Why did Kaneki Join Aogiri? Why did Kaneki’s Hair Turn White?

Why did Kaneki Join Aogiri? Why did Kaneki's Hair Turn White?

Why did Kaneki Join Aogiri? Why did Kaneki’s Hair Turn White? | Yamori sacrificed Kaneki

Why did Kaneki join aogiri? Why did Kaneki’s hair turn white? Does Kaneki have feelings for touka? What will happen to Kaneki’s feelings towards touka? What happened to Kaneki and some after the raid? Can Kaneki return to ordinary life? What does ghoul society think of kaneki?

Kaneki Joins Aogiri to Save Hide

At that time, Kaneki was still in a great deal of pain. Not only had Touka left him, but he also felt like he had failed to save Rize and was suffering from guilt.

When Kaneki met Yoshimura at Anteiku for advice about his situation, Yoshimura stated that it was alright to lose if what he lost was something important to him. This led Kaneki to feel that he could not lose something dear like his memories and self-awareness again because he would be no better than an empty shell if he did.

He couldn’t bear losing another precious thing so soon after losing Rize. Then, Aogiri Tree became his last hope of saving himself and Hide at all costs.

Yamori sacrificed Kaneki

In Chapter 52, we see Kaneki first use his kagune for defense. Kaneki’s body is broken and mutilated by Yamori’s torture. As he can no longer defend himself physically, Kaneki starts to protect with his ghoul abilities.

This triggers his transformation into an official member of Aogiri Tree: After using his kagune, he starts seeing black lines covering everything and enters into a crazed state where he sees everything as nothing but prey (humans as starving ghouls). He even adopts Yamori’s personality while in that state, yelling What are you looking at? It isn’t like I’m naked or anything!

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While still under the control of Yamori’s soul, he attacks and kills many CCG investigators. The next day, Touka finds him lying on top of all those dead bodies; she recognizes him as her dear friend who had been killed earlier by Yamori. When she calls out to him, asking if it was him who killed all those people.

Kaneki replies Yes…it was me. At that moment, Touka understands that it wasn’t her friend anymore; she realizes how much pain her dear friend must have gone through during his time with Aogiri Tree. She tells herself she will save him from there one day—and thus begins her quest to rescue her dear friend from inside Aogiri Tree.

Anteiku Closed its Doors

Anteiku was constantly at odds with Aogiri, even if their goals weren’t too different. Their missions were similar, but not enough for them to exist together in harmony. After Aogiri started killing innocent ghouls, things became hostile quickly.

Rize and Touka—two of Anteiku’s best members—were forced to leave because of fear for their safety. Kaneki was lucky that he left before it closed down—but his loyalty never wavered from Hiding and Uta, who he considered family.

His allegiance to Aogiri may have been born out of grief and anger over losing Hide. Still, there are many reasons he might have chosen to stay loyal. Perhaps he wanted revenge on those who killed Hide; maybe he felt like his friends would be safer in Aogiri than as free ghouls, or maybe (and most likely) he didn’t know what else to do. Whatever reason Kaneki had for joining up with Aogiri, we can only hope that whatever happens next will change him back into a kind person again… one without red eyes.

Kaneki wanted to keep living with His Friends, Hinami and Touka.

While it is easy to assume that Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree simply because he shared their philosophy of human-ghoul coexistence, his valid reason for joining was so that he could stay with Touka. He’d almost lost her once before and didn’t want to risk losing her again. That would mean never being able to see Hinami again, too. Living together with ghouls as roommates would give him and Touka an excuse to spend more time with one another than they could previously. Another major factor in Kaneki’s decision was his desire not to hurt Hinami by leaving her alone anymore—to stay by her side as much as possible and make sure she was safe.

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The Aogiri Tree Grew inside of Kaneki

While we have no explanation for Kaneki turning into an artificial one-eyed ghoul, it’s also safe to assume he was tainted inside Yamori. When we see him open his eyes in Chapter 47, they are pure black — unlike any other ghoul seen in Tokyo Ghoul. The purpose of Aogiri Tree was to purge all impurities (such as CCG investigators) from ghouls and let them return to their purest form before getting cursed by investigators. Kaneki may have a special connection with the Aogiri Tree, considering how abnormal he is compared to normal ghouls.

Hirako Sends Kaneki into a Corner

Although many of us were deeply shocked by learning that Kureo Mado’s Ghoul had been in our midst for so long, it makes total sense that Kaneki would become an Aogiri member—and even more so when we learn about Hirako’s relationship with Rize Kamishiro. In fact, by convincing Kaneki to transform into his woman’s side and take up her cause at Anteiku, Hirako sent him down the path of joining Aogiri and carrying out Rize’s vision of changing the world. But what is that vision? And what will happen next with Kaneki as he prepares to fulfill it? Will there be anything left of him when it’s all said and done?

Why Did His Hair Turn White?

No one knows for sure, but Kaneki mentions that he always felt like an unnatural person in Tokyo Ghoul. Thanks to his abnormalities, he had been plagued by loneliness and isolation since childhood. That’s probably why he was more susceptible to Orochi’s manipulations; Kaneki could relate to Orochi’s desire for social acceptance. But what if it wasn’t just Orochi’s influence that led him to the Aogiri Tree? What if Kaneki had come upon the Aogiri Tree on his own while still recovering from surgery? There is evidence of no other ghouls turning white after receiving Rc suppressants and organ transplants.

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Final Words:

So, what would you do given that information and your knowledge of Kaneki’s character? Can we even trust he knows himself? Perhaps he has already been brainwashed.

Should we trust him now or not? When making such grave decisions with severe consequences, you must have someone you can trust. Yet, Kaneki only seems to know himself. He doesn’t seem able to distinguish his true self from others yet but perhaps therein lies the lesson: who are you when no one is around to define who you are. The anti-social boy had met people unlike anyone he had met before and befriended them.