What is the utility and cost of the magic item Unbreakable Arrow 5e dnd?

unbreakable Arrow 5e dnd

Utility and cost of the magic item Unbreakable Arrow 5e dnd

The unbreakable Arrow in dnd 5e is priced at 100 gold. They are break-proof and allow for creative problem-solving. According to RAW, there’s no specific consideration for Unbreakable Arrow (XGtE, pg 133/139) to recover Ammunition. It appears that breakage of Ammunition is baked into recovering Ammunition after fighting, and an unbreakable arrow might enhance the recovery rate; however, RAW is RAW. Because they are not breakable in the absence of an antimagic area, they can serve many different creative applications in exploration. For instance:

  1. by shooting them at an erect wall to make an arrow-shaped staircase
  2. blocking the gears of the mechanism (e.g., the complex trap)
  3. A makeshift set of picks to be used when climbing
  4. You’re trapped between walls that are crushing? Some unbreakable arrows can keep those walls from killing you.

Unbreakable Arrow 5e is a popular magic item.

This item is part of the section called “Common Magic Items” in the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything which states this (XGtE page 136 (underlined mine):

Indeed, breaking isn’t the only problem in recovering; therefore, the 5e unbreakable Arrow must be repaired. It’s a niche, or not, but that’s the purpose behind it. Its use isn’t that great. That is likely the reason it’s so popular. It’s also the reason it cannot be broken, no matter whatever reason it be.

Dungeon Master’s Guide

The Dungeon Master’s Guide includes many magical items of all kinds. There is one exception: the common items, and this book contain only a few of them. The standard magic items offered are not meant to provide functionality but add the flavor and opportunities to play your game. They rarely increase the character’s strength. However, they can entertain players and offer an opportunity to play a role in a fun way. This section introduces more in the context of the game.

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This section about Ammunition includes the following information on spent Ammunition:

When you are finished with the battle, you can take back half the Ammunition that you have used in a matter of minutes go through the battlefield.

The issue with the recovery of Ammunition isn’t just about them breaking and thus inaccessible. It appears that breakage of Ammunition is a part of ammunition recovery following a fight, and an unbreakable arrow could improve the recovery rate somehow. 

Occasionally, an archer has lost a few arrows during practice on the target simply because you may shoot the target. I was aware of the location I shot at. Not hitting it and then embedding it into medium-high grass so that I couldn’t retrieve them. I combed the grass, but no arrows were found (RealLife Expertise may not completely transfer over).

The same applies to fighting, and often the broken thing won’t be discovered afterward. Therefore, there is no reason to offer an archer who is an unbreakable better chance of retrieval.

In the case of arrows with no breakability, aside from being used for Ammunition:

  • would you please make use of it as a light pry bar
  • Ice-pick
  • Combine 2 ropes to form a ladder (use for ladder steps)
  • Use 3-4 hooks to create a quieter (aka wood) climbing hook
  • Use it as a throw-stick to your pet wolf (won’t be eaten up)

What are arrows found in dnd 5e?

Ammunition: You can use a weapon with Ammunition to perform an attack with a range only if you can shoot from the 5e weapon. Every time you attack with your weapon, you will expend one piece of Ammunition. Injecting the Ammunition from a quiver, case, or another container is a part of the attack. After the fight, you can recuperate half the Ammunition you have used by taking a few minutes to search the battlefield. It weighs 0.05 pounds.

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The best way to use unbreakable Arrow 5e

The unbreakable Arrow can’t be destroyed except for an area of antimagic. In essence, this means that, unless Beholders are watching you, it can be whatever you like. Lever? Sure. Doorstop? Absolutely! A needle that can be pierced for a huge? It’s a weird flex, but fine.

In essence, whatever you can imagine using an indestructible stick with a pointed end? You could utilize it for, as except for an antimagic field, it’s precisely the same.

Do you ever need to retrieve at least one Arrow, so you have a reliable weapon that can be useful in a range? You can tie a line to an arrow and hope the Arrow can hit its target, and even can it withstand the pressure? Need a workhorse of an arrow for hunting, fishing, and other such regular use. Still, you can’t risk using up your precious and currently hard-to-replace/replenish quiver of normal arrows?

Then the unbreakable Arrow in 5e dnd might be just for you!