Uses of Expeditious Retreat 5e vs. Longstrider vs. Dash in dnd

Expeditious Retreat 5e

Expeditious Retreat 5e vs. Longstrider

Let us see the difference between Expeditious Retreat 5e vs. Longstrider.

Longstrider 5e: – Increases base speed by 15% and increases by 5% every four levels, maximum 35% at level 20.

Expeditious Retreat 5e: Increases base run to speed up to 20% and 5% every five levels. It is a Maximum of 40% at level 20.

Expeditious Retreat 5e vs. Longstrider

Spells Expeditious Retreat 5e Longstrider 5e
School transmutation transmutation
Level 1 1
Casting Time  1 bonus action  1 action
Range Self Touch
Components V S V S M { a Pinch of Dirt}
Duration  Up to 10 minutes concentration One hour
Classes Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock Bard, Druid, Ranger, Wizard
Spell Details The spell enables you to move at an incredible pace. Suppose you cast this spell. And then, as a bonus action on any of your turns, until the spell ends, you may take the Dash action. You will touch a creature. The target’s speed improves by 10 feet continuously until the spell ends. At Higher Levels: Suppose you cast the spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher. You may target one extra creature for every slot level above 1st.

Expeditious Retreat is essentially a spell that doubles your speed.

You can’t simplify the Expeditious Retreat so much. However, Expeditious Retreat requires you to perform a bonus action to cast it. You can only use Dash to make this bonus action.

In practical terms, it means:

Except for cantrips, you can’t cast any other spells on the same turn that you cast Expeditious Escape.

You cannot use Dash and another bonus action at the same time.

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Your speed has not changed. Anything related to your speed will still use your actual speed.

You can move 90 feet per turn if you use Dash and Dash again to get bonus actions. However, if your speed is doubled and you Dashed as an act, you could move 120 feet per turn.

There are many differences between Expeditious Retreat and the simplified version that you offer. I tried to limit myself to those that were relevant to you.

You can move 60 feet and then attack or move 30 feet and then Dash to move another 30 feet. It does not allow you to move 30 feet, attack, and Dash, move another 30 feet, then use your extra attack. You can use Extra Attack to perform a second attack as part of your Attack action. You can use a bonus action to end your action.

Also, repeat the process:

  • Dash isn’t a magical action; it is a physical act that doubles your base movement speed.
  • This Spell allows you to use it only as a bonus action and not an action.
  • You cannot use an extra attack if you don’t have an attack action. Then it would be best if you started a bonus action dash and then attacked the enemy. However, you can use your bonus action first. Move 30 feet to an enemy and then use your attack action. Then move another 30 feet to attack the second enemy. A bonus action cannot be helpful in the middle of a continuation of an attack. Before you can use the bonus action, you must finish the attack action.
  • The Dash will double your base speed of movement. Some effects increase your movement speed by double or half, while others reduce it. Suppose you have a spell activated, a magical object, or a special ability such as Tabaxi’s Agility. In that case, your base speed is increased by that. Then, the new base speed is doubled with a dash. For example, if you activate your boots with speed on your first turn, your BASE speed will double, and your new speed will be 60 feet. In your 2nd turn, you activate the Zephyr strike.
  • That is a concentration spell that grants you +30 base speed when you hit an opponent. Your 3rd turn is when you hit someone. That means that your pre-boots base speed increases to 60 per turn. The boots then double it to 120. Now that Zephyr strike 5e is in effect, you can use the new concentration spell expeditious escape. That allows you to perform bonus action Dash on every turn. Your base speed is +30, and your dash speed is 120. After the +30 of the Zephyr strike ends, your base speed is doubled to 30, and then the boots are added, resulting in a speed of 60 with a dash speed of 120.
  • Expeditious Retreat is a concentration spell. It only allows you to Dash while you are concentrating. You lose the ability for bonus action Dash if you use other concentration spells, such as the Zephyr strike. However, expeditious Retreat can be used to gain a bonus action dash. After that, you will lose the ability to use any other concentration spells, but only if the casting time is one action and not one bonus.
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When you take the dash action vs. 5e expeditious retreat, does that consume your action on that same turn in D&D 5E?

As Spell’s intent, it is to grant the caster bonus movement from Dashing instantly. The caster must use their Bonus action to cast it. It would have been clearer if the author had said, “You gain the effects from the Dash action, and may Dash for the duration of this spell.” But they chose to use this confusing language.

A DM restrictive could say that the Spell only restates an existing rule – you may take Dash – along with the new rule – that on subsequent turns, you may Dash to gain bonus actions. It seems a bit absurd to me – the general rule does not need to be rewritten.

Ask your GM. If they don’t like you, they will rule in a more restrictive manner.

Suppose your concentration is broken mid-move. In that case, can you continue the movement of a “bonus action dash” by “Expeditious Retreat”?

Yes, you can. The Spell says that you can take the bonus action and the dash action by taking the Spell. After you have used your bonus action, this Dash will take effect, and you can expect this increased movement to become poofy.

You can’t spend your bonus action for Dash’s next turn if you take your bonus action and get attacked by an AoO, readied action, or move 10ft. The Dash action does not require concentration and cannot be broken (unless your movement was reduced to zero by, f.e. grappling.

The best Uses for an expeditious retreat in 5e dnd

This Spell allows you to do manythings. The caster takes the Dash action in bonus. That can also be useful to move forward into the dungeon and avoid traps or monsters. Clerics with the Celerity domain or Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell) can gain +40′ to their base speed all day with Expeditious Retreat 5e.

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a) Casting Expeditious Retreat and casting a cantrip at the same time is not possible. It is because casting Expeditious Retreat takes up your bonus action. The Spell also states that you can use your bonus actions to Dash. However, you can use your Action-to-Dash and your Bonus Action to cast an Expeditious retreat. You don’t have to take Expeditious Retreat to use your Action-to-Dash. However, you will need it to cast Expeditious Escape.

b) You can only cast one leveled Spell per round, regardless of the casting time is your Action (or your Bonus Action) if you use your bonus action to cast a Level 1-Level9 spell (e.g., You can only cast action for your Expeditious Retreat if you use your Bonus Action to cast a Level one-Level nine spells.

c) You can use your Bonus Actions to Dash and your Actions to cast any spell. Not just cantrips.

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