How to receive Text Messages from another number

How to receive Text Messages from another number

How to receive Text Messages from another number

There are various ways to get text messages from someone. It can be sent through SMS or from any online source. Moreover, we can share text conversations only and share documents, photos, videos, website links, and much more to share and communicate with each other. 


In your Android or iPhone device, the Messages application is available by default. You can share messages and communicate with each other. To receive a text message, the sender must have your mobile number and send you a text message through the number. If you want to send someone a text, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Messages” icon on your phone
  • Click “New Message
  • Select the Contact you wish to send your message
  • Write down your message and send it

You have to make sure that you have a SIM card to send and receive text messages. Carrier Companies have different packages to select yours according to your need.

Suppose you have an iPhone and your sender also has an iPhone. In that case, you can send each other messages through the internet, without any extra charges. The bubble color appears blue if you are having a conversation through the internet.

Whatsapp Messaging

Whatsapp is no doubt the most convenient and most used free texting application in the market. People can chat, audio call, video call over Whatsapp, and share documents, photos, videos, contacts, website links, and much more. Of course, you need to have a stable internet connection to send and receive messages. Whatsapp is used by almost everyone and is the most used application to communicate with each other.

But Whatsapp recently had some privacy issues, which impacted a significant backlash on its number of users. Whatsapp recovered most of them by assuring complete encrypted chat and ensuring strict privacy rules.


This is a great all-in-one texting application that introduces new ways to communicate, explore and keep in touch with your friends. It is so far away to plan your next meetup or hop into a game together as the app features organized text channels and open voice channels.

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The app’s advanced features allow users to create VIP channels where special community members can chat in a place just for them. Content creators mostly use discord for communicating with their fans. In addition, people can sell and buy products online on discord. Nowadays, people use discord for selling and buying sneakers, crypto signals, NFT’s and much more.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app doesn’t fall that far behind WhatsApp, with more than 1.3 billion users worldwide. But, increasingly, brands have been integrating the Facebook Messenger application into their marketing strategy. 

Facebook Messenger (and chatbots in particular) provides a unique opportunity to acquire customers, gain leads, segment audiences and deliver highly relevant targeted content or product.

Apart from that, messenger engagement is very high compared to email. The average email opening rate is 5-10%, Facebook Messenger’s average opening rate is 70-80% — within the first 60 minutes of sending a message. Many online business owners use Facebook Messenger to increase engagement to their website. 

Chatbots are primarily used for raising engagement. Chatbots are created by third-party companies that are paid services, and chatbots are customized according to individual needs. 


As Whatsapp is banned in China, Wechat is dominated all over China and is used to send and receive text messages. It is also used as a digital payment method. As people in China no longer use Paper currency, Digital payments are mainly used. So WeChat is widely accepted there too.

It also has features that let you explore friends near you and all around the globe. While WeChat is the most potent application in China, it has users outside of China. However, its primary usage is only in China. The number of users outside China is very few.


It is relatively popular due to its encryption and secret chat feature. Viber is often installed on phones as a secondary app. Viber is a robust end-to-end user encrypted application to send and receive text messages from other people. Viber is especially popular in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

When it was initially launched, the number of users was enormous, and it was used almost worldwide. Still, as time passed, the number of users decreased. 


LINE is another free texting application with 203 million users worldwide. It is prevalent in Japan, Taiwan, and some other Asian countries.

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In addition to messaging, LINE offers free video and voice calls and social groups, timelines, stickers, and even games. Overall, LINE is better than Whatsapp as it offers more features and has an edge with it. But people will still use Whatsapp due to its popularity.


While it’s relatively new in the messenger app market, Telegram is the primary messenger app in Iran, Uzbekistan, and Ethiopia. Telegram is famous for keeping a user anonymous, and Telegram has around 200 million users worldwide. 

Telegram allows up to 200000 people to add to a group; the number of people is used for selling and purchasing goods or is used for discussion purposes in big organizations.


IMO is mainly used in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and some other European countries. IMO is famous for offering high-quality video calls and end-to-end chat encryption. Because this app is primarily used for video calling and can be used for sexting or other bad behavior. It is only safe for teens with adult supervision. Parents should know that the Imo app is a video calling app that was the precursor to more popular video and voice calling apps.

Signal Private Messenger

A fast and customizable alternative to regular messaging apps with remarkable features. It is easily customizable to your preferred theme & bubble colors, notifications, signatures, or changes can be made for different conversations. In addition, users can pick from more than 3000 emoji-style choices to express themselves during discussions: enhanced notifications and quick reply options. Signal also offers MMS GROUP messaging, short voice memos, scheduling future SMS and MMS, and offers quick snap camera options.


Snapchat is one of the unique free texting apps. It supports quite a few things, including video calls, voice messages, photos, and text. In addition, the service has a unique feature that deletes messages after viewing or after twenty-four hours. Although, that means there is no history to speak of outside of a streak counter. There are also Snapchat stories, and has now introduced reels also. 

Snapchat lets people send proverbial status updates that all of their followers or followers can see. However, they are removed after 24 hours. Many of the app’s features are imitated by other apps (Mostly Instagram). However, Snapchat is still fairly popular among teenagers, and it’s something different. For example, Snapchat informs if other users take a screenshot in a conversation or do a screen recording of someone’s photo or video. Hence, Snapchat is best for receiving text messages from other people.

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Note: Some of the texting applications you are seeing may be banned in specific countries like Whatsapp, which is not available for users in China. Therefore, WeChat is widely used in China.


We discussed some free texting applications that allow users to receive text messages from another phone. People have a variety of options to choose from these applications. Most of these texting applications are free to use and offer. Some of these applications include 

  • Messages applications that require a SIM card to send and receive messages and charge credit for sending messages
  • Whatsapp is the most popular free-to-use communication application worldwide; you need to have an internet connection to communicate with each other.
  • Discord, another fantastic application primarily used by content creators for establishing gaming communities, also has a VIP feature that includes paid or particular members of a community.
  • Messenger is another application used by Facebook to communicate with Facebook users and have conversations. It is also used as chatbots that run online businesses on Facebook to interact with potential customers and increase sales.
  • WeChat is used in China as Whatsapp is banned there. People use this for texting as well as for digital payment methods too. Because paper currency is almost zero in China, people use the WeChat application to send and receive text messages and for digital payments.
  • Viber is also a popular app mainly used in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and neighboring countries. Usage of this application is decreased worldwide.
  • LINE is mainly used in Asian countries, and it offers more privacy and features than Whatsapp, but people still prefer to use Whatsapp due to its popularity
  • Telegram is used in Taiwan and Japan; it is famous for the most significant number of members allowed in a group. Telegram allows to add up to 200000 members.
  • IMO is used in European countries, primarily for video calling, and has better security policies than other applications.
  • A signal is a highly customizable application used for and has more features than Whatsapp. It scheduled messaging and many more options.
  • Snapchat is famous all around the world, used mainly by teenagers because of its transparency. Snapchat immediately informs if the sender or receiver takes the screenshots of its photos, videos, or conversations.