What is a Cosmetic nurse? How to become one?

What is a Cosmetic nurse? How to become one?

What is a Cosmetic nurse? How to become one?

Cosmetic nursing is a non-emergent aspect of the nursing field. In layman’s language, cosmetic nurses assist people in changing their external appearance. Many people haven’t explored this career path, even though it can be lucrative. Do you want to learn the pathway to becoming a cosmetic nurse? Well, then, read on. By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll know everything you need to know about this particular field.

Defining A Cosmetic Nurse

Also popularly known as aesthetic nurses, cosmetic nurses mainly focus on dermatological and cosmetic procedures. They’re professionals with a great hold on the technology used in the dermatology and cosmetology department. From performing non-invasive procedures to helping physicians during surgical procedures, cosmetic nurses have diverse roles in this field.

A couple of procedures you’ll have to follow as a cosmetic nurse are rhinoplasty, chemical peels, liposuction, breast augmentation, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, dermabrasion, dermal fillers or injections, etc.

Below are the types of cosmetic nurses that exist:

Injectable nurse

Injectable nurses are responsible for successfully administering dermal fillers or botulinum toxins to fade wrinkles and fine lines in your face. Botulinum toxins are specifically used to smooth facial muscles, wrinkles, and fine lines temporarily. On the other hand, dermal fillers like calcium hydroxylapatite or hyaluronic acid are used to fill or sculpt the face. And then, there are fat reduction injections that work on completely removing double chin fat.

  • Non-surgical nurse: Nurses in this department help with treatments like cellulite reduction, radiofrequency, or contouring procedures. Most cosmetic nurses are found to be in non-surgical treatments. While radiofrequency accelerate cellulite reduction, contouring involves treating powerful muscle contraction called Emsculpt, and fat reduction is carried out by freezing fat.
  • Laser facial nurse: Skin pigmentation is increasingly found in people living in tropical areas. Laser facial is an effective treatment that fades acne scars and even out skin pigmentation. This is where laser facial nurses work. Laser facials roll out the external layer of the skin and expose the new skin lying underneath.
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Nurses usually examine each patient’s skin and then recommend the most suitable treatment and its level settings. Laser facials are classified into different types. Some of them are fractional laser treatments, CO2 laser treatments, pulsed-dye laser treatments, and intense pulse light treatments.

  • Tattoo removal nurse: Have your ex-spouse’s name tattooed on your hand? You might want to get rid of it immediately. That’s when you should consult a cosmetic nurse to do the needful using laser technology. Similar to laser facials, tattoo removal is also done by cosmetic nurses who adjust the appropriate laser settings and removal techniques and convey the risks associated with the treatment.

  • Laser hair removal nurse: Currently, it’s one of the most sought-after laser treatments in the beauty industry. Laser hair removal involves using laser technology to eliminate excess or unwanted hair from different body parts. A laser hair removal nurse performs the procedure and provides aftercare tips for fast healing. The treatment is spread out across different sessions. The patient will have to pay several nurse visits for multiple sessions.
  • Chemical peel nurse: The nurse applies a layer of chemical peels to the patient’s skin to revive younger-looking and smooth skin. Although the healing period lasts a couple of days or weeks, the result is worth the discomfort. Generally, the treatment extends to not more than an hour at the max.

Where Will You Work?

Once you successfully become a registered nurse, there are various areas where you can find jobs. A few of them are listed below:

  • Private practices
  • Clinics
  • Medical spas
  • Cosmetic dermatology practices
  • Outpatient surgery facilities
  • Ophthalmologist’s offices
  • Plastic surgery clinics

Your Pathway To Build A Lucrative Career In Cosmetic Nursing

Enroll In A Degree

The first step is to find and enroll in a cosmetic nurse course to get a degree. A bachelor’s degree is required at the least to be able to work in the industry. Throughout the course, you’ll be exposed to clinical study, patient care, nursing research, health care policy, anatomy, pharmacology, psychology, and physiology.

Sit for the NCLEX-RN Exam

You need to take this test to become a cosmetic nurse because passing this exam will prove that you’re well-versed in the nursing procedures & safety protocols. The six-hour exam will test your knowledge and attest to your credibility according to your performance. After passing this exam, you’ll be on your way to becoming a registered nurse.

Secure a license

Different states have individual nursing boards. Apply for your state board’s nursing license. You might be asked to submit college transcripts and NCLEX-RN scores. While writing your papers for recognition, build your identity on social media. In today’s world, there’s nothing more powerful than social media. You never know when something will click and you get selected for your dream job. So, keep sharing your talents with the public.

Gain experience

Like any other profession, becoming a cosmetic nurse also requires gaining some experience by working under seniors’ guidance. Update the resume and prepare for the interview to bag a job at the entry-level. Simultaneously, keep learning about the rapidly evolving technologies in the aesthetic healthcare industry. Youtube is the best place to keep expanding your knowledge. Immerse yourself in all sorts of dissection of facial anatomy and facial muscles.

Get Certified

Although certification isn’t mandatory in cosmetic nursing, having one only opens a sea pool of opportunities for you. The perks start from being eligible for high-paying jobs to climbing the ladder to much more knowledge and expertise.


We bet you have answers to all your queries regarding cosmetic nursing as a career option. The first step is to opt for a cosmetic nursing course. And that would be your stepping stone to a lucrative career. As the beauty industry progresses, there’s a dire need for intervention in dermatology and cosmetology. Hence, the job opening for cosmetic nurses is also expanding. You can build a flourishing career in it. There’s no doubt about it!