Which News Source is Most Likely to Be Objective?

Which News Source is Most Likely to Be Objective?

Which News Source is Most Likely to Be Objective?

When it comes to news, it can be difficult to determine which news source is most objective. The BBC is considered the best news source, but it does receive some criticism from both the left and the right. It is often accused of bias and slanted reporting, but it is widely acknowledged that the BBC is a great source of unbiased information. The BBC’s unbiased reporting has remained an important part of its credibility despite the criticism.

The Economist

The Economist is the news source most committed to preserving an historical tradition. Almost all of its articles are written anonymously, including the leadership’s editorials. Its editors meet weekly to discuss issues, and there is no byline. Some articles are heavily edited. The Economist’s journalists remain anonymous. Nevertheless, the editors’ editorials are often revealing. They often cite sources they consider to be reliable and objective.

In addition, the Economist has a policy of not taking paid trips. All journalists must get the consent of their senior editors before accepting such trips. It’s also important to note that journalists leaving partisan jobs will be prohibited from reporting on the same policies as those in their own countries. Moreover, journalists covering politics cannot give financial support to political parties and organizations in their country of assignment. They also avoid paying facilitation fees to government officials.

Associated Press

According to a recent study, the Associated Press is the news source most likely, on average, to be objective. This study looked at the frequency of certain phrases used by news sources and politicians. The authors concluded that when news organizations use these phrases, they are more likely to portray an issue favorably. Nevertheless, news producers have economic motives that can influence their coverage. As a result, they are often biased.

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The identity of the media outlet can also influence people’s attitudes. In an experiment, we investigated how mistrust of a news organization might influence article assessments. When a news organization was branded as an Associated Press, the effects of negative feelings about the news organization were almost the same as if the article was shared by someone we distrust. Even when the news outlet is made up, the article has a similar impact on people.


Reuters is often cited as the news source most likely to be objective, but is this really the case? That’s a question worth asking, especially in light of the recent revelation that state-sponsored disinformation is spreading on social media. Fake articles can be so convincing that they can even be picked up by Reuters and other legitimate news outlets. This trend has led to more people turning to social media as their primary news source, and this has led to a dangerous situation where state-sponsored disinformation is spreading on a mass scale.


Among Americans, CNN and Fox News are cited as the most objective news sources. CNN and Fox are equally cited by older and younger respondents. Fox News is cited as the most objective news source by more Republicans than by Democrats. NPR and CNN are cited by about the same percentage of Democrats. However, a growing percentage of younger respondents (38 percent) name CNN or Fox News as the most objective news source.

In a recent survey, Gallup and the Knight Foundation asked about the news sources that Americans trust. They found that only 7% of Americans view local news as objective. While a majority of Americans believe that local news is objective, only three percent said it was not. Those with postgraduate degrees and post-college education were most likely to identify their news sources as objective. But even among these people who consider themselves to be conservative, Fox News is the most objective news source.

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In a recent survey, 82% of scientists believed that human activities are the cause of global warming. This demonstrates that CNN and Fox News have an axel-shaped political agenda. But, while they are highly regarded as reliable news sources, their stances are undoubtedly reflected in their news stories. Nonetheless, the question of which news source is more objective is one that requires careful consideration.


According to Neil Smit, chairman of the C-SPAN executive committee and CEO of Comcast Cable, “C-SPAN is the news source most likely be objective.” In a survey, 76 percent of the population said that Supreme Court decisions are important to their lives. Moreover, eighty-two percent said that the decision on who should be on the court influenced their presidential vote. This statistic is bolstered by the fact that C-SPAN is not owned by any major news organization.

According to a Hart Research Associates study, twenty-three percent of American cable and satellite television households watch C-SPAN at least once a week. The survey found that the audience is geographically diverse and liberal. One-quarter of C-SPAN viewers make political contributions. In addition, the network’s audience is considered to be equally liberal and conservative. A C-SPAN survey also revealed that eighty percent of C-SPAN viewers watch TV news every day.

In the past year, C-SPAN has broadcast many major events in Washington. Currently, a five-part interview with comedian Trevor Noah airs on the network. Other recent events include the C-SPAN’s coverage of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, which featured a speech from President Donald Trump and a monologue by comedian Trevor Noah. The event is streamed on various social media platforms and subsequently shared by millions of people.

ABC News

Whether ABC News is objective depends on the issue at hand. For example, the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite was a contentious topic. Though the issue is now legal, the contentiousness peaked during the lead-up to the vote. During that time, ABC did its best to provide a balanced and diverse coverage of the issue. While this can be powerful evidence, it should not trump other perspectives. Objective reporting is a core standard of all newsgathering. While this can be challenging in some circumstances, the process of reporting news is shaped by the commitment of ABC News to unbiased reporting.

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The definition of “objectivity” is that a source of news is free of personal feelings and opinions. This type of news is essential for the American people, as it helps provide clarity on the events of the day. But with over 10,000 articles published each day across the U.S. media ecosystem, finding the most objective sources is difficult. So how do we know if a particular news source is objective? Here are some tips.

While the ABC News network isn’t the only news source on the air, it has a diverse lineup of programs and platforms. The ABC World News Tonight broadcasts at 10:30 a.m., ABC Nightline airs at 1:30 a.m., and 20/20 airs on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m., and Primetime is shown on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.