Did the Cast of Perry Mason Get Along Well?

The protagonist of Erle Stanley Gardner's detective fiction stories is a fictional figure named Perry Mason, an American criminal defence attorney. All 82 books and 4 short tales starring Perry Mason have a client who is accused of murder and usually entail a preliminary hearing or jury trial. Mason typically proves his client's innocence by identifying the true culprit. Earl Rogers, a well-known criminal defence lawyer in Los Angeles, served as the model for the role.

Did the Cast of Perry Mason Get Along Well?

The protagonist of Erle Stanley Gardner’s detective fiction stories is a fictional figure named Perry Mason, an American criminal defense attorney. All 82 books and 4 short tales starring Perry Mason have a client who is accused of murder and usually entail a preliminary hearing or jury trial. Mason typically proves his client’s innocence by identifying the true culprit. Earl Rogers, a well-known criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, served as the model for the role.

Did the cast of Perry Mason get along well? In this article, we will discuss the interactions of Burr, Benevides, Davis, and Waterston. Read on to learn how the actors got along with each other and what you can do to improve the relationship. This article also features some fun trivia about the actors. The cast of Perry Mason was reunited for the second season. Check out our gallery for more photos.


The second season of the legal drama series “Perry Mason” is set during the worst years of the Great Depression. A few months after the Dodson trial, Perry and his girlfriend, Della, refocused their efforts on civil cases, and Paul Drake left the FBI. However, the pair’s pursuit of justice uncovers that not everything is as it seems. Here are the cast members of Perry Mason.

Throughout the years, the cast of the popular show has changed. In the first series, Raymond Burr played the title role. Barbara Hale later replaced him, and actress Bette Davis took Burr’s role. The series also featured a cast of guest stars. The series was so popular that it was no surprise nominated for an Emmy award in 1957. Burt Reynolds, Leonard Nimoy, and Barbara Hale all made appearances on the show. Even George Takei and DeForest Kelley became famous.

Did the cast of “Perry Mason” get along? The relationship between Burr and Benevides was close. The two actors were business partners in 1963. Benevides served as a production consultant for the TV movie adaptations of the show in the 1980s. He died in 1993, but the two were still close. The final four episodes of the series starred Hal Holbrook and Paul Sorvino. The actors also stayed friends after they departed from the show. They worked together in three more movies inspired by the “Perry Mason” series.

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When Robert Benevides and Perry Mason were working together on the hit television show “Perry Mason,” the two actors met on the set. Robert Benevides was 13 years younger than Burr, and they became life partners, living together for the rest of the series’ run. However, the two actors got along so well that they were credited as production consultants on all the subsequent television movies, which were also based on Perry Mason’s work.

Both actors shared an interest in orchids, and Benevides and Burr were keen to breed them on their private island in Fiji. They also enjoyed a lot of fun together, including all-male pool parties in Palm Springs. While they were not a perfect couple, Burr and Benevides got along so well that the show was based on their love of orchids.

The two men lived together on a sprawling piece of property in Sonoma County, California. In addition to the nurse, they made wine together. Benevides was also a successful farmer and grew up on the family estate. Burr died in 1993, and Benevides inherited the entire estate, which he had purchased in 1965. He was very proud of the wines and eventually left the vineyard to his partner.


Katherine Waterston and Matthew Rhys have signed on for the second season of the hit crime drama Perry Mason. This time, Perry and Della will pursue civil cases during the Great Depression. The show has been an instant hit, so it is no surprise that Waterston and Rhys got along well on the show. Katherine Waterston and Perry Mason got along beautifully in the first season, and they look forward to a second season filled with even more action and intrigue.

The new season of Perry Mason is already building up its cast. In addition to Waterston, Diarra Kilpatrick will join the cast as series regulars. The new season starts several months after the original episode and in the worst year of the Great Depression. As a result, Perry Mason and Della will focus on civil cases instead of criminal cases. While this is an exciting development for the show, it may be a bit strange to see Waterston’s performance in a role that is so different from her character in the previous series.


“Perry Mason” is an Emmy-winning series about the life of a private detective. The cast includes Katherine Waterston, who starred in the Fantastic Beasts series, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice. Davis will play Teddy’s schoolteacher. Also joining the cast are Jon Chaffin, Fabrizio Guido, and Jee Young Han. Former actress Hope Davis is also joining the cast.

