What Foods, Drinks And Medicines Neutralize Stomach Acid?

What Foods, Drinks And Medicines Neutralize Stomach Acid?

What Foods, Drinks And Medicines Neutralize Stomach Acid?

You’ve probably wondered: What foods, drinks, and medicines neutralize your stomach acid? You might not have considered bananas, but these foods are low-acid foods that can soothe your heartburn pain. 

You can also try half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with four ounces of water, which will help neutralize stomach acid and ease heartburn. But you should take care since baking soda can be dangerous in large doses. If you’re on a sodium-restricted diet, you’ll want to stay away from this remedy.

While antacids may provide immediate relief from heartburn symptoms, they don’t cure the cause of the problem. Alcohol relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter muscle and irritates the esophagus, making the stomach produce more acid. 

Alcohol-containing drinks can also make heartburn worse, so avoid drinking them. On the other hand, Beer is slightly acidic but is low-in-alcohol content. Beer, however, contains a high amount of congeners, which increase acid production.

What Foods, Drinks And Medicines Neutralize Stomach Acid?

What food neutralizes stomach acid?

By eating healthy, low-fat, and high-fiber foods, you can help your body neutralize acid and keep reflux symptoms at bay. If you’re concerned about acidity, consider eating more fruits and vegetables. Fruits with high acidity, including citrus fruits, are notorious culprits. They tend to cause acid reflux because they’re slow to digest.

Some of the most common culprits are lemons and limes and grapefruit and oranges. Tomatoes and tomato soup are also high in acid, and the capsaicin in spicy foods can irritate the esophagus.


They’re alkaline-forming, which means they balance out the digestive acid levels in the stomach. Bananas help neutralize the stomach acid by coating the esophageal lining and helping food move through the digestive tract more easily. Bananas contain pectin, which helps the food pass through the stomach faster. Bananas also help prevent heartburn symptoms by preventing the production of stomach acid.

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While many people swear by ginger for its anti-inflammatory properties, this root vegetable is often used to treat gastrointestinal ailments. It can be added to water or tea or boiled in water and ingested to treat gastrointestinal problems. 

Yogurt is another great choice to help reduce the acidity in the stomach. Remember to avoid eating three hours before you lie down if you can. If you want to reduce the symptoms caused by acid reflux, you should eat foods low in fat and sugar.

What drinks neutralize stomach acid?

Many people wonder what drinks neutralize stomach acid. While you can get a neutralizing effect from some fruit juices, you should keep in mind that the acidity level of all fruits and vegetables varies. It’s best to avoid acidic foods and drinks to make your diet more neutralizing.

A milk alternative or low-fat milk is a good choice for GERD sufferers. The alkaline composition of almond milk neutralizes stomach acid and is great for smoothies. Coconut water is another great beverage for people suffering from acid reflux.

 Coconut water is a refreshing summer drink that has been proven to help with the burning sensation caused by heartburn. Almond milk is also an effective acid neutralizer and provides good fiber, which helps digestion and prevents reflux.

If you’re experiencing heartburn after eating, you should avoid caffeine-containing drinks. Caffeine-filled beverages can weaken the lower esophageal sphincter, leading to reflux. While dark roast coffee has less caffeine per bean, herbal tea has the same effects. Caffeine-free teas are a better choice than caffeinated beverages. It’s still important to consult with a doctor before avoiding any foods or beverages.

While carbonated beverages like carbonated beverages may help reduce symptoms, they also relax the esophageal sphincter, making acid reflux more likely. In addition, non-citrus fruits and vegetables contain fiber and can help neutralize stomach acid. 

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Adding fresh cucumber slices to your water and drinking decaf iced tea can reduce symptoms associated with acid reflux. So, it’s worth switching to non-citrus fruit and vegetable juices, especially if you’re already suffering from acid reflux.

What medicines neutralize stomach acid?

You may be wondering what medicines neutralize stomach acid. Many of them are antacids and may be useful in short-term symptom relief. They contain aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate.

The problem with these medications is that they can cause an alkaline state, so they should be taken only as directed by a physician. 

Antacids are the most common type of medicine to treat heartburn and reflux. They relieve the pain and discomfort associated with the reflux and neutralize stomach acid. These antacids come in a liquid, chewable, or dissolvable tablet. 

Antacids are safe and effective in treating mild heartburn. However, you should still check with your doctor before starting any new treatment. Many other options can relieve heartburn, and you may want to consult your doctor before starting any new treatment.

Antacids neutralize the stomach acid by blocking the proton pump, which is the primary source of bile acid. They provide quick relief and can be purchased over-the-counter from any grocery store. If you have GERD, they may also be useful when ongoing treatment is insufficient. Gaviscon, an antacid that acts as a barrier to block acid from rising into the esophagus, is also available in OTC medicine.

Another type of antacid is a proton pump inhibitor. This medicine is available over-the-counter, but it is important to follow the instructions on the packaging to avoid overdose. For people with frequent heartburn, They may prescribe a proton pump inhibitor. 

While proton pump inhibitors can help relieve the burning sensation associated with acid reflux, they are not recommended for long-term use. These medicines can come in many forms, each with its brand name and ingredients.

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Final Words

We have told you the food, drinks, and medicines that neutralize stomach acid. Besides antacids, you can also try eating many citrus fruits and vegetables to neutralize the acid in your esophagus. 

However, you shouldn’t ignore other foods with high acid content. Citrus fruits are particularly bad culprits. The best way to avoid indigestion and heartburn while eating them is to balance them with alkaline foods like low-fat yogurt.