Transfer to Kindergarten Smoothly: Tips for Parents on Advanced Preparation

Some Tips for Parents on Advanced Preparation: Transfer to Kindergarten Smoothly

Some Tips for Parents on Advanced Preparation: Transfer to Kindergarten Smoothly

When it’s time for pre-kindergarten kids to be transferred to the next academic level it can become a real challenge for both the kids and their parents. For the majority of children transition to kindergarten means a change of school facilities, classrooms, teachers, classmates, and this change will bring new emotions, impressions, and excitement as well as anxiety and stress.

To ease the stress of staying in a new situation in the early days here are some Kids Academy tips that might be useful for parents in preparing their kids for kindergarten.

– Arrange a preliminary visit with your kids to the kindergarten before the school year starts. Organize a kind of school trip, meet with your child’s new kindergarten teacher. It will surely make preparing for kindergarten easier for your kids.

– Be aware and keep informed of everything that happens in the school. 

– Try to accustom your child to a regular daily routine in advance. Explain to your children why keeping a daily routine is necessary for them and how it will help his/her back-to-school transition after summer vacation.

– Morning routine is no less important. In the morning school preparation almost always takes more time than you might expect, thus do a “dry run” of the new morning routine with your child. And don’t forget to plan time for breakfast. In kindergartens, breakfasts are usually not served, thus be sure to adjust your morning schedule to account for the extra time for your child to enjoy breakfast.

– Lunches as well as breakfasts are a parental concern in most schools. Thus, create your “lunch plan” in advance and teach your little ones how to count out lunch money.

– For those little sleepyheads who liked to take a nap in pre-kindergarten, transition to kindergarten is a hard time of change. They will need to learn how to shorten their nap time. It is the task of parents to gradually teach babies to reduce the period of daytime sleep and be ready to stay awake during the full school day. And it’s better to do it moderately by the time kindergarten starts.

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– Starting kindergarten is a period when the daily schedule can be changed for all family members, not only for schoolchildren. Thus, parents need to clearly understand it and preplan the routine for before- and after-school care if that applies. Discuss in advance where children will go, how they will get between school and child care, how they will get home, and how you will act in case of emergency.

– Organize a workplace and space for your little student to do his/her homework and kids interactive worksheets. His or her individual desk where they can store papers from school, keep school supplies handy, etc. will become their personal space, which will motivate them and help them love learning. From this very moment in your child’s daily schedule, in addition to “chill out” or “playtime”, “homework routine” should also be allocated.

– Go shopping together for school supplies. Let your children feel mature enough to choose colors and styles they wish. 

– And last but not least, give yourself and your child a chance to connect with the new teacher. Give time for the new relationship to develop, and always be there to support your babies and help them get used to the new circumstances.

As you see, it is just a little bit of advanced preparation, and the transition to kindergarten can be easy and positive for parents and children.

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