When Was God Born?


When Was God Born?

We can’t know the date of Jesus’s birth without knowing what he was doing at that time. In the Bible, he was born in Bethlehem, in a stable. The manger was a feeding trough for the animals, probably full of fresh hay. It would have been a warm place for the baby to sleep. Instead, shepherds came to see him when he was still a baby and spread the news.

Christ’s Birth is According to God’s Plan

The birth of Christ was not a random event. It was determined by God and outlined by prophets. Those details were fulfilled in history. This is called God’s providence. While the church has neglected this idea in recent years, it is essential to understand how God works in the events of history. In particular, the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ were all planned and facilitated by God’s providence.

The virgin birth of Christ shows the central role played by God in the plan of salvation. While many people had tried to bring eternal salvation to mankind before Christ’s birth, only God’s plan was perfect and worked out perfectly. Without this Savior, mankind has no hope for heaven.

Matthew’s Gospel stresses the role of God in the birth of Jesus. It wants to set a supernatural tone and explain Jesus’ birth as God’s plan and fulfillment of prophecy. He also wanted to ensure that the major participants of the story understood that God had planned and carried out everything.

Ultimately, Jesus had to be born because humanity had been doomed without a true sacrifice and Mediator to reconcile humanity and God. Because of Adam and Eve’s deception, mankind would have died eternally without this Mediator. Jesus’ ministry is superior to that of the Levitical priesthood, which was flawed and ineffective. Mankind needed a better sacrifice to save itself from sin.

When reading the Gospel, it is important to remember that the birth of Christ is according to God’s plan. Therefore, it is possible to understand God’s plan for our world. Still, we must not let our expectations interfere with it. This is especially true if we desire to believe in Christ and seek His help.

Matthew also explains that Jesus was born before Joseph. Joseph and Mary were betrothed before Mary became pregnant, and the Holy Spirit told them she was pregnant. Despite the difficulty in their relationship, Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a son and that this child would be named Jesus. This name comes from the Hebrew root for “Lord is Salvation.” Furthermore, Gabriel told Mary that the child would reign in a heavenly kingdom and fulfill the Davidic Covenant.

The virgin birth of Jesus was also predicted in the Old Testament. Isaiah 7:14 predicts that Jesus would be born a virgin. Genesis 3:15 mentions this as well. The idea of Jesus’ birth being a gift from God is a fundamental part of Christianity.

God’s plan for salvation was in place before the world was created. The birth of Christ was part of God’s purpose from the very beginning. It was also His will to have a son. This promise fulfilled His purpose, which was the salvation of mankind in Christ.

As far as Mary’s virginity is concerned, it was also important to God’s plan. According to the Bible, Mary was a virgin, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14. This fulfilled prophecy confirmed the identity of the Lord. Furthermore, it made it possible for him to rule the nation of Israel.

The birth of Jesus, also known as the nativity, occurred in Bethlehem. His mother, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, a descendant of King David. They both claimed that God intervened to make birth possible. However, modern scholars have called the nativity story unhistorical. However, the gospels were primarily written as theological documents.

It is Not a Human Birth

The biblical account of Jesus’ birth in the gospels, Matthew and Luke, indicates that He was not an ordinary human baby. His mother, Mary, was a virgin, meaning she had no intercourse with another man before conception. As a result, Mary’s womb became the cradle of God’s Son’s incarnation. Some critics, inside and outside the church, have scoffed at the doctrine of the virgin birth.

According to the Christian doctrine of the incarnation, Jesus is God in the flesh, a divinely created man. Jesus was born of a virgin, and His birth was a supernatural conception. Mary was called the Mother of God and the God-bearer, and she was the one who conceived the Son.

The new birth creates a new human nature in us. This new nature is a person, forgiven of sins and reborn of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the supernatural Person who brings us to this new birth. We do not experience the same birth in the natural world because the Holy Spirit brings us into a vital relationship with Christ.

Moreover, the Bible teaches that God created human life after imparting it. Genesis 2:7 implies that God created man out of inanimate matter and then breathed the soul into biological life. The resulting life is a living being, and this is a very clear statement about the creation of man.

Since Paul the Apostle wrote about the birth of Christ, understanding it in human terms has been a major debate. Every generation has attempted to explain the event in human terms. One school of thought assumes that Mary and Joseph entered into an intimate relationship before the marriage rites. Liberal theologians even speculate that Mary was involved in immoral activity before the marriage was consummated.

The Bible uses the phrase “born of God” several times. For example, John says that “everyone who believes in Jesus is a “born of God.” The term “born of God” also appears in 1:5:1:12. The book is also known as the Gospel of John and is a key Bible passage.

The passage also says God was born “from above” (not in a human birth). Colossians 1:15-18 reveals God’s birth as the creator of all creation. It is not a human birth but a birth from above. Whether or not this event took place is open to interpretation, but it is not a human birth.

While we have the right to believe that the human nature of Christ came into existence in the womb of Mary, we must not forget that God already possessed both a human and divine nature from eternity. Therefore, God the Son had two natures, one in the womb of Mary and one in the heavens.