Who is Pain Naruto, Nagato or Yahiko | Six Paths of Pain

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Who is Pain in Naruto in Six paths of pain?

He was a former student at Jiraiya. Nagato is the real name for Pain. Obito injected rinnegan in his eyes when he was young. He was a kind and generous person. He gave up trying to bring peace after his friend died in a fight. He also founded Akatsuki. Later, he helped Naruto with one of his rinnegan abilities called Rinne rebirth. He resurrected all the village residents and caused his death.

Do you now know who Pain Naruto is?

Pain is Nagato. He was one of Jiraiya’s disciples. He activates the rinnegan and uses the six paths of pain technique, but the natural body is hidden somewhere else. He and Konan founded Akatsuki. He lives in a rain village. He does not reveal his identity to anyone. His appearance is Yahiko. He plans to invade Konoha, and later, he understands the words from Naruto about peace. Later, he revives those who were killed in his invasion with his Rinne resurrection jutsu.

Who was Pain? Nagato? Yahiko?

It’s a complicated answer, so that I will give you some background on each. Let’s get started.

Nagato was a war widow from Amegakure or The hidden Rain village. The leaf village ninjas killed his parents during the third great Shinobi war. Amegakure, which was small and situated between two great nations, became a battlefield if war broke out. Nagato also had the rinnegan as a child because Uchiha Madara had secretly implanted his rinnegan into Nagato to revive him and fulfil his plan. Nagato was shocked to see his parents pass away, and he killed the leaf shinobi in rage.

He wanders around from one place to the next until he nearly dies from starvation. Two other orphans, Yahiko (and Konan), find him. They bring him in, give him food, and show him how to survive by stealing food. Nagato is inspired by Yahiko’s views on world peace and decides that he will help him.

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Many things occur, and they meet Jiraiya, a Konoha woman who trains them to survive in war-torn Amegakure. They form Akatsuki, an organization that they join with others to make peace worldwide after Jiraiya has left.

Many events take place, but they would be difficult to explain and not relevant to the question. They eventually fall into a trap, and Konan is taken hostage at the hands of Hanzo, leader of Amegakure. He orders Nagato kill Yahiko, or Konan will die. Nagato hesitates, but Yahiko leaps onto Nagato’s kunai to save Konan. Nagato, brimming with anger, begins to kill Hanzo’s men. Hanzo escapes, but Nagato is severely wounded in his legs and left immobilized.

Pain Naruto

The honest answer lies here. Nagato cannot fight in battle because he is now immobilized. He uses the power of rinnegan to create his Six paths of Pain, six dead bodies that he can control remotely. Yahiko is the one who holds the body, and it is the most robust path of Pain.

Read Naruto fight Pain

Nagato’s allter-ego, Pain, is a spiderman or peter parker. Although he controls the pain pathways and can speak through them, he doesn’t refer to himself as Nagato. Instead, he uses the name Pain. The Six Paths of Pain are the collective name for all six bodies that are Pain.

You see, Pain is Nagato’s alter-ego. He controls six bodies, out of which Yahiko is the only one.Although it may seem confusing, you will quickly understand the meaning if you watch the anime.

Nagato or Yahiko | Who is Pain

The Pain had initially been Nagato, but it had six forms (excluding Nagato). Nagato, who had Rinnegan, used all six forms after Nagato’s death. Nagato was one of the 3 Jiraya students. He was also a Rinnegan. He was also a member of Akatsuki. Yahiko was happy and wanted to grow from his childhood. In the beginning, he was Akatsuki’s leader. His death pain led to the formation of Akatsuki. He was also one of the three Jiraya students.

Yahiko was one of the three orphans Jiraiya taught, hiding in a rainy village. He was optimistic, caring, joyful, kind and was the leader of Akatsuki, which he founded. Hanzo murdered him.

Yahiko’s best friend was Nagato, who was also his best friend. He was a rinnegan-user and belonged to the Uzumaki clan. Yahiko’s rinnegan awoke after Yahiko’s death, and he created Pain to bring about peace in the world. Nagato controlled Pain’s revived body. I just came up with a nice Pain Naruto Gif.

