When does kakashi become hokage in naruto shippuden episode?

When does kakashi become hokage in naruto shippuden episode?

When does kakashi become Hokage?

Kakashi is believed to be one of the six Hokage from the village, hidden in the leaf during the final episode of Naruto Shippuden, i.e., Episode Number 479. In the scene, Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage. It is seen as transferring the responsibility for Hokage onto Kakashi.

What was the reason Kakashi Hatake’s only Hokage the shortest amount in time?

Let’s find out how long each Hokage took

  • 1st Hokage Hashirama Senju:

Hashirama passed away a couple of times following the 1st Hokage summit, held during the first Shinobi war. So, starting from the beginning of Konoha until that event, I think that Hashirama lived as Hokage for between 4 and five years.

  • 2nd Hokage Tobirama Senju:

Tobirama was not able to last for as a Hokage. However, being appointed as Hokage at the beginning of the first shinobis war, he passed away in the same battle.

Therefore, we can say that the man was a Hokage for a few months, perhaps even an entire year. It is contingent upon how long the first Shinobis was a war.

  • 3rd Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen:

We are aware that Hiruzen was Hokage at an extremely young age. At just seventeen or 16 years old. Eventually, his death was aged 69.

It is possible to conclude that Hiruzen was the Hokage during 52 (69-17=52) years; however, Hiruzen stepped back from his position for two years, while Minato was appointed the 4th Hokage. Hiruzen was a Hokage during fifty (52-2=50) decades.

  • 4th Hokage Namikaze Minato:

Minato was made Hokage after the end of the third Shinobi world war and was Hokage for one or two years.

  • 5th Hokage Senju Tsunade:

Tsunade was made Hokage when she was 51. She was Hokage for nearly four years and then a couple of months before she was retracted five or six months following the war of the 4th shinobis.

  • 6th Hokage Hatake Kakashi:
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Kakashi was made Hokage within a year of the war, which means he was aged 33 and Naruto was just 18.

We also are aware that Boruto was eight years old at the time Naruto was made Hokage, which means at that moment, Naruto was (32-4=28) years old.

In other words, Kakashi became Hokage during 10 (28-18=10) years. He was forced to quit the post at 43.

  • 7th Hokage Uzumaki Naruto:

Naruto was made Hokage when he was 28, and within the Boruto anime, he’s at 32. That’s why it’s been four years since Naruto has had the title.

What happened in Naruto Shippuden, i.e., Episode Number 479? Did Kakashi become Hokage?

“Naruto Uzumaki!!” is the fourth episode from Naruto: Shippuden anime. In the same episode, Kakashi became Hokage. Let us see what happened in that episode.

Sakura and Kakashi arrive on the outskirts of the devastated Valley of the End, and they spot Naruto and Sasuke lying on the ground. Sakura leaps down and starts to heal their arms. Naruto acknowledges her. Sasuke initially warns her not to be concerned. Then, when she tells her that she must focus on her work, a guilty Sasuke apologizes for his mistake, which causes her to cry. Kakashi is watching his students smile and laugh. At the same time, he reminisces about the first time meeting them and then concludes that Sasuke is back. Sasuke is reflecting on his and Naruto’s journey. It is said that the roots of the God Tree wither, and the victims of the Infinite Tsukuyomi are released, Naruto and Sasuke performing the hand seals with their hands. Sasuke liberates the beasts that have tailed. Tenten gives Darui the Benihisago, which allows him to release Samui along with Atsui. In Konoha, there is a funeral held to honor those who passed away, including Shikaku, Inoichi, and Neji.

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A few days later, several hundreds of people will flock to Konoha to watch Naruto. Tsunade praises Kakashi for succeeding her as Hokage. She dismisses her worries about the tremendous amount of paperwork and points out that he would too if she could do it. The Raikage and Kazekage’s entourages reach Konoha and join up with Naruto. They inquire regarding his arm. He discusses the plan of Tsunade to make him a component from the Hashirama cells. Sasuke is confined to a cell with a bodysuit and is sealed the eyes of his. Guy is examined and told that he will not be a shinobi anymore due to his injuries.

However, that is not a problem for Sasuke. He takes Naruto on a trip to the Academy. Shikamaru confirms to Naruto that he is an assistant to the Hokage and informs Naruto Kakashi that he is the Hokage right now. They have a meeting alongside Kakashi as well as Iruka. Kakashi tells Naruto that he’d like to be appointed as a Jonin, but he must do his research. Iruka, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon offer him a variety of study materials that will enable him to become a jonin in just two years. Naruto is furious until Konohamaru insists that there is no quick way to become a Hokage. Kakashi acknowledges the fact that Naruto is a great Shinobi who can pick up things quickly. However, he requires some experience, and Shikamaru can assist him in this. Iruka will spend the day instructing him on the history of shinobi. After dinner, when they are heading to the ramen restaurant, Naruto thanks Iruka for acknowledging him for years and praising that moment as the reason he is who he is today. Feeling touched, Iruka offers to treat Naruto with the amount of ramen Naruto would like. Kakashi can visit Sasuke in prison. On the next day, Sasuke was released, and his plea and contribution to ending the war merit his pardon. Sasuke would like to explore the world for himself, make amends and develop as an individual. Sakura requests him to stay until the artificial arm is in place; however, he declines. She asks if she could accompany him, but he refuses to go, claiming she is not involved in his crimes and is left disappointed. Sasuke says goodbye to her with a poke on her forehead, promises to return. Naruto is waiting to meet Sasuke when he departs and gives Sasuke his forehead protector that Naruto kept for all the years.

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Is Kakashi the weakest Hokage in Episode 479?

He’s not a great Hokage, but I wouldn’t classify Kakashi as the weakest. That title belongs to Tsunade. It’s clear why people believe that Tsunade is more powerful than Kakashi.

  • She is powerful and brute.
  • Her chakra levels are high.
  • Regeneration

However, on the other hand, Kakashi

  • More than a thousand Jutsus.
  • You can open The Gate of opening, which increases the strength of users five times.
  • Excellent tactician and skilled fighter.
  • Amazing speed.

Brute strength is ineffective, for as if Tsunade isn’t quick enough to strike Kakashi. The chakra level of her is very high, but what’s her plan for all this chakra? She isn’t equipped with powerful offensive Jutsu. Regeneration will not work if your chakra points are damaged or your heart is damaged.

Kakashi has a reputation as a Ninja participating in high-level missions since thirteen, and Tsunade is a medical professional. Kakashi has more combat experience. Additionally, Kakashi has a high chakra reserve. It’s lower than the ones of Naruto and other top-level Ninjas. And by opening the gate first, he can overcome this issue. Due to his quickness and the massive array of Jutsus, he could effortlessly defeat Tsunade. You should also note that most times, Kakashi fights with one of his eyes shut.

In the event of war, Tsunade would be more effective because of her healing capabilities. However, in a duel, Kakashi could take out Tsunade.