Why did Yahiko become pain? Who is the real pain Nagato or Yahiko

Why did Yahiko become pain

Why did Yahiko become pain?

Following Yahiko’s sacrifice after her father’s death, Nagato incorporated Yahiko into Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain. As part of the Deva Path, Yahiko’s body became the main body of Pain. Nagato was able to use Yahiko’s body in Akatsuki meetings. He also saw it as superior to other bodies he used and would sacrifice them to guard Yahiko’s body. Let us know everything about pain yahiko in this article in details.

What did Yahiko’s body go through after his death?

Nagato was blessed with an ability known as”the Outer Path ” to bring back dead people and send Chakra to the receivers. With this ability, the Outer Path, he devised the Six Paths of Pain technique. The technique placed chakra rods in specific body parts (including Yahiko’s). It transferred his energy through the rods to regulate the body.

For a reason, Nagato did this. There are a variety of motives. Nagato suffered severe injuries and damage in the fight against Hanzo (the same battle when Yahiko was killed). Nagato was unable to move following that. Hanzo was alive, however. Nagato was determined to take revenge on Yahiko and keep their one that of peaceful coexistence (although his peace-seeking instincts changed). Thus, Nagato was forced to fight. So he invented his Six Paths of Pain technique to keep fighting and utilize his Rinnegan capabilities. In addition, he was in love with Yahiko. He used Yahiko’s body to make the most potent Deva Path. In terms of capacities, the path was more powerful than the other paths.

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So what was done to the body of Yahiko afterward following her death? Shortly after Nagato was killed during the Hidden Leaf following the fight against Naruto, Konan retrieved the bodies of both Yahiko and Nagato and laid them to rest within The Hidden Rain Village. That is the place where Yahiko’s remains rest.

Why can’t Pain take other routes if his bodies are destroyed?

In the Naruto battle with Pain battle (before Edo Tensei), Naruto has six bodies that Chakra can control, and each can use one path. Suppose Naruto is killed by one of them. In that case, it’s said that he cannot use this particular path. That was until he could use it again in another body. It was to use the Pain to implant these powers within the bodies of the dead. Therefore the rumor is that he implanted one of them in each of the Pain only. It is possibly due to the power limit of people who aren’t part of his Uzumaki clan or with these abilities. Their chakra system may be damaged, and the person wouldn’t be able to utilize them.

What are some unknown facts about the Pain of Yahiko?

Yahiko is a minor support character from the Naruto series. The voice actor is Ken’yu in the Japanese version of the anime and Troy Baker in the English version of the anime.

Yahiko was a confident and outspoken person, which mirrored Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya’s personalities. He was committed to keeping tranquility in Hidden Rain Village and wanted to improve the living conditions in the nation. He was loyal and supportive to his comrades, Nagato, along with Konan. He was highly secure of his comrades when he offered to risk his life to help Konan from Hanzo. Yahiko took pride in his comrades as well as the goal of the original Akatsuki.


Yahiko was a friend from childhood to Konan as well as Nagato. The group was forced to survive after being abandoned by the conflict in the rain village and encountered Jiraiya and the Sannin. Together, they worked until they reached the age to look after themselves, and later.

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They created Akatsuki as young adults, a notion which Tobi said he had offered Tobi. They were able to meet Hanzo and discuss with him, but it was revealed to be a trap set by Hanzo, who joined forces with Danzo in their pursuit of power. Hanzo kept Konan hostage and ordered Nagato to murder Yahiko. However, Yahiko decides to commit suicide to prevent Nagato from being forced to kill. After Yahiko’s death, his body created the Deva path in Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain by Nagato. Yahiko was a Deva Path that can control gravity that repels or attracts objects.

What is the reason Yahiko Pain can endure so much more abuse than other pains?

Yahiko’s body suffered more damage. It was hit with a straight blow from 6 tails Kurama and was crushed and hit on the head by an enormous boulder. The rest of the bodies were destroyed by so little.

Some believe that since the bodies were damaged, Nagato could inject more Chakra into Yahiko’s body and give the warrior more security. But this isn’t the case. Chakra does not protect unless you utilize the Chakra to create a chakra and cloak. It’s not like Pain can do the same. In actuality, Yahiko’s body, i.e., The Deva Path, the only defense is the force of repulsive known as Shinra Tensei. Still, it is cooled down to five seconds following the use, making the user extremely vulnerable throughout the duration.

It’s possible Yahiko had more endurance than other body types (he did battle a lot in the end). However, he’s an ordinary human body.

This endurance appears to be so intense because the Deva Path (Yahiko) is virtually never touched. The only exception is when Naruto escapes from Chibaku Tensei. The Pain didn’t have the energy to take on every attack as Naruto could take on him.

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All it took was a Rasengan to remove all it took to end the Deva Path for good. That could have eliminated all of the Paths in the same way. It’s because Nagato cherishes Yahiko’s corpse that he protects his body so well. But it’s not much more robust than other bodies.

Who is the real pain Nagato or Yahiko?

The “Pain” that is most often used in the series is the Deva PathNagato’s deceased friend Yahiko is one of six animated corpses collectively known as “The Six Paths of Pain” that are controlled by Nagato and use one-sixth of his full power. So both are real pains.