Modify Memory 5e dnd | Can you cast on yourself?

Modify Memory 5e
Modify Memory 5e

Modify Memory 5e dnd spells

You try to reshape another creature’s memories to Modify Memory 5e. One monster which it is possible to see should make a Wisdom rescue throw. If you are fighting the beast, it has an advantage about the saving throw. On a failed save, you charm the target for the entire duration. The Charmed target is incapacitated. It is oblivious of its surroundings, even though it can still listen to you. Suppose it takes any harm or a different spell concentrates it, this spell finishes. No modification of the target’s memories happen.

 The dnd spell Explained.

Although this charm continues, it is possible to impact the target’s memory of an event experienced within the previous 24 hours, which lasted no longer than 10 minutes. You can permanently remove all memory of this event. Permit the goal to recall the event with perfect clarity and exacting detail, change its memory of the occasion’s particulars, or make a memory of some other experience.

You must talk with the target to explain what influences its memories. And it must have the ability to comprehend your language for the modify memory to take root in 5e. Suppose the spell finishes before you complete describing the modified memories. There is no modification in the creature’s memory. Otherwise, the modified memory takes hold when the spell finishes.

Modify Memory 5e
Modify Memory 5e

DM’s role on Modify Memory 5e

A modified memory does not necessarily affect how a creature acts, especially if the memory contradicts the animal’s natural inclinations, Alignment, or beliefs. Like implanting a memory of how much the creature enjoyed dousing itself acid? An illogical modified memory witness dismissal, possibly as a terrible dream. The DM might deem a modified memory too nonsensical to influence a monster substantially.

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What happens when you cast a remove Curse or 5e Greater Restoration spell on the target? It restores the animal’s memory.

Modify Memory 5e Attributes
Enchantment  Compulsion and Mind-Affecting
Level Brd 4
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 round
Range  Close (25 feet. plus 5 feet./2 levels)
Target One living creature
Duration Permanent
Saving Throw Will negates
Spell Resistance  Yes
Process You can reach into the subject’s mind and modify as much as 5 minutes of its memories

At Higher Levels: If you cast this spell using a spell slot at 6th level or higher, you can change the target’s memories of an event which took place around seven days ago (6th level), 30 days past (7th degree ), one year ago (8th level), or some time from the animal’s past (9th level).

Can you cast  modify memory on yourself in 5e?

Incapacitation, meaning the status, makes you not able to concentrate on a charm. However, this would make for an excellent matter to homebrew. 

Can modify memory 5e be dispelled?

The spell has exposure to dispel magic. It is actually a Permanent spell, and the energy remains as long as the effect does. That means the spell is vulnerable to dispel magic. As the spell defines, ” You reach into the subject’s head and modify as long as 5 minutes of its memories. 

Modify Memory 5e
Modify Memory 5e

Follow one of these:

  • Remove all memory of an event the topic experienced. This spell cannot exude charm, geas/quest, suggestion, or similar charms.
  • Let the subject recall with perfect clarity an occasion it experienced.
  • Change the details of an event that the subject experienced.
  • Else implant a memory of an event the subject never experienced.

Suppose the subject fails to spare. You will proceed with the spell by spending as long as 5 minutes. (a period equal to the total amount of memory time you want to modify) imagining the memory, you wish to change in the subject.


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Suppose your concentration is disturbed before the visualization ends. Oppositely if the topic is ever beyond the spell’s range in this time, you lose the spell.

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A modify memory 5e does not necessarily impact the subject’s activities, especially if it contradicts the creature’s natural inclinations. The monster disregards an illogical modified memory as a terrible dream or a memory muddied by too much wine.