When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

Later in The Last of Naruto, when the two of them embark on a mission together, Naruto realizes he has fallen in love with Hinata. At the film’s conclusion, they even exchange a kiss and decide to start dating. In the book Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, the couple eventually gets married.

In What Episode Does Naruto Date Hinata?

Although it wasn’t made clear in Shippuden when they began dating, it was revealed in the Konoha Hiden: A Perfect Day for a Wedding arc (Episodes 494 to 500) that Naruto and Hinata were already an engaged couple and were planning their wedding, which will take place in Episode 500.

The Climactic Episode of Naruto and Hinata’s Love Story

In the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie,” viewers are shown the turning point in Naruto and Hinata’s bond as it grows exponentially. The film is set after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War; this film focuses on the imminent danger of a meteor apocalypse, which places the entire planet in danger. As Naruto sets out on a mission to save the world, Hinata, driven by her love for Naruto, decides to go along with him in his quest.

Hinata’s choice to join Naruto is a major moment in their relationship. This episode demonstrates her determination to protect and support the person she feels a deep love for. It also highlights her development from an introverted and shy character to a confident woman. The episode explores the depths of Hinata’s feelings, which highlight her courage and her unwavering devotion to Naruto.

The Revealing of Hinata’s Love Feelings Leading to the Finale in “The Last: Naruto the Movie” 

There were several scenes that pointed to Hinata’s growing love for Naruto. In the course of the show, Hinata’s love for Naruto is evident; however, it was in their battles and experiences that her feelings started to manifest.

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The most memorable event before their marriage was the Fourth Great Ninja War. While Naruto combats the Ten-Tails, Hinata stands up to defend Naruto, putting her life at risk without hesitation. This act of courage not only shows her selfless nature but is also a turning point in their relationship since Naruto sees her unwavering devotion in person.

Additionally, in the episode titled “Naruto Hinata,” which is an ode to their childhood, Naruto discovers a precious item: a tear of the scarf Hinata knitted him for. The discovery piqued Naruto’s interest and sowed realization in his heart. The story beautifully depicts the innocence and nostalgia of their childhood as well as establishing the foundations of their growing relationship.

When Did Naruto Kiss Hinata?

The anime and manga series “Naruto” features a love story between Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga that is full of touching moments and emotional depth. While their relationship gradually develops over the course of the show, “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 480 features a significant moment when Naruto and Hinata share a tender and unforgettable kiss.

A Milestone Moment: The Kiss That Transcends Words

The much-anticipated moment in which Naruto kisses Hinata is featured in “Naruto Shippuden” episode 480 with the title “Naruto and Hinata.” The episode perfectly captures the intensity of their relationship and strengthens their connection. The story is set during The Fourth Great Ninja War; Naruto is trapped in his own head, fighting against his own inner battles and self-doubt.

Hinata, driven by her unwavering love for Naruto and determined to get Naruto back, is drawn into his unconscious to show her love. As she approaches Naruto, he is able to experience an intense flashback that reveals Hinata’s unwavering devotion to him through their common time together. Bewildered by the profundity of her feelings and moved by her unwavering devotion, Naruto is overcome with emotion. In a touching moment, He leans into and gently kisses Hinata, expressing his feelings without needing words.

The Symbolism and Meaning of the Kiss

 The kiss shared between Naruto and Hinata has significant symbolic meaning in their story about love. It is the culmination of their relationship’s journey, from acquaintances to acquaintances and then, eventually, lovers. Naruto’s choice to kiss Hinata shows his appreciation for her significant impact on his life as well as the unconditional love that she shows him. Love.

In addition, the kiss represents a turning point in the story and in the lives of both protagonists. For Naruto, it is an occasion of self-discovery in which he recognizes and accepts his feelings for Hinata. This is a sign of his development as a character because Naruto comes to realize and recognize the affection that has been there throughout his life.

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For Hinata, the kiss is an affirmation of her long-standing commitment to Naruto. It affirms her undying dedication and love, providing her with the peace she’s long longed for. The kiss also signifies the courage and strength she has accumulated throughout her own journey and allows her to freely convey her feelings to Naruto.

How Old Was Hinata When She Dated Naruto?

At the end of the war, Hinata was 16 years old. A few months later, she turned 17 years old. She appeared to have given birth to Boruto around a year after marrying Naruto when she was 19 and to Himawari when she was 22. During Naruto Shippuden, Hinata would be between 31 and 32 years old.

Hinata’s Young Years and Naruto’s Influence 

Hinata’s advancing age in the beginning stages of her friendship with Naruto is a major factor in the development of their relationship. In the Naruto series’ first episode, Hinata is introduced as an introverted and shy woman who is an ancestor of the Hyuga clan, known for its great ninja traditions. Hinata has had a deep respect for Naruto right from the beginning and recognizes his strength, determination, and unwavering determination.

