When should windows be replaced and how much does it cost?

When should windows be replaced and how much does it cost?

When should windows be replaced and how much does it cost?

When is the best time of the year to change windows in an old house or a new building? Most answer that the optimal period for installing window structures is from late spring to early autumn. This is because good weather conditions are observed during this period of time, which make it possible to work comfortably and be in the room where the replacement of windows is planned.

In the spring and summer, repairs are most often made, which often involve the repair of old window structures or the installation of new ones. In fact, the warm season is the very period when the demand for windows is at its peak. The load on window production is increasing, which can increase the delivery time of finished products and their price.

How much does window replacement cost?

Window replacement costs vary. The lowest price (updated 2023) is $240 and the highest is $850. The average cost in the country is $670. If you need a windows cost estimator, you can find out about it on our official website.

Cost of window replacement by class:

  1. Single sash window – cost from $175 to $375
  2. Double-hung window – cost from $300 to $850
  3. Bay window – price from $1200 to $3600
  4. Circle window – price from $255 to $760
  5. Hopper window – cost from $250 to $700

The cost of replacing window frames and windows themselves depends on factors such as:

  • The complexity of the work
  • Cost of materials
  • Construction quality
  • Brenda

You can always get a full calculation of the cost on our website. This is done easily. Go to our website and click the “GET COST ESTIMATE” button. Next, you need to go through a few steps where you need to choose what you need: replacing windows, repairing them, etc. After that, you will be given an estimated cost of the work.

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Is it worth replacing plastic or wooden windows in winter?

In the warm season, it is much easier to install window structures than in cold weather. But replacing windows in winter also has many advantages:

  • at low air temperatures, you can immediately notice window defects (poor-quality fittings, improper assembly or installation), which lead to freezing and drafts;
  • in summer, installers try to change windows in a new building quickly, because there is a great demand for their services; in winter, professionals pay more attention to window installation;
  • In winter, various promotions are most often held, which allow you to buy windows at affordable prices.

Are there any downsides to installing window structures in the winter? Is it possible to change plastic or wooden windows in frost? There is no need to be afraid of freezing in a room without a window. Installing new frames or replacing old ones is quick, so the indoor temperature is restored in just a few hours.

Winter is an inactive season for repairs and construction. During this period, there are no bulk orders on the window market, which may lead to a decrease in product prices. In addition, installation orders are completed faster than in summer.

This is another advantage that explains why plastic windows are changed in winter.

Now installation of windows is possible in any weather, as installers use modern technologies. For example, there is an opening device that acts as a heat shield that raises the temperature in the application area. When the air temperature is below 25 ° C, professionals use a special mounting foam to fix the structure. Therefore, if you decide that it is time to change the window, it is not necessary to wait for warm days.

Replacing windows in the summer

The main advantage of installing windows in the summer is a comfortable temperature regime (excluding heat). But due to the high workload of installers during this period, the customer’s desire to “change the window in our house tomorrow” may not come true. Most likely, you will have to change your plans and adapt to the work of the installation team.

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The disadvantage of the summer installation of window structures is that it is impossible to determine whether the windows will fog up during temperature changes, let cold air through. It is necessary to wait for winter and in case of questions, call specialists to eliminate the shortcomings.

Everyone determines the right time to buy windows and decides whether plastic windows need to be replaced with wooden ones or whether fittings need to be replaced. Usually, new frames are bought not because the season is right, but because it’s time to improve the appearance of the house, take care of energy saving.

If the window is old, cracked, blows through, does not protect from cold, dust and city noise, you should not delay the purchase of a new window structure. After all, a quality window is not just a waste of money. This is a profitable investment in comfortable and safe living.

When should windows be replaced and how much does it cost?

Important characteristics of a window profile that determines whether you will be satisfied

When ordering plastic windows, be sure to ask questions about the profile. Let’s briefly consider these questions.


Plastic is one of the most suitable materials for the manufacture of window frames. It is homogeneous, always retains a pleasant appearance, does not require painting, unlike wood, is resistant to moisture, when compared with the same tree, has a very low thermal conductivity. The biggest drawback of plastic is its susceptibility to deformation in harsh winters or hot summers. This problem is easily solved by reinforcing the profile immediately at the factory during the manufacture of windows. The plug-in metal reinforcing profile must be made of stainless alloy or galvanized, its thickness must be from 1.5 mm . Colored plastic frames heat up in the sun much more strongly and require reinforcement 2 mm thick. With that said, make sure the windows you choose have reinforcement and that it’s of the right quality. A high-quality reinforcing profile becomes even more important when you plan to install heavy 3-chamber double-glazed windows.

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It is recommended to purchase a PVC profile with a glossy surface, as it is less prone to contamination. The trapped dirt is easily cleaned and does not eat in, unlike a matte surface.

Profile class

The thermal insulation properties of window profiles largely depend on the thickness of the walls. There is an approved classification.

  • Class C – there are no strict requirements. Serious companies have not used such a profile for a long time.
  • Class B – from the street side of the profile wall from 2.5 mm , from the side of the room from 2 mm . This option is suitable only for glazing loggias , balconies, verandas and other non-residential premises.
  • Class A – from the street side of the wall from 2.8 mm , from the side of the room from 2.5 mm . All famous brands produce a profile of this particular class.

If you are going to buy windows from a little-known manufacturer, be sure to specify the class and read the supporting documents.

Air chambers

Modern profiles for plastic windows are made with 3-6 air-filled cavities along the entire length. If you live in the southern regions, and the street or courtyard outside the window is quite quiet, then it is quite possible to get by with a 3-chamber profile, since such profile systems are certified and meet the necessary standards. If the requirements for silence and energy saving are increased, then 5-6 cameras should be selected.