What is the Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards?

What is the Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards?

What is the Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards?

The best method is to carefully watch the Graph GRT quiz and answer all of the questions correctly. Following that, you will be given your free GRT tokens.

There are several ways to earn GRT rewards. The delegation, participating in quizzes, Staking GRT, and changing your default search engine are a few. Depending on your situation, you can buy GRT on the exchange where you earn it. Below are some steps to follow to earn GRT. Read on for more details. Then, read on to find out the best way to earn GRT rewards!


There are three primary ways to earn GRT rewards: staking, delegation, and debating. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Staking is the easiest and most direct way to earn rewards in GRT. However, staking has disadvantages. First, you can’t earn staking rewards if your indexer is slow or unreliable. You can also lose potential staking income opportunities if you price your queries too high.

Delegation: Delegation can provide you with a good source of GRT. By delegating, you can earn more XTZ without spending much time. Delegation fees amount to 0.5% of allocated TSOs. These fees are deducted from your stake every time you conduct a delegation operation. Delegation fees must be accounted for in calculating the profitability of each delegation operation. The fees vary for each protocol. In addition, they will vary depending on the amount of delegation and the expected inflation.

Indexing can also be done by delegating tokens. Indexers need to consider various factors before deciding which Indexers to delegate. You can find a list of suitable Indexers by joining The Graph Discord. Many indexers are active in this discord. They’ve been Indexing for months in the test net and are working towards improving the network’s health. In the end, delegation can earn you GRT rewards.

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A delegated indexer can earn a high share of the GRT rewards. The indexer can delegate their GRT rewards to a validator and occupy a low percentage of the delegation pool. Delegating involves a 0.5% fee, but it’s an easy way to earn more than you thought possible. When you delegate GRT to someone else, the delegate will receive an equal percentage of the reward.

Unlike mining, delegating enables you to make more GRT rewards quickly. First, however, you must ensure you have sufficient funds to delegate. Currently, 55,000 GRT must be staked to make $10 per day. That’s $17,600 in rewards. And even if you can secure that, you’ll need to lock in your funds for good. And that’s if you want to make it a full-time income source.

Participating in quizzes

To earn GRT, one of the best ways is to take quizzes about crypto-assets. Moreover, it is a great marketing tool for tokens, as participants get additional knowledge of crypto-assets and their underlying technologies. Hence, participating in quizzes is the best way to earn GRT. Listed below are some of the quizzes about crypto-assets.

Staking GRT

Staking GRT is the most profitable use of idle resources. It is non-custodial, and you keep all control over your funds, even after lockup. While staking does carry certain risks, nothing in the world of cryptocurrencies is foolproof. However, you can still earn rewards with it with appropriate research and precautions. The first step in earning GRT is to stake it. Listed below are some steps you should take to earn GRT through staking.

The first step in staking GRT is to buy a GRT token. Many exchanges exist, but MetaMask is the most popular and widely used crypto wallet. It is available on major exchanges and as a browser extension. You can also download the mobile version. To begin staking, you must first purchase GRT tokens on the exchange where you want to stake them. You can also buy GRT tokens on exchanges where GRT is traded.

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The second step in staking GRT is to become a delegated indexer. Indexers are the most valuable part of the network. As indexers do not run Graph Nodes, they earn a portion of each query fee as Delegators. A delegator can earn up to 1% of a given indexer’s stake, which is a small price.

To delegate GRT:

  • Select the indexers whose Query Fee Cut is low and effective reward cut is high. 
  • Next, select the indexers with low Query Fee Cut and positive percentage effective reward cut. 
  • Click on the “Delegate” button in the far right corner of the table. A window will open asking you to input the amount you wish to stake. 
  • Once you’ve chosen your indexers, click on the “delegate” button and wait for a window to appear asking you how much to stake.
  • To delegate GRT, you must be a Web 3.0 user. Afterward, you must connect the application to your Web 3.0 crypto wallet.