Zephyr Strike 5e dnd spells explained 2021

Zephyr Strike 5e
Zephyr Strike 5e

Zephyr Strike 5e dnd spells

Zephyr Strike 5e dnd: Your moves resemble wind. Until the spell finishes, your movement does not provoke chance attacks. Once the spell ends, it is possible to give yourself an edge on one weapon attack roll on your turn. It is from Page: 171 from Xanathar’s Guide To Everything Anger is martial warriors and half-casters attuned to nature with lethal impact.

They are depicted as wardens, protecting the outskirts of civilization, searching down dangers near settlements. Unlike other spellcasters that give Cantrips, Rangers learn their first spells at level two. Zephyr strike 5e gives you an advantage in your weapon attack rolls and grants an extra 1d8 force harm.

Even then, they don’t get a lot of spell slots either. That is why maximizing spell usage will break or make a Ranger. Here are a few ideas for exciting spells you may consider on the next build. It synergizes well if you choose Beast Master as your Ranger Archetype. Mainly because 5e Zephyr Strike will also employ on your monster companion with the help of”Share Spell.”

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Is Zephyr Strike 5e a good spell? 

The spell is excellent for melee rangers. Still, there are very few of those because, up to Xanathar’s, melee rangers were not perfect. It would be a lot better if it weren’t concentration. It is the same thing that I say about 90% of all Ranger spells.

Page 171
Source Xanathar’s Guide To Everything
Level 1
Casting time 1 Bonus Action
Range: Self Self
Components V
Duration:  Up to 1 minute of concentration
School Transmutation
Process Your movement is like the wind. Your movement does not provoke opportunity attacks, till the spell finishes.
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Captain Sneaky Booming Zephyr Strike 5e: The supreme hit & run (5e Optimized Character Build)

“Captain Sneaky Booming Zephyr Strike 5e” is a critic fishing enormous damage-dealing hits. And running a character with two feats built to run amazingly fast, then negotiate an average of roughly 70 damage in a single hit.

Captain Sneaky Booming Zephyr Strike 5e
Captain Sneaky Booming Zephyr Strike 5e

It’s relatively straightforward—your movement speed increases by 30 feet to a total of 70 feet. Additionally, you get the benefits of a disengage action so that you can hit and run with no issue. You get an advantage on another attack you create, providing you sneak attack damage. If they are below maximum health, then you deal additional damage with a colossus slayer. 


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Then, rather than making an attack, cast a booming blade. That makes your strikes bargain a whopping d8 rapier damage, d8 colossus slayer harm. d8 zephyr attack harm, 1d8 to 3d8 booming blade damage, and 7d6 sneak attack damage along with seven dexterity and combating style damage to a possible total of 6d8 + 7d6 + 7 to an average of 58.5 harm. Furthermore, your strikes score critical hits on 19s and 20s, upping your critical strike chance to 28 percent. When you critical hit, your strikes deal incredible average damage of 110.

Should you run out of 5e zephyr strike? 

You will sacrifice 30 ft of movement. However, you can use your bonus action to utilize your flexible trickster attribute. It gives you the benefit you want to cope with the sneak attack damage. Furthermore, you do not provoke opportunity attacks from creatures you’ve already assaulted with your mobile feat. No matter what, you will be dealing with incredible amounts of damage every time you hit. Are you worried about being followed? The booming blade has you covered. People don’t feel inclined to proceed when they know they’ll take a couple of d8 damage whenever they perform.

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The Plan:

  • Race
  • high elf

Fighter: Take three levels in fighter. Choose the winner baseball archetype and choose the dueling fighting style.

Zephyr Strike 5e dnd spells
Zephyr Strike 5e dnd spells


  • Take 4 degrees in ranger. 
  • Opt for the hunter ranger archetype and take the defense fighting fashion. 
  • Choose Colossus Slayer as your 3rd level hunter attribute.

Rogue: Level 13 is about Rogue. You get sneak attack coping 7d6 harm. Gain three skill score improvements and the fantastic, fantastic, dependable talent. Choose the arcane trickster roguish archetype.

Feats: Take the Mobile and Elven Accuracy feats using two of your skill score improvements.

Equipment: Use a rapier. Hold a shield in your other hand.