What is the cost of Hat of Disguise 5e vs. Greater Hat in dnd?

Hat of Disguise 5e

What is the cost of Hat of disguise 5e| How it differs from Greater Hat of Disguise?

There are two prices you will find for a Hat of Disguise in 5e dnd. However, it is possible to make a Hat of Disguise for half the price.  The price for a hat of Disguise in 5e dnd is 1,800 gp. If a hat is available for sale, this is how much a vendor will charge. A vendor will typically pay half the price if you have an existing hat of Disguise. A hat of Disguise costs 900 gp to make. That is the amount a creator spends on raw materials to make a hat by himself instead of buying it. If the cost is not specified, it usually includes the masterwork item, the magic item (as with magical armor, shields, and weapons). On the other hand the cost of Greater Hat of Disguise cost 12000 GP.

How to make Hat of Disguise in dnd 5e?

A hat’s creator must pay the raw material cost and create effects like the spell disguise self every day that he is working on it. A typical creator must meet all prerequisites within two days. That includes a successful Spellcraft skill test (DC 5 + the item’s caster level). Magic Item Creation has more information about creating magic items, including bypassing specific prerequisites while still making the item you desire.

What does Hat of Disguise 5e do?

DMG, pg 173, Hat of Disguise says, You can cast the disguise self spell while wearing this Hat by using an action. If the Hat is taken off, the spell will end. It is an adventuring gear (wondrous uncommon and rare item, head). 

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DMG pg. 141, Activating an item: Spells

Some magic items let you cast spells from the item. However, some magic items, like certain staffs, require that you use your spellcasting ability to cast spells from the item. You can choose which spellcasting ability you want to use with an item if you have more than one. Your proficiency bonus applies even if you don’t possess a spellcasting capability.

That is how it works. So, your spell save DC would equal the standard 8 + Proficiency + Spellcasting modifier. You can’t use a spellcasting modifier if you don’t belong to your class. 8 + Proficiency + 0.

Some would argue that using Disguise with the Hat is redundant. It’s like Deadpool wearing a paper mask under his red mask. They would have to do two checks. The first to see the past is the illusion magic. The other will be able to see through your fake mustache and nose. They are two completely different attempts to hide your identity. Although situationally, I would say that they won’t trust you if you don’t recognize the magical Hat. It won’t work out well.

If someone casts Detect Magic when the Hat is inactive, it will still be registered b/c it is a magic item. Throwing while the Hat is active will result in all casts being recorded, even if an illusion spell is hiding your body.

Do you need a disguise check before activating these items?

Due to the illusion of Disguise, you get a +10 on your Disguise check. That can negate the -10 penalty for pretending to be the intimate lover of your target. You can disguise yourself as a lover, but you don’t need to do much.

Difference between hat of disguise 5e vs. greater hat of disguise

It would be best not to confuse the ‘typical hat of disguise’ with the ‘greater hat of concealment’ on the same page. That is an entirely different item, which creates an altogether different effect (e.g., the alter self spell in place of the disguise self-spell), and therefore has another cost, price, and prerequisites.

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Difference Hat of disguise 5e Greater Hat of Disguise 5e
Working It works like disguise self It works like alter self
CL 1 3
Cost 1800 GP 12000 GP
What garments are included? As a part of disguise, the hat may be changed to appear as a comb, headband, ribbon, cap, coif, helmet, hood, or other headwear. The garment allows its wearer to change her appearance. The hat remains a part of the disguise. It can be a hat, a helmet, headscarf, and so forth.