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LCD TV repair or replace

Let us discuss LCD TV repair. Nowadays, once a T.V. breaks down, we go and buy a new one. But we can try to get it repaired. It was just 20 years before when T.V. choices were limited, and we have seen tvs in people home running for 10-12 years. Every time there was a breakdown, our grandfather used to call the T.V. repair man. The TV repair man used to repair it within a day or 2. Recently with the prices of tv gone down and so many choices available, people go for a new purchase. 

However, after reading this article, you should give a second thought before buying a new T.V. Maybe a quick repair is a cost-effective option. Even though this isn’t an entire post about LCD TV fix, I feel this article in specific ways could aid them in understanding the principal use of the signboards located in LCD TVs. 


What are the main components of a T.V?

  • 1.Power Board
  • 2.T-con Board
  • 3. EMI Filter plank (In Different layouts, this board is assembled into the Power Board)
  • 4.Inverter Board (In specific layouts, this board is assembled into the Power plank and is known as I/P plank )
  • 5.MainBoard
  • 6.Jackpack
  • 7.Side Key Panel/Power Control/Remote Receiver Unit (IR/LED control)
  • 8.Left Speaker
  • 9.Right Speaker
  • 10.LCD panel
  • 11.LVDS cable

The Use Of LCD TV segment

Power Board

The Power Supply Board is usually the most extensive and most massive board located within the LCD TV. It transforms the primary A.C. source into D.C. voltages, which may be employed by the circuit inside the LCD TV.

At times the power board is combined with the inverter board and can be known as the I/P board.

Frequent flaws – No electricity, low power, electricity blink, and irregular no electricity.

T-con board’s role would be to restrain logic sign of source and gate for driving TFT LCD.

A Standard T-con Circuit Board

Frequent flaws – White Screen, No screen, Dual picture, Screen sharpness (black and white vertical bars around the Display). Multiple vertical/horizontal lines throughout the screen.

Inverter board

The inverter planks are often found along the borders closest to the T.V. Panel and are only located in LCDs. These planks are available as one plank or built-in using the electricity plank called I/P plank.

Frequent flaws – Screen shutdown after a couple of moments, darkened Display.


The most straightforward approach to spot the Main Board would be to start looking for the circuit board together with the sound and video inputs and outputs sometimes that the Mainboard is known as Motherboard, Main Unit, Digital plank, Scaler plank, A/V plank, Main Module, Logic plank as well as A/D plank.

TV problem and repair
TV problem and repair

Note: Occasionally, the sound section/R.F. Input/ Rear Inputs is divided by the Mainboard.

Frequent flaws: No screen, no color, Display filled with vertical lines afterward occasionally, no sound, flat lines, and obstruct, on occasion, the LCD TV error (usually display problem) may be due to software problem you want to update the program.

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Jackpack Section

The sound signal is taken to the sound chip and audio amplifier to push the left and right speakers.

Note: Occasionally, the sound section/R.F. Input/Rear Inputs is divided by the Mainboard (as viewed from the above photograph ) and can be known as Jackpack or Signs receiving the board.

Frequent flaws: No noise, distorted sound, High Pitched complaints, no T.V. reception, not able to listen to specific blocks of stations, stations change randomly.

LCD Panel

LCDs don’t emit light directly; hence backlights are essential to create these LCDs observable.

Frequent Faults- Vertical/horizontal thin line/s or pub, white screen, trash screen.

The operation of backlights (CCFL or even EEFL) is to purify the LCD in the screen panel’s rear.

Things in LCD TV you can repair yourself.

T.V. programs are the principal source of amusement for many families. When the appliance malfunctions, each member of the household becomes depressed. It’s much better to find the LCD TV fixed whenever possible. In this guide, we concentrate solely on some shared LCD TV issues and solutions which you encounter in your everyday life.

Menu Display

You can hold the Home button at the remote device to observe the menu display of the T.V.

Can You Find The Exact Same Issue Even On Your Menu Screen?

Then follow the directions.

