Why Did Woojin Leave Stray Kids

Why Did Woojin Leave Stray Kids

Why Did Woojin Leave Stray Kids

While it is difficult to pinpoint why Woojin left Stray Kids, we can say that it is a controversial issue. Fans were divided on the matter, and some were against it, while others favored his departure. While all the details have yet to be confirmed, fans have speculated that some other members may have bullied Woojin. 

While they used video clips from the past to substantiate their claims. In addition, the allegations never went beyond social media discussions within fan communities. Nevertheless, the truth behind the question is much clearer when considering the official statements from JYP.

Although fans were disappointed that Woojin left the group, they supported his new life path. His debut solo album was released, he held meet-ups with fans, and he has been active in self-improvement and merchandise. He has even started his own YouTube channel. Woojin also has a lot to offer fans. Regardless of the controversy, fans continue to show their support for their favorite singer.

Why Did Woojin Leave Stray Kids

Who is Woojin?

Kim Woojin is a member of the Stray Kids. He was the group’s lead vocalist until he left the group earlier this year. He is an accomplished singer and has experience in Kendo. He also plays the piano and guitar.

Why did woojin leave stray kids?

Since leaving the group, Kim Woojin has continued to practice individually and collaborated with concert organizers Kevin & Philip. He has also hinted that he will release music on his own and plans to hold fan meet-ups with fans. While these details have not been confirmed, fans have expressed sadness at his departure. Despite the rumors of his demise, Stray Kids is still expected to make their comeback.

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Bang Chan hinted that Woojin had left the band in a recent Livestream. Bang Chan talked about the team during the stream and implied that he was betraying the group. The staff stopped the stream shortly after that. It has become apparent that Woojin left the group for personal reasons.

 After all, the members of Stray Kids had supported Woojin in the pursuit of his path. And they also expressed warm wishes for him. Although Woojin’s exit has prompted speculations about the reason for his departure, he has also remained active on social media. He frequently goes on live and interacts with fans.  

Some fans have accused the singer of sexual assault, but Woojin’s management company has disputed these claims. The allegations stem from a woman who met Woojin while buying a bottle of whiskey. 

She claimed that Woojin made sexual advances without her consent. While the allegations are unfounded, In the live stream conducted by a member of the Stray Kids, Bang Chan addressed the subject of mistakes.

 He reminded his audience that making mistakes is a part of life. However, after a pause, he continued to speak. He then added, “you know what I’m talking about, the STAYs.” Fans immediately deduced that he was referring to his former co-star Woojin.

A Backlash Over His Exit From Stray Kids

He was part of the Stray Kids’ boy group, which they formed through the survival show. Kim Woojin left the group two years later. His biggest hit so far is Gangnam Style. However, there has been a backlash about Woojin’s decision to leave Stray Kids. 

Fans are divided, with some supporting him while others are opposing him. However, it is important to remember that every move an idol makes is recorded and broadcasted, so following unofficial sources can lead to false conclusions. 

Fans have been confused about Woojin’s reasons for leaving Stray Kids. While he said that they decided because personal reasons had surfaced. This led to a flurry of speculation on the internet. Hyunjin’s reaction shows that Woojin had an unreliable personality. As a result, she reacted negatively to Woojin’s departure.

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Despite these accusations, fans were supportive of Woojin as he began a new chapter in his life. The Stray Kids are not the only members to take a break from music. Woojin even has a fan club where he can chat with his fellow members.

How Many Members Are in Stray Kids?

Stray Kids is an eight-member boy group formed on a reality TV show. They debuted with a mini-album called I Am Not and released their debut Mixtape on January 8, 2018. Changbin was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Yongin. He has an older sister, born in 1997. 

He is a vocalist and producer and is part of the producing sub-unit 3RACHA. Changbin composed Stray Kids songs before he made his debut. Hyunjin is the tallest group member, while Changbin is the shortest. Changbin was born a few days after Hyunjin and Felix.

Lee Know, Changbin, and Felix were among the group members. The group was originally composed of nine members, but Woojin’s departure delayed the release of their upcoming mini-album. 

After his exit, they removed Changbin and Felix’s profiles from the group’s official website. In the end, nine members were voted into the group. Despite the absence of Woojin, the group continues to produce music, gaining global recognition.

Seungmin was born in Seoul, South Korea, and is the group’s youngest member. He is the cleanest and most diligent member of the group. He enjoys reading, listening to music, and eating. Felix’s father is the vocalist of the group. He also sings in the group’s subunit, VocalRacha. 

Final Words

Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids is still a mystery. Some speculate that he left because of internal conflict within the group. While others say that his ambitions have grown too large for Stray Kids to handle. Woojin’s departure came just one week before Stray Kids planned their comeback. JYP Entertainment has apologized for any confusion, but JYPE did not provide further details

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