatsApp status


اِرْجِعْ اِلَی اللّٰه


ُاشہدأَنّ عَلیاحُجَّةاللہ


سلام یاحسین علیہ السّلا


شرعی مسائل فقہ جعفریہ


شعور پاکستان فیملی


قرآن و عترت اکیڈمی قم


مدافعان کربلا


Hussaini Status Official + link

Haq Wilayat Ali + link

Salam Ya Hussain + Link

Shia Majalis TV + link

Video Mp3 Nohay + link

Majlis Only For Shia + link

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You Hussain Group + link

Shia WhatsApp Group Link

Azadar e As + Link

Ruza-e-Karbala + link

مدینہ سے کربلا

I love imam Hussain

Qurban Jaffri New Noha

Hussaini status

Noha and qasida

All noha

Ali mola

Hazrat rasool e akram

Hazrat Ali lover

Mera Maula Ali

Shia group

Majalis e azadar

Ya Ali madat

Meharban Ali