What is a Pound Sign on a Phone?

What is a Pound Sign on a Phone?

What is a Pound Sign on a Phone?

The pound key symbol is often referred to as the “octothorpe.” This term first appeared in a 1973 U.S. patent, used by engineers at Bell Labs in the 1960s while working to interface computers and telephones. This key was used to indicate a pound (sterling) of force. Today, this key is found on many phones. Let’s learn what it means.


Did you know that the word ‘octothorpe’ comes from the 1960s telephone dialling system redesign? Its origins are unknown, but engineers at Bell Labs are likely responsible for coining the term. It is also possible that the word has many different names. The octothorpe is the result of a design that allows you to input a special code instead of pressing a standard phone key.

The octothorpe symbol is a made-up word, but it has strong ties to native American sportsman Jim Thorpe. The word itself means ‘eight’, and ‘thorpe’ means a village. The term was originally called OCTATHERP, but was given a more common name after the 1970s. Since then, the symbol has made a resurgence in phone design.

The octothorpe symbol has an interesting history. Its origins date back to Ancient Rome. The Latin term libra pondo means “pound,” so the symbol was used for the pound sign. In early telephones, the symbol is also used to signify weight, which is the reason why the word “pound” is spelled with eight points. This became the official symbol of the pound sign until the invention of the hashtag.

The name “octothorpe” has had a colorful history. It has been used in a variety of contexts and was first referred to in a Mayo Clinic article. It was then renamed to “octatherp” by C Schaak. The word octatherp is a play on ‘eight’ by Jim Thorpe, an American athlete who had won the 1912 Olympic medals. He returned the medals to the Olympic athletes thirty years after his death.

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The octothorpe/pound sign became a popular way to categorize posts on Twitter. Originally, this symbol meant “pound” in weight. As Twitter users became more familiar with hashtagging, it spread to other social media platforms. Its popularity quickly spread. And now, it’s a widely-used symbol to express emotions and ideas. In other words, it’s like the Twitter hashtag!

pound sign

You might be wondering: What is a pound sign on telephony devices? It is actually a code that enables you to dial a phone number. It is a symbol that appears in many languages, but is most commonly known as the “pound key” in the United States. In other countries, the pound sign refers to the currency symbol PS. In the United Kingdom, it is called the “hatch” because it derives from the word ‘hatch’, which means cross-hatching.

The pound sign is a special symbol that appears on phones that are not based on the American dollar. This symbol is similar to the “hash” symbol in programming. It is used to make web pages secure, and is used for this same purpose in the world of telecommunications. In North America, however, the pound sign appears on a phone’s keypad as the symbol for the British pound.

The pound sign is often confused with the “#” symbol. In the United States, this symbol is often used in conjunction with the word “number,” as it is the same for both numbers and letters. In the past, “lb.” was used in place of the “#” symbol. However, in order to avoid confusion, printers chose a special font that included a line through the verticals. This was designed to distinguish between the “l” and the “1” symbols. While the “pound” symbol is often mistakenly labeled as a number, it actually stands for the abbreviation “lb.”

The # symbol was first used on telephones as a way to designate numbers. In 1961, it was determined that the three symbols would be the most functional. Later on, the # and the PS symbols were added to the standard telephone pad. These symbols were chosen because they were available on typewriter keyboards. The # symbol is the same key as the number three on a US keyboard, while the PS symbol is found above the number 3 on a UK keyboard.

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pound key

You may be wondering what the pound key on a phone is and how it works. This symbol is the unit of currency in the United Kingdom. To type a phone number, you must press the pound key. You can find the pound key on the dialing pad at the lower right hand corner. The pound key is designated with an asterisk (*) symbol. The following table will list the pound key symbol and keyboard shortcut.

The “#” symbol, also known as the hashtag key, is a popular symbol on social media sites. This symbol can also be found in Office symbols, such as the number and sharp keys. Activating the # symbol on a phone activates the pound symbol. The symbol is marked with a pound sign, and is the most commonly used in Twitter. But don’t mistake the pound sign for the pound sign.

The pound key on a phone is used for dialing international numbers, and is often abbreviated as the pound symbol in British English. However, it’s not uncommon to hear “pound” instead of “hash” when dialing a phone number. In North America, “pound” is the most widely recognized currency symbol, and “pound” is the one used on mobile phones. For example, when dialing a telephone number in the United States, the pound key will appear as a pound symbol.

Another popular keyboard shortcut is to type ‘pound’ with the pound key on a phone. Unlike the other keys, the pound key is shaped like a lower case “F.” On a Mac, you can type the symbol using the keyboard shortcut: Option + 3 on a Mac or Alt + 0163 on a Windows PC. Be sure to turn off the num lock before entering this code.

pound (sterling) unit of mass or force

The pound (sterling) unit of mass and force on a mobile phone is the same as in the English system. It is the force needed to accelerate a one-pound mass at 9.80665 meters per second squared. Although the United States has long since adopted the metric system, English has embraced the pound (sterling) as its official unit of mass and force. Historically, the pound was equivalent to one tower pound of sterling silver. The current exchange rate is 98% of a kilogram.

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Today, the pound is an important unit for cell phones. This unit is used to measure weight and force and is the monetary unit. It is derived from the Latin pondus, which means “pondus.” The symbol of a pound is lb and abbreviated as lb. Although the pound is no longer used for its monetary value, it still survives on phones. A pound can weigh as much as 14 pounds.

The pound is also the smallest unit of mass or force on a cell phone. Although this unit of mass and force is widely used, it does not have a legal definition in the United States. The unit was originally used for the weight of silver, and was later changed to be named after Edward I. This change meant that the pound was now worth more than a pound of silver.

The pound (sterling) unit of mass and force on a cell phone is often used interchangeably. In the United Kingdom, a pound equals 328.9 grams and has 12 uncias. However, the term “pound” was originally used in Roman times, and the modern unit is often called the lb. It is not, however, a perfect reflection of Latin usage.