What does Tbh, Stfu, Idc, and Idk mean in Text and Instagram?

What does Tbh, Stfu, Idc, and Idk mean in Text and Instagram?

What does Tbh, Stfu, Idc, and Idk mean in Text and Instagram?

Texting and Instagram are great ways of communicating with people and brands, but they still have limitations. When you need to send a one-time message and your message is not appropriate to be sent through your brand’s social media account, you need to send a personal message. This is where slang comes in to help you send a private message in a more light-hearted way.

You may have noticed these terms being used in text or Instagram messages with your friends, coworkers, family members, and even celebrities – but what do they mean?

We’ve compiled the most popular acronyms and abbreviations used in texting and Instagramming today to help you understand them when someone else uses them. For example, did you know that tfw stands for that feeling when…? Now you do!

What does tbh mean?

To be honest (never preceded by honestly, which is redundant) is a phrase popularized on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

People use it to preface something they’re about to say that may not be 100 percent positive or truthful. For example, I don’t think her outfit is that cute, but I would wear it if I didn’t have my style figured out.

Note how it appears at the beginning of a sentence—the idea here is that you wouldn’t be lying to someone’s face if you said it while looking at them straight.

What does STFU stand for?

Unless you’re a teen or know someone who is, the chances are good that you’ve never heard of STFU. STFU stands for shutting the F up to save you some time (and embarrassment).

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It can be shortened to just STFU, or you can use an acronym like GTFOA (Get The F- Out Already). Try using SOHB (Stuff On Homeboy) instead if you want to send a message. It shows your displeasure with someone and tells them they need to leave as soon as possible.

Either way, it goes over well! What does TTYL stand for?: TTYL means talk to you later, which might seem like nothing more than another term teens use when ending a conversation online.

While it may have started that way, there’s more meaning behind it now. Some people will abbreviate TTYL as talk2u l8r instead of talking to you later because typing out numbers isn’t easy on mobile devices (if autocorrect has been turned off).

Other people will say ttyl mwah after typing out TTYL since saying later doesn’t make sense when speaking on instant messaging platforms or social media apps.

What does IDC stand for?

IDC stands for I don’t care. It’s usually used when someone says something you aren’t interested in hearing. Some people use it to express apathy or nonchalance. It can also indicate an anti-social attitude or an unwillingness to engage with others.

Sometimes, it can say that you’re currently busy or too distracted to focus on what someone else is saying. What does TBH stand for?: TBH stands for, To Be Honest. People often use it to tell someone they’re being honest about their opinion, rather than just complimenting them or saying something nice without meaning it.

For example: “TBH, I think your outfit looks better than mine” Or : “I’m not trying to be rude, but your hair looks crap today.” Or: “TBH, your new haircut looks terrible”

What does IDK mean?

IDK means I don’t know. It is a quick way to say that you don’t have information on something or do not know something. Example: We went to an Italian restaurant last night, and I tried pizza for the first time! IDK if I liked it or not.

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What does STFU Mean ?: STFU means shut the f– up. It is frequently when somebody says something stupid and otherwise irritating. Example: Stop talking about your ex-boyfriend! STFU! What does TBL Mean ?: TBL stands for to be like and is used as a shortened version of to be like in sentences. Example: She looks so much like her mother; TBL, they could be twins! What Does IDC Mean ?: IDC means I don’t care.

Does STFU, IDC, and idk mean in text and Instagram?

TTYL is an acronym for “conversation to ourselves subsequently” in texting. It also can mean “ta now though” and “speak to you at all,” so it’s not always an indication that someone is attempting to avoid a talk.

STFU (shut the f— up) is a direct way of telling someone to be quiet. IDC (I don’t care) is used when a person expresses apathy toward something they otherwise should care about. It can be hard to read if you’re typing on your phone.

IDK as I don’t know—it looks like one word. But it has two letters: I and D. This acronym stands for I don’t know, which makes sense because it was created by people who didn’t want to take the time to type out a whole sentence.

Final Verdict

We’ve all did receive a letter in the post or an Instagram giving feedback that we will have no clue what that means. Use this guide to determine what the reader may mean when you receive a text you do not understand. When you receive a comment on Instagram that you do not understand, use this guide to determine what the statement may mean. You now know more about the abbreviations you see on social media and in text messages.

Today you’ve learned four acronyms kids use in texting to express their emotional state when dealing with stressful situations.

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The acronyms STFU and tbh are used to tell another person they are being rude. IDC stands for I don’t care, whereas IDK means I don’t know. To check if your child is misusing these acronyms, monitor your child’s texting activity by looking at their phone regularly or getting a cell phone monitoring application.