What is the cost of Saddle of the Cavalier 5e in dnd?

Saddle of the Cavalier 5e

What is the price of Saddle of the Cavalier 5e?

The price range for Saddle of the Cavalier 5e is 101-500 gp as per DMG & 2000 gp as per Sane. The table will illustrate the following.

Rarity Uncommon
Type Wondrous
Sanity Category Combat
Relevant Page Number 199
Price Range (per DMG) 101 – 500 gp
Price (per Sane Prices) 2,000 gp


What can cause a rider in a Saddle of the Cavalier to be unseated against their will?

It is evident from the item description of Saddle of the Cavalier 5e.If you are conscious, you can’t be dismounted without your consent. Dismount is a term used in games to refer to mounting and dismounting.

These are the rules of the mount that the Saddle of the Cavalier prohibits:

You must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throwing if an effect causes your mount to move against your will. If it does, you may either fall off the mount and land prone within 5 feet. You must make the same saving throw if you are knocked to the ground while mounted.

You can react to knock your mount prone and dismount it. You can dismount your mount and fall prone within 5 feet of it.

That is what magic item descriptions refer to when they say, “you cannot be dismounted against your will.”

Teleportation and being swallowed are two different things from being dismounted.

The rules for mounting or dismounting do not cover being teleported or being swallowed. Dismounting is an individual thing that those rules define. Because these things are different from being dismounted, the Saddle of Cavalier won’t prevent teleportation and being swallowed.

You can’t mount while in this Saddle. Attack rolls against the mount are disadvantageous.

The “while in the saddle on a horse” clause also has a negative effect. It has no effect if you are not in the Saddle.

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Summary: Saddle of the Cavalier

  • Source: Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Wondrous item, uncommon
  • While in that Saddle on a mount, you may not be dismounted against your will if you’re conscious. And then attack rolls against the mount have a disadvantage.