This method might help solve the issue.

If not, you’re able to turn off the T.V. Now unplug the principal lead from the A.C. power cable. After that, allow the appliance to stay without electricity for at least 2 minutes. You may plug in the cable to flip on the T.V. Examine the screen. The problem has vanished.

Option: If it does not solve the problem, now is the time to call to get a T.V. repair technician.

You Discover That The Menu Screen Doesn’t Have An Matter.

Alright, in this circumstance, there are numerous explanations. The matter might relate to the cable/satellite box, input supply, IPTV, etc.. Take advantage of the directions, as mentioned above, to purge the LCD TV issue.

There might be an antenna issue. If your home is near tall buildings, then the air signals can get represented and cause this issue. So correct the antenna position and leadership.

Switch to a new electric socket. That may resolve the issue. The indicators are due to improper wiring links.

T.V. Home screen 

It is possible to press the home button at a distance. The T.V. menu screen has been shown. You may get this kind of malfunction, one of the persistent LCD TV issues and solutions worldwide.

Can you find precisely the same issue with the menu display?

In specific scenarios, the graphics may seem fuzzy since the weather in the T.V. area is chilly. It’s a T.V. problem rather than a critical issue. If the temperature climbs to the regular, then the problem will disappear.

Simple Solution

Restart the LCD version to find out whether the problem has vanished. You may switch the appliance off. Then unplug the A.C. power cable.

You may plug into the home A.C. power cable and switch on the LCD TV to confirm the status. The Display gives a perfect screen.

LCD tv repair man
LCD tv repair man

Frequently check when the LCD TV has connected to an active online connection. If the program requires an upgrade, kindly take action.

Wash out the T.V. screen. If the picture on Display still provides a fuzzy image, it’s time to call to get a T.V. repair pro.

There might be several issues.

Have you got an LCD TV armed with Motionflow work? 

Then now is the time to pick Normal or the Off option.

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If your T.V. uses an antenna, then correct the direction and location of the antenna. The broadcast signals can get represented from the tall buildings to provide a ghosting image in the monitor.

Afterward, the grade settings on the disks might change from the T.V. settings. It is possible to use the directions provided in the company’s manual.

Abnormal Display

You see a movie. There’s an abnormal screen on Display in the shape of a blue shadow in a dark scene regarding the protagonist.

You can Use this Picture Settings Menu.

From the Setup Menu, change the mild Sensor configurations to On (trigger )

You could even alter the Electricity Saving at the Setup menu to high or low.

Please be aware that these choices might not be accessible for each tv version.

Repair Grey Screen issue in TV 

Does the T.V. screen unexpectedly turn grey once you see a T.V. program?

It’s possible to reset the T.V. by referring to this manufacturer’s guide. Frequently check there could be different measures for a variety of brands and models.

Regularly check whether the application of your T.V. requires a current edition.

The four problems above are some usual LCD TV issues and alternatives you may get throughout the world.

Issues in TV capacitors and how to repair it?

The final result will probably be the corruption of the integrated circuit at the primary board if you don’t employ the assistance of a T.V. repair specialist at the first instant. This scenario may result in expensive repairs. Perhaps not a very frequent LCD TV issue and solution (an expert’s professional services is demanded ).


The version blinks after you place the change. There are opportunities that the LCD version doesn’t switch on. In specific versions, the T.V. doesn’t switch, but you can hear strange sound sounds and reduce HDMI. You can make a booking through the bro4u program to receive the very best T.V. repair services from seasoned T.V. mechanics.

When to call a TV repair mechanic?

Please note, it is not possible to spot the issue unless you’re a house appliances pro. In this guide, we’ve covered just about some shared LCD TV issues and necessary repair. However, when problems are big, you need to consult professional T.V. repair companies or mechanics.

Just how much does it cost to fix a T.V.?

The national average cost to fix a T.V. is 60 — $90. The sort of T.V., the complexity of the matter using the T.V. and components needed factors to purchase. T.V. repair firms often offer pickup and delivery support to clients for a setup fee.

