What are the titans in attack on titan? Who are the 9 Titan Shifters

What are the titans in attack on titan? Who are the 9 Titan Shifters

What are the titans in attack on titan? Who are the 9 Titan Shifters

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably wondered, “What are the different types of Titan Shifters?” In this article, we’ll talk about each type. In addition to the male, female, and Cart Titans, we’ll also talk about the War Hammer Titan. We’ll discuss the different Titan Shifters and their abilities.

The nine Titans are the last survivors of the founder of Attack on Titan, Ymir Fritz. Each titan has a different name and power set. They were passed down through the Eldian line and had unique abilities. These abilities allow the person to switch from human to Titan form at will and retain a human form in Titan form. However, when someone inherits a Titan, they die within thirteen years, so whoever inherits it will be overpowered.

What are the titans in attack on titan? Who are the 9 Titan Shifters

9 Titan Shifters

War Hammer Titan

Attack on titan is an anime series based on a manga by Hajime Isayama. The series centers on the adventure of Eren Jaeger, who discovers the power of a Titan. The Titans have many characteristics in common, including overlapping strengths and weaknesses. However, there are differences between each titan and how they use their powers. 

This titan is capable of using its ability to harden flesh. It can also craft crystalline weapons. This power is controlled remotely, and its user is hidden inside a crystal case. This titan is highly effective against humans and can use this power to wreak havoc. The War Hammer Titan is the only one of the Nine Titan Shifters to use this ability.

Beast Titan

This titan is the main antagonist of the Attack on Titan series. Zeke and Tom control the Beast Titan. It has superior strength and speed to the other Titans. It is also superior to humans. It has a human-like appearance and is 60 meters tall. It is an incredibly venomous Titan with razor-sharp claws and a huge jaw full of teeth. It also has a surprisingly fast speed.

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 The first of the nine Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan, Zeke is a powerful ally and is a powerful asset during the final battle. He is a powerful fighter, but his loyalty to Eren may change. While the series has only seen one Beast Titan, Zeke, he uses his ability to transform into an animal. He usually takes the form of an ape.

Attack Titan

The nine Titan shifters are the most powerful and diverse characters of Attack on Titan. They can transform into a different Titan, depending on the situation. While some may be born as Titans, others may be Abnormal. Abnormal Titans can be either male or female, and their age is not a factor in their appearance. However, some Titans can only convert when they wish.

These characters have inherited powerful abilities from their respective Titan ancestors. The War Hammer Titan has Eren, who defeated Lara Tybur. Eren also has the War Hammer Titan, a weapon that carries devastating powers. These weapons have the potential to destroy Titans but can’t be used by themselves. Eren uses his new power to kill the Titans and protect humanity in the anime.

Eren Yeager has three Titans. Eren intended to acquire a Jaw Titan but was born with two Attack and a Founding Titan. She also got a War Hammer Titan after eating Willy Tybur’s sister. Despite Eren’s intention to get a Jaw Titan, the two other Titans she inherited from her father came in handy.

Cart Titan

The Nine Titan Shifters are remnants of the founder of the game, Ymir Fritz, who is now dead. Each has a unique name and power set, and they are passed down through the Eldian line. Those who inherit a Titan die within thirteen years. This makes them particularly dangerous to humankind.

The first is the Cart Titan, whose owner is Pieck Finger. It carries supplies to the Marley soldiers and possesses incredible endurance. It is capable of going for several missions without rest. Its form allows it to survive for extended periods and fight in many different positions. However, in season four, the Cart Titan was wounded by the heroes. However, this hasn’t stopped it from being an important character in the game.

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The Cart Titan is the weakest of the nine Titan Shifters. It is only useful for physical combat and carries weapons, and is the least powerful of the Nine. Those who inherit the Cart Titan can continue to use it for years with little rest. The Cart Titan is also the least powerful of the nine Shifters. However, it is the only titan that can use its claws and can also use its wings.

Pieck Finger, a Cart Titan, is the sweetest and most lovable of the nine Titan Shifters. She finds it easier to walk on all fours than to stand. After Attack on Titan, she joins the Warriors to fight Eren’s Founding Titan. She will then go on to live her life to the fullest. It’s a defining moment for the characters of this manga.

Female Titan

The Female Titan is a powerful character, one of the Nine Titans. She can control both normal and abnormal titans and possess many of the same abilities as the other Titans. Her powers are passed on through her descendent, Annie Leonhart. She has a difficult life as a titan shifter, and her innate ability to manipulate other Titans has been a source of confusion for many fans.

The Female Titan is a slim, athletic titan with feminine features. She has Annie Leonhart, an Eldian warrior. She was sent to Paradis Island to seek Eren, the Founding Titan. Annie used her new ally to find her in season one of Attack on Titan. Her powers are adaptability, high speed, localized hardening of the skin, and the ability to summon pure titans in short ranges. However, what would happen if a male Eldian pure titan ate the Female Titan is unknown.

Founding Titan

Each of the nine Titans has a unique power set and name. Each one is connected to a mystery that surrounds the story of the series. Each titan has unique abilities that allow them to change between human and titan forms. The Nine Titans are the most powerful beings in the series, and each titan has its special powers. 

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The Colossal Titan is the largest of the nine Titans, measuring about 60 meters tall. Its size and weight make it an intimidating figure. While each titan has different powers, all of them release heat as they transform. This energy can be used as a weapon. But the Colossal Titan is the most powerful of all. This titan can cause a massive explosion, destroying its path.

You can only pass down the Founding Titan’s powers through royal blood. Those who don’t possess royal blood cannot access its full power. After they killed Eren, Ymir relinquished his powers so that the normal Titans could return to their human forms. The remaining nine Titan Shifters are called “Pure Titans,” and they are the most common titan type. These Titans can range between fifteen and twenty meters high and resemble humans.

Jaw Titan

As its name implies, the Jaw Titan’s jaws and claws have immense biting and crushing strength. And it may deploy with devastating efficiency against both Titans and man-made structures. Its claws are powerful enough to inflict damage on armored opponents like turrets.

Armored Titan

They are intelligent titans, and they are also a threat to humans. The giant isn’t completely invincible, and his armor has its limits. The lack of mobility is the Armored Titan’s main flaw.

The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan comes in one of the Nine Titans. In addition, they are the primary antagonist for three seasons of the Attack on Titan series.

Final Words

The first Titan, Eren, is a 15-meter humanoid with fleshless jaws and ears. Eren’s titan also has substantial physical strength, endurance, and vast martial arts techniques. During the series, Eren also develops the power to harden into a Titan when he ingests an armor bottle, enabling him to close the Wall Maria.