It is crucial to remember that the age difference between Naruto and Hinata isn’t stated explicitly in the anime. Based on their experience and interaction, it could be concluded that Hinata is about exactly the same age as Naruto, perhaps one or two months older. This kinship in age allows them to grow together, go to the same academy, and tackle various problems together, creating an intense bond between them.

Hinata’s Growth and the blossoming of their relationship

 As the show develops, Hinata’s character experiences significant growth and development. As Naruto is oblivious to Hinata’s feelings for an extended period of time, her devotion to Naruto grows when she observes his determination, strength, and kindness. Hinata’s admiration of Naruto gradually transforms into a deep feeling of love and affection, becoming an important factor in her personal development.

In the Fourth Great Ninja War and the subsequent events, Hinata’s feelings are more obvious. Her determination and courage in the protection of Naruto are apparent and culminate in the pivotal moment in their fight against Ten-Tails. Hinata’s actions show her maturity and willingness to put her own life at risk for Naruto’s safety.

Their relationship is not depicted explicitly in the film; however, it is possible to infer that their romance began with those events that took place during their time in the Fourth Great Ninja War and preceding “The Last: Naruto the Movie.” This is a pivotal moment in their relationship, in which they strengthen their bond with each other.

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When Did Naruto Realize Hinata Liked Him?

As Naruto runs after Hinata, a piece of paper with his name on it falls to him. He then recognizes Hinata in her Shippuden form, who is expressing her love for him. Naruto learns as a result that Hinata has loved him for a very long time. Naruto is then roused by Sakura from the genjutsu.

Hinata’s Unspoken Adoration At the beginning of the show,

Hinata had a deep respect for Naruto. The affection was evident in her sly glances and constant love for Naruto. But Naruto, being focused on his own ambitions and frequently ignoring the feelings of others, was initially unable to appreciate Hinata’s affections.

Through their experiences and missions, Hinata’s admiration of Naruto increased. Her selflessness and dedication to Naruto were displayed to the fullest in Naruto’s Chunin Exams arc, where Hinata took on the risk of her life to protect Naruto from the brutal attack of Neji. This action not only demonstrated her bravery but also marked a turning point in Naruto’s view of Hinata.

The Power of a Memory

 Another important event that contributed to Naruto’s realization took place during the “Naruto: Shippuden” episode named “Naruto Hinata.” The episode centered around Naruto being able to find a loose piece of the scarf Hinata had knitted him as an infant. The memento of a childhood memory sparked interest in Naruto, which led Naruto to think about the deep feelings Hinata felt.

As Naruto explored the memories that were associated with the scarf, he came to realize the importance of Hinata’s unwavering assistance throughout their everyday lives. It was the realization that Hinata had loved him since he was a child and that her affections had never wavered that touched his heart and opened his eyes to the extent of her affection.


When do Naruto and Hinata officially start dating in the Naruto series?

Naruto and Hinata’s relationship takes a significant step forward during the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie.” They share a romantic moment and eventually begin dating near the end of the movie.

What events lead up to Naruto and Hinata becoming a couple?

Throughout the Naruto series, Hinata harbors feelings for Naruto, but it’s during the Fourth Great Ninja War that Naruto acknowledges her unwavering support and love for him. Hinata’s bravery and determination to protect Naruto during the war play a crucial role in their blossoming relationship.

Is there any hint of romance between Naruto and Hinata before they start dating?

Yes, there are several moments hinting at the potential for romance between Naruto and Hinata throughout the series. Hinata’s interactions with Naruto, her blushing around him, and her encouragement during critical moments indicate her feelings for him.

Does Naruto reciprocate Hinata’s feelings before they begin dating?

While Naruto may not have initially understood Hinata’s feelings, he deeply values her as a friend and acknowledges her strength and determination. It’s during their mission to rescue Hinata’s sister, Hanabi, that Naruto realizes his feelings for her.

Are there any specific episodes or arcs in the anime where Naruto and Hinata’s relationship develops further?

Yes, there are episodes and arcs that focus on Naruto and Hinata’s relationship. Notable episodes include Episode 166 (“Confessions”), Episode 247 (“Target: Nine Tails”), and Episode 479 (“Naruto Uzumaki!!”). Additionally, the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie” delves deeply into their romance.

How do Naruto and Hinata’s friends and peers react to their relationship?

Generally, their friends and peers are supportive and happy for the couple. Hinata’s friends, especially, have always recognized her feelings for Naruto and are delighted to see their relationship bloom. As for Naruto’s friends, they also acknowledge Hinata’s qualities and find her to be a suitable partner for him.