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Bette Davis had not appeared on the A-list since the 1950s, but the show had a new, younger audience eager to see her in a role she loved. In this episode, she played the widow of a business partner, Constant Doyle. The two characters got along as Davis brushed her hair across her forehead. The young man eventually gets into trouble with the police, but Cal Leonard uses the help of Constant Doyle to solve the case.

Like Dick Wolf’s “Law and Order” series, Perry Mason was a detective show with two parts: an investigation of a crime and a courtroom scene. The first half of each episode focused on the investigation of the crime, while the second half focused on the courtroom scene, which peaks in a dramatic confrontation. However, at one point in the show, Davis and Mason were at odds with each other.


Fabrizio Guido and Peter Mendoza have joined the cast of Perry Mason, the acclaimed CBS crime drama. Guido and Perry are old friends, and the two actors also play a similar role in the show. Guido plays a former police officer, while Mendoza plays a convicted felon. The actors also play the main characters’ friends, Mateo and Rafael.

For season two, the series has new showrunners: Jack Amiel and Michael Begler. The show is based on the novels by Erle Stanley Gardner. The cast of Season 2 includes Michael Begler and Ron Fitzgerald. Amiel, Begler, and Rolin Jones serve as executive producers. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Burrell, and Joe Horacek serve as executive producers. The series also stars Shea Whigham and Dominic Cooper.

The cast of Perry Mason Season 2 includes newcomers Fabrizio Guido and Peter Mendoza. They play Mateo and Rafael Gallardo, respectively. As for the characters’ chemistry, Guido and Mendoza have an excellent working relationship. The pair is unlikely to clash on the show, but they are a perfect fit. If Perry Mason and Guido get along, the show will be a hit.


In the second season of “Perry Mason,” it seems that things are starting to heat up between Strickland and Perry Mason. Perry and Strickland parted ways at the end of the first season, and now they will be working side by side again. Perry is still in love with his partner, Paul Drake, and their relationship will be tested, as well. Despite their differences, both Perry Mason and Strickland are determined to keep their firm on the right side of justice.

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Tullock’s casting in the series has been confirmed, and she is set to return for season two. She also appears in a recurring role on “Perry Mason,” a hard-boiled version of the famous detective show. Her character is involved in the life of series regular Della Street, and the show’s writers have been teasing her about the role. In addition, Tullock will appear in “Spirited,” a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.”

Hamilton Burger

Hamilton Burger and the cast of Perry Mason get on very well, and this is no surprise, given their shared love of American history, TV shows, and the outdoors. They are also friends, which is a bonus. Hamilton’s whine turns into a squeal now and then, while Perry’s sharp inhales come with a touch of thrill. Both actors blend in well with the 1930s LA setting, and he and his castmates make for a perfect team.

One of the best parts about Hamilton Burger and the cast of Perry Mason is how well they get along. Among these characters is the fictional Los Angeles County District Attorney, Hamilton Burger. He first appeared in the series in the 1950s as a character named Paul Drake and later became known as Ham Burger. Unfortunately, the actor died of lung cancer in 1968, and his death spawned several tributes.

John Chaffin

The hit series “Perry Mason” cast is still getting along. However, its creators, Team Downey, and actor Matthew Rhys have vouched for Chaffin’s character’s likability and professional performance. Producers include Jack Amiel, Michael Begler, Amanda Burrell, and Robert Downey Jr. Moreover, Chaffin is a co-executive producer with Downey and the rest of the cast.

As part of the new cast, Jon Chaffin will appear in the role of Morris Drake, the brother of Paul and Clara. The series will also feature Hope Davis and Fabrizio Guido. The show will introduce Fabrizio Guido, Onohoua Rodriguez, and Jee Young Han. The show’s first season introduced the cast of “Perry Mason,” which was produced by Robert Downey Jr.

The first season of Perry Mason was released in the spring of 2021, and HBO renewed the show’s second season. However, HBO has not yet disclosed a release date. While some have guessed 2022 as the release date, the studio hasn’t revealed any information. However, rumors have suggested that season 2 could be released around Q4 2022 or Q3 2023.