Who is/will be the 10th & 11th Hokage in Boruto ?

Who is the 10th and 11th Hokage in Boruto?

Who is the 10th and 11th Hokage in Boruto?

Teuchi is the 10th and Ten Ten is the 11th Hokage in Boruto. It was after Naruto the 7th Konohomaru the 8th and 9th Sarada die an accidental death to Isshiki, Teuchi comes from the heaven where he was relaxing and looks at Isshiki. It turned him to dust in an instant. The sheer force required to make use of his ramen gaze no jutsu forced him to come back, so his time as the 10th was very brief, but before he left, he passed on his six paths of rinnegan to Ten Ten. Suppose the remaining Otsutsuki clan arrives on Earth. She takes them on in 10 seconds, one second each, using her reverse of the no screen time and no jutsu. So it is cutting down their screen time by a significant amount, making them disappear entirely from the world.

Then she travels to Ichiraku to place the ramen onto the Hokages’ dead bodies and brings them back to life. She’s then dubbed as the Hero in the Earth.

Why is Himawari Uzumaki not the 10th Hokage?

One reason is that she’s not interested in becoming a shinobi. She may become one, but she’s thinking about the dangers that could be in the pipeline and her possibility. She’s not even concerned. I doubt she’d like to be a Hokage.

Another reason is that I’m pretty sure that boruto will be the final anime from the Naruto franchise. If Konohamaru is given an enhancement of some sort (sage mode, perhaps) and is made the eighth Hokage. In the next episode, Sarada is likely to achieve her goal to become the ninth. The storyline will likely conclude with boruto and Sarada becoming Hokage and shadow Hokage fulfilling their hopes. That is the point at which the series is likely to end.

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Who are the eighth and ninth Hokage?

It is undisputed there is no doubt that Boruto Anime, while viciously seeking to establish its distinctiveness, is at present an imitation from the Naruto Series.

  • However, it is becoming a norm that a previous Hokage directly instructs the people who became Hokage.
  • The 3rd Hokage Hiruzen was instructed by the Hokage 1st and 2nd.
  • Fourth Hokage Minato was taught by Jiraiya (Who could have been the 5th Hokage but loved playing Ero Sennin). Jiraiya was a pupil from the third Hokage Hiruzen.
  • 5th Hokage Tsunade was instructed by 3rd Hokage Hiruzen.
  • 6th Hokage Kakashi, who 4th Hokage Minato trained.
  • 7th Hokage Naruto was trained in the sixth Hokage Kakashi.

Who is your guess for the eighth and ninth Hokage should be?

The 8th Hokage will be Konohamaru, which Naruto instructed. The 9th Hokage is Sarada (To end the cycle of male Hokage-ship, or would I prefer to call it Senju Hokageship ). She is currently a student at Konohamaru.

Can Ichigo Uzumaki be the 10th Hokage?

Kakashi was the Hokage of an extended time than most people think simply because of the time leaps. Ichigo Uzumaki happens to be the tenth Hokage of the Villiage, hidden among the leaves, and is one from the Five Kage of the Ninja planet. Ichigo Kurosaki is a Shinobi S-rank from the land of Fire and is the twin brothers of Rukia and Shiro Kurosaki.

Along with Rukia and Shiro, Ichigo had a tranquil childhood. But all that changed when Obito Uchiha attacked his peaceful town and massacred their entire family. The twins of his and him fled, becoming mercenaries. A few years after that 4th Great Ninja war, they were contacted by Tobi/Boruto Uzumaki. He allowed them to join the newly formed Akatsuki in exchange for help in getting revenge against their clan, the Uchiha Clan.

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When he was younger, Ichigo thought his mother would be the central figure in his world. She always smiled when she was with Masaki and always held her hands. Following the loss of his parents and his siblings’ deaths, he turned highly violent, cold and insane. He was more insane than Shiro or Rukia.

He does not speak and responds with squeals, growls or screams and Heyna-like laughter. He is often fighting with Shiro over minor disputes. He puts the triplets out of line with the other Akatsuki members for acting in the opposite direction. It is believed that he is insane. He usually behaves in a lively manner and is a childlike innocence and a keen fascination. Contrary to Shiro, He isn’t as abrasive, but when provoked, the man erupts into a rage of anger and fury.

When he was younger, Ichigo was born with bright orange hair with brown eyes. He was often teased for his hair colour. As he aged, He wore a black Mask that had red stripes. His eyes are black with white irises, as well as a black sclera. He has a uniform similar to Shiro, which consists of a traditional black shihakusho with white sandals. The standard Akatsuki uniform is a classic Cloak, with a hood to protect his face. When the face is exposed, it’s typically just half his face. In these instances, his skin is fair, and the smile can be shaped into a psychotic smile.

Are there any chances for the future to see Sarada as the 10th, 11th, or the 12th Hokage?

Suppose Naruto is forced to retire or becomes incapacitated or even killed. In that case, they may return Kakashi temporarily or give Sakura the role. Konohamaru is still too weak to be a Hokage; however, he does have potential. If Sakura were the eighth, Konohamaru would be 9th, while Sarada is the 10th. From a young, old age, Sarada was expressing her dream to be Hokage Konohagakure and follow the path of her Hero. With the support of both Naruto Uzumaki and the backing by Sasuke, Uchiha Sarada probably will become Hokage in some way in the tale.

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There is a chance that she could be, but not until her adulthood. At the age of 16, we know that Boruto is fighting Kawaki in the ruin of the village. Naruto is sealed off, as is Sasuke and Sarada is likely to be injured. Until Naruto and Sasuke come back when Boruto beats Kawaki and Isshiki, nobody will recover, which will lead me to my next section. In the aftermath of the battle with Kawaki and Isshiki Kawaki and Isshiki, the town will go into a recovery in the same way as they had to keep records following Pain’s(Nagato) attack at the village. So that could take some time. Then we will have candidates for Hokage such as Konohamaru, Shikamaru, and Sasuke. Most likely, these are from the eighth to the tenth Hokage. There are children from her generation who will be Hokage Candidates like Boruto and Shikadai. My prediction is that Sarada is likely to be the 11th or 12th Hokage. However, there’s a high chance she’ll not wish to become a Hokage until she gets settled. And she has children with Boruto. It means being Hokage will not be the same as being a mother since she witnessed the stress that Hokage imposed in the relation with Naruto and Boruto. I’m assuming that she’ll turn Hokage at some point, if not the 10th one, but only for a brief time since she’ll likely be pregnant with the child of Boruto. She’ll have to make the difficult choice of reneging on her dream to ensure the safety of her family.