Why choose third party maintenance over OEM?

Why choose third party maintenance over OEM?

Why choose third party maintenance over OEM

People often wonder about the better option, whether they should invest in third-party maintenance TPM or go with the traditional option of OEM, also known as an original equipment manufacturer. Many benefits of third-party maintenance are often overlooked; thus, properly researching before choosing is always advised. Many people invest in OEMs and regret later on, wishing they had been aware of their malicious policies and disadvantages. First, let’s introduce you to these terms and explain their differences and the differences between them.

What is third-party maintenance?

Third-party maintenance is hardware support for your software. It also helps in supporting your storage and network equipment. It is a great alternative to the common OEM, which tends to be more expensive. TPM is warranty support and can be extremely affordable. An example of such a software is the Northsmart TPM

What is OEM?

OEM provides the different parts of a device and brands them as another manufacturer. It can also be known as a company that purchases products from a company, rebrands them, and markets the new product as its own.

Why do people prefer third-party maintenance?

Countless benefits come from using third-party maintenance instead of the original equipment manager. Some of them are mentioned below so that you can gain a clear insight into their specialties and shortcomings.

Combined contracts

When you are using third-party maintenance, all of your contracts are combined. This helps in your dealings as your job is made easier, and you can find all of the contracts in one place through a single provider. This is a huge benefit and cannot be cherished while using OEM. OEM has different vendors and separate contracts, making it complicated, messy, and hard to organize.

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It is always good to have easy, portioned work to deal with. By consolidating all your contracts, third-party management makes your job extremely easy to tackle. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, and provides a stable support experience across multiple OEMs.


People have claimed that using third-party maintenance is far cheaper than using OEM. Along with its affordable price, it is a delight to use and is the better option. It is recommended that organizations of all sizes, big or small, reduce their annual spendings and support their hardware safely. You can save up to 30-60 percent of your funds by simply making the shift from OEM to third-party maintenance.

Third-party maintenance helps IT managers to have access to more systems and to reduce their operating expenses.

Longer life of hardware

Many hardware manufacturing companies announce that their hardware has reached the end of life and must be replaced. However, what if your hardware is working just fine? In this case, third-party maintenance helps us by lasting longer than the end of life. In this way, you won’t be in a rush to get your hardware replaced without having to. You can keep using it and be content knowing that you can always purchase parts for replacement when needed.

OEM, however, will stop working once the end of life is announced, and you will have to say goodbye to your hardware and invest in new ones. This is highly inconvenient.

Maintenance costs

OEM may provide you with complimentary free maintenance of your hardware for the first few years of use; however, they will start charging you hefty amounts later on. They might even say that they require more money for maintenance, as old hardware is harder to maintain. This is nothing but a trick to get you to pay more.

Third-party maintenance vendors will offer you the same services and the same quality of replacement parts at a reasonable rate lower than the ones stated by OEM. Third-party maintenance believes that as the prices of hardware decrease over time, so does their cost of service and maintenance. This way, it is easily affordable to maintain your hardware and get replacement parts. This specifically has made it extremely easy for people to use such software without crossing their budget. 

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There are often misconceptions that OEMs are far more efficient and better than third-party maintenance. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Weighing all the pros and cons of using both OEM and third-party maintenance, it is proven that you should make the switch from OEM to third-party maintenance as it is more productive. It also adds no burden to your wallet.It is important that you are mindful about what you require and decide accordingly. However, according to the many users, third-party maintenance is the wiser option to choose as it provides you an easy space to work with and affordable prices.