 These experts have the resources, training, and expertise to solve most TV-related issues. Since T.V. displays are becoming larger and technologies more sophisticated, T.V. fix wants far more technical knowledge than it used to. That is one fix you do not wish to DIY!

What Affects the Expense of repairing a T.V.?

Many T.V.s can be mended, no matter how new or outdated T.V. technology happens to be.

Older plasma T.V.s constructed from 2004 – 2009

Projection TVs

LED TVs (especially if the LED lights go poor )

LCD TVs (LCDs will be the most Frequent T.V. kind that requires repairs)

When it’s electricity difficulties, electronic troubles, or a busted display, the T.V. repairs will probably be different in cost, based on the expense of components, the degree of labor demanded, and any necessary taxes.

Frequent Problems and Repairs

Several problems can arise using a T.V. However; specialist T.V. techs can solve most of the issues. The issues may be:

Power issues (that the T.V. does not turn on or remain on)

Digital issues

Sound Difficulties

Display problems (i.e., audio but no image on Display)

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Listed below are a couple of unique repair instances with price illustrations:

Removed old light bulb and engine and installed brand new.

This T.V. repairs price greater than many, but the consumer wanted to conserve the T.V.

Based on the number of parts that stop working, a repair technician can occasionally save the circuit boards. But if many components are low, it will require buying refurbished or new circuit boards to repair the TV correctly.

Purchased a fresh Y-SUS maintain buffer board along with an X primary board to finish the repair.

The LCD was experiencing occasional problems powering up and abruptly powering off.

Companies initially assess the power source for faulty components and find out what needs to be repaired.

The service technician next assesses the primary circuit board and try to fix the issues with the board.

The experts will always rescue the consumer from buying a new LCD TV.

T.V. Screen Repair Price

It may cost you upwards of $100 to fix a busted LCD TV display. Check to find out whether your T.V. is still under guarantee. Let the T.V. company repair your monitor or any parts covered by the guarantee. You will save money. So never lose your guarantee card. 

If the damage is severe, consider choosing to get a new T.V., since it may be less expensive than fixing the present one.

TV repair companies often offer pickup and delivery support to clients for a setup fee. The cost covers the expense of worker labor, transport, and overhead for organizing.

By way of instance, Commercial Service Co. costs $40 for pick up and shipping, but 80 percent of the organization’s clients earn their T.V.s for the fix.

The Way to Employ a TV  Repair guy

There are a couple of actions you can take to help in your decision making and also Make Sure that you employ a TV repair man that will Have the Ability to complete the repairs:

Aligning from the upfront in your financial plan will save you and your repairman energy and time in the long term.

Collect numerous estimates: Shop around in a couple of different T.V. repair shops to ensure you’re receiving an excellent job cost price. T.V. repair shops will typically provide free quotes to prospective clients.

Nail down the prices At first glance, the occupation may seem simple — but since the repairman becomes farther, they might understand that the damage is more extensive. Make sure you receive a cost estimate, such as parts and labor, before the job starts so that you do not get stuck with a massive surprise invoice.

Request testimonials: Request for testimonials to be specific that you’re selecting the most appropriate repairman for your occupation.

Repairing your T.V. does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some ways to save cash on the Expense of fixing your T.V.:

TV Repair or replacement? 

Before you throw your broken T.V. and purchase a new T.V., see whether a straightforward fix will correct the non-functioning tube.

Advantages of Expert T.V. Restoration

Let’s cut to the chase — fixing your current T.V. will typically cost you significantly less than replacing it. Besides, most T.V.s, irrespective of how broken or old, can be repaired.

Unless you are an electrician or electrical engineer, then it’s probable you don’t understand the first thing about fixing a T.V. That is why it’s ideal to involve an expert maintenance specialist in the procedure. They will have access to the appropriate components and know precisely how to deal with every fix.

Many TV repair shops are trained to fix any kind of T.V., irrespective of where you bought it.