If Nagato controls Pain, and Yahiko the most powerful of all, then how is Yahiko so powerful?

Deva Path isn’t the most powerful. These Paths are not like that. All Paths have equal power. All the paths that Planetary Devastation does not use become inactive because Nagato channelled all of his chakras into the Deva Path. Nagato can do the same with all paths, not just the Deva Path.

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Another problem was that Deva Path was kept alive by Naruto’s plot and not through actual ability. The Deva Path was magically stronger and faster than the other paths, thereby bringing Ninjutsu’s inverse law to full bloom. Kishimoto’s poor writing caused this problem.

Who is Pain Naruto
Who is Pain Naruto

Why did Nagato become evil?

Nagato was never truly evil. A more accurate term would be twisted.

Yahiko died in the arms of one of his closest friends. That changed his perception of the world.

While he gave up all his moral beliefs, his main goal in his life remained the pursuit of peace. Nagato believed that genuine legitimate peace, where people can truly understand one another without sharing their Pain, was impossible without understanding the other. When you look at it, friendships are built through bonds and shared experiences. One of the most powerful forms of learning is Pain.

Nagato’s extreme ideology resulted from his belief that Pain was the best tool to change someone’s mind, just as Yahiko’s loss had for him. Nagato was driven by peace, and the methods to achieve it was extreme.

Who was Pain, Nagato or Yahiko?
Who was Pain, Nagato or Yahiko?

What is the real name of Pain Naruto?

It may seem not very clear. Because we perceive Yahiko and other Pain as psychically, this confuses us. Nagato is the mastermind behind Pain. We can therefore say that Nagato is the actual Pain.

Let me tell you a bit about Nagato and Yahiko. They were close friends from childhood. They had dreams of peace and built Akatsuki. Yahiko was their natural leader in their relationship. Nagato lost his friend in a battle, which I won’t detail here. This Pain prompted his rinnegans to create Six Paths of Pain. These Pains were created by Yahiko’s body, which was the first. Nagato was able to control Yahiko’s body even though he was already dead. With the help of Konan, Nagato was able to collect other bodies from the dead and manipulate them, resulting in the Six Paths of Pain. Nagato lost a close friend, and this trauma changed his whole outlook on achieving peace in the world.

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One of the three Hidden Rain Village orphans who trained under Jiraya was the one that dominated the identity of Pain. Naruto defeated him.

Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato

Yahiko was the one who attacked Hidden Leaf Village and levelled the entire ground. All of us had the misperception that PAIN was Yahiko. Later, we learn that Yahiko, the original Akatsuki for ‘World domination for Peace’, was also killed in battle at Hidden Rain Village.

Nagato’s grief at Yahiko’s death triggered his rinnegan. He invented the identity of Pain, used Yahiko’s bodies and several other Akatsuki members to control them as puppets to continue Yahiko’s will.

Summary – Who was Pain? Naruto? Nagato? Yahiko?

Pain and Yahiko are both clones of Nagato. Nagato revived Yahiko after he died from the Pain that caused the all-consuming push. When we speak about Nagato from his birth, he was either the original user or the rinnegan. He was also a member of the Uzumaki family.

Pain Naruto: Even by Naruto’s complicated standards, the story of Nagato, the shinobi who later becomes known as Pain, is complex. Remember, this series revolves around a plot to cast the entire world into an eternal dream state utilizing a statue pulled down from the moon. Even against that wild backdrop, Pain’s path is a twisted one. He is an orphan, a hermit, a god (to some, at least), a criminal, and a pacifist. His ideas are entwined with violence, and his death is hardly the end of his story. 

But for Naruto fans, Pain’s meandering story is a feature, not a bug. His campaign is deep and rich, providing watchers with a wide variety of factoids, tidbits, and inspirations to enjoy. Born Nagato Uzumaki, his tale is long, encompassing reincarnation, control of corpses, and a complex relationship with Naruto Uzumaki. We’re here to explore his story from its brutal commencement to its elegiac end. That is the untold truth of Pain, one of the Naruto saga’s most complex warriors. I hope the concepts are clear now about who is Pain Naruto.