Why did Perry Mason Choose to Wear a Pinky Ring?

Why did Perry Mason Choose to Wear a Pinky Ring?

Why did Perry Mason Choose to Wear a Pinky Ring?

Perry Mason is an iconic character Erle Stanley Gardner created, first appearing in 1933. Since then, he has been featured in numerous novels, short stories, and radio, television, and film adaptations. One of the most defining characteristics of Perry Mason is the pinky ring he wears on his left hand; this article will examine its history and symbolism as well as why Perry chose to wear one.

History of Pinky Ring

The history of the pinky ring can be traced back to ancient times. Civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome wore rings on their little fingers to symbolize status and power. In medieval Europe, knights would wear rings on their pinkies to show loyalty to their lords. Later in the Victorian era, men’s jewelry became more ornate and decorative, making pinky rings an increasingly fashionable accessory among the wealthy.

In the United States, pinky rings became increasingly popular with gangsters during the 1920s and 1930s. These flashy rings with large gemstones displayed their wealth and power. However, its association with organized crime led it to be seen as a symbol of illicit activities and moral corruption.

Contrary to its negative connotation, pinky rings remain a popular accessory among men, particularly those in certain professions. Lawyers often wear them to symbolize their success and expertise in courtroom settings. Wearing this ring may also project an air of authority and self-assurance within the courtroom.

Why did Perry Mason choose to wear a pinky ring?

As with many fictional characters, there is no definitive answer; however, several theories exist. One possibility is that Gardner wanted his protagonist to stand out from other detectives and lawyers of his era by giving him an identifying accessory. By giving Mason such a unique accessory, readers and viewers became instantly recognizable to him.

Another theory suggests the pinky ring was Mason’s way of acknowledging his status as a successful lawyer. Throughout the series, Mason is depicted as an intelligent and resourceful attorney who always manages to uncover the truth and vindicate his clients. By wearing such an item, he signals to others that he belongs in an exclusive group within legal circles with all the power and prestige that comes with that title.

Finally, it’s likely Gardner liked the look of pinky rings. In interviews, he mentioned being inspired by the rings worn by successful men – many of whom were lawyers and judges.

Perry Mason’s pinky ring has become an iconic part of his image regardless of origin. From the original novels to the recent HBO series, Mason is always shown wearing it – its presence so closely associated with him that it’s difficult to imagine him without it.

What is the pinky ring Perry Mason wears?

Since his creation in the 1930s, Perry Mason’s pinky ring has been an iconic part of his image. Adaptations of the character over time have frequently featured it as a critical feature, often serving as a way for Mason to signal his success as a lawyer.

In Erle Stanley Gardner’s original novels, Mason wears a simple gold band with no additional decorations. This understated look fits his no-nonsense lawyer personality, prioritizing results over showing off his wealth or status.

In the classic television series from 1957 to 1966, Perry Mason’s pinky ring featured a gold band with an occasional addition of black onyx. This design added an air of elegance while remaining true to its simplistic nature that had become associated with him.

In the recent HBO series starring Matthew Rhys, Perry Mason’s pinky ring has a more contemporary design with a broader band, and geometric pattern etched into its metal. This update pays homage to Perry Mason’s iconic accessory while reflecting on today’s setting.

Perry Mason’s pinky ring has become a signature part of his image, no matter its design. It serves as a representation of his legal knowledge and authority, serving as an icon that serves to reinforces Perry’s dominance in courtroom battles.

The pinky ring has become a beloved accessory among fans of the character, many of whom have sought to recreate Mason’s iconic look by purchasing similar rings. That has further cemented its association with Perry Mason and ensured that it would remain an essential element in his image for years.

Perry Mason’s pinky ring has become a signature accessory closely associated with him over time. Its understated design and connection to legal expertise have elevated it beyond mere symbolism to become one of the popular culture’s most recognizable figures.

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Why did actors wear pinky rings?

Wearing a pinky ring has long been an accessory popular with men and women alike. But in some cases, its wearing has held symbolic meanings or connotations.

In the past, pinky rings were often associated with organized crime groups such as the Italian and American mafia cultures. Members of these organizations would wear these rings to demonstrate their affiliation, wealth, and status.

Contrary to popular belief, pinky rings have become less associated with organized crime and more with fashion and personal style. Nowadays, many men and women don these accessories to add a touch of class to their attire.

Actors often wear pinky rings to add an artistic touch and personalize their character’s appearance. It may also signal one’s status or wealth and convey confidence and authority.

In the case of Perry Mason, wearing his pinky ring has become an iconic part of his image and symbolizes his legal expertise and authority. Therefore, actors portraying Mason must wear this symbol to stay true to their character’s image while adding authenticity to their performance.

Overall, wearing pinky rings has long been associated with different meanings and connotations; however, in modern times, they have become a fashionable way to add style and personality to one’s wardrobe. Additionally, actors can benefit significantly from wearing this symbolism as it helps them bring their characters to life on stage.


Perry Mason’s pinky ring has been a powerful symbol of power, success, and authority since ancient times. Although its origins remain uncertain, it has become an iconic part of Mason’s character and personal image.