The 8 Best Things About Six Paths Of Pain Deva Path & Yahiko’s death

Six Paths Of Pain Deva Path

Six paths of pain deva path

Deva Path is the first of The Six Paths of pain. Deva Path is the first of The Six Paths to be displayed, and it was also the body of Yahiko. The Deva Path was one of the most frequently observed and utilized of the paths and served as Nagato’s representative at Akatsuki meetings. Its principal abilities revolved around manipulating gravity. It allowed it to attract or repel objects in the manga.

Yahiko’s death is yet another instance of “pain” that pushes Nagato in this direction. It’s one of the most important events which drives him down the road of darkness. It’s the terribleness of the world that forces him to realize how cruel life can be. How Yahiko dies and how Hanzo, who killed Yahiko, attempts to kill Nagato

Deva path | Six paths of pain 

Deva Path Deva Path grants the user the ability to control appealing and destructive forces through objects and even people.

However, these methods can’t be done in rapid sequence; the amount of time needed to recharge is dependent on the intensity of the technique employed, with five seconds being the standard minimum. It is also possible to recharge the Deva Path. Deva Path also grants another capability: Chibaku Tensei, which allows the user to construct a gigantic terrestrial body out of everything around it, which is attracted by an unlit black sphere released through this method.

Although he was able to use the power from the Deva Path before being disabled, Nagato spent the remainder of his life channelling that power of his friend Yahiko and using him as the persona of his Pain pseudonym. In the show Through Pain, Nagato demonstrated the ability to fly in mid-air before he could level Konoha in his fight with Naruto in his state of six tails.

Influences of the deva path

In Buddhism, it is believed that the Deva world is considered to be the place of bliss. In Buddhism, the Deva realm is often called”the “god’s realm” because compared to human beings, the inhabitants of this realm are so powerful that they can be compared with gods. But, those born to this Deva realm are not immune to the possibility of Reincarnation. Devas are afflicted by pride and realize that their long lives and abilities will not stop their eventual resurrection.

Six Paths of Pain

The Six Paths of Pain is an Outer Path technique that allows a Rinnegan practitioner to alter up to six different bodies like they were their own.


The user integrates the black or multiple receivers inside the body, channelling their energy to it from far away. To maximize the use for the human body, a person should transmit their chakra to the most distant and highest place possible to attain the maximum possible range. Once their chakra has entered the body, they get total control over it, permitting them to control its actions and the use of jutsu and even to speak through it. To represent the control, the body’s eyes appear to have the same look as the user’s eyes. Inoichi Yamanaka described this method as akin to the Yamanaka family’s Mind Body Switch Technique on a larger size.

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If multiple people are controlled simultaneously, the user can look through all their eyes, thereby registering six different fields of vision simultaneously. By sharing this site, the person can plan their attacks and create defences against their blind spots. Because of this, it is important to remember that the Six Paths of Pain are best when combined by combining tactics and an element of shock or sheer power with taking on their foes.

This technique comes with a disadvantage. Suppose the person who is a caster of the technique is disrupted by any means while transmitting chakra to the bodies utilized to perform the technique. In that case, the bodies stop moving and will be more susceptible to attack.

Nagato’s Paths of pain and Yahiko’s death

Nagato developed Nagato created the Six Paths of Pain after being left disabled during an encounter with Hanzo. Incapable of acting or moving independently, Nagato was able to control six corpses to fulfil his desires for Nagato’s “Pain” identity. In the manga, the first corpse he used belonged to one of his former friends Yahiko who was his favorite. The other Paths hair dyed the same colour, even the eyebrows, to mimic his friend’s hair colour. Nagato’s original Six Paths of Pain comprised people that Jiraiya had known when the were still alive. Nagato places their black receivers on their bodies to create body piercings.

Every one of the Six Paths of Pain can be utilized to execute any method that Nagato himself can master. Still, he restricts each body to one specific branch that is part of the Six Paths Techniques. The only exception is Yahiko’s body (the Deva Path), through which he performs a variety of different jutsu. The God of Hell and the creatures summoned by his Animal Path are part of his common vision. Nagato describes everybody according to the Path it represents. Each of them has a specific offensive purpose, defence, surveillance or repair. Each Path has its significance in combat – the Naraka Path’s ability to revive all other Paths, making its value the highest. Consequently, Nagato can sacrifice any other path to protect those higher up in the structure.

Due to his limited movement, Nagato has to spend some preparation time utilizing the Six Paths of Pain, particularly when he is outside of his normal residence in Amegakure. Certain of the techniques of the Six Paths can be extremely taxing on the chakra. To utilize them, Nagato has to either bring the body in his location or remove control of the five other Paths and channel all his chakra to the one. The most flaw of Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain is that each body is limited to one main ability. If the enemy is aware of the body’s abilities is, they have a greater chance of taking down the Paths. Sensors can monitor the amount of chakra Nagato uses to steer the Path back to him and reveal the location of his true body. That is usually tempered by Nagato’s constant alteration of his chakra’s signature. It required Naruto to cut himself with his black transmitters to connect to follow him directly via the Sage Mode sensing.

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Nagato stores the bodies in a secret chamber inside Amegakure’s tallest structure when it is not in use. Inside the chamber, there are the six “pods” in which the bodies rest. Each pod is linked to the wall by wires or pipes and is fitted with the appearance of a sliding cover to be adorned with the image of Amegakure and hides the exterior of the inactive body. Each pod is designated by one to six using daiji characters. They are arranged counter-clockwise around the room, using the same numbering scheme as the arrangement for the Buddhist six paths of Reincarnation.

What are the 6 paths of pain?

(1) – Deva Path.

(2) – Asura Path.

(3) – Human Path.

(4) – Animal Path

(5) – Preta Path.

(6) – Naraka Path.

Obito’s Paths of pain

Obito Uchiha created Six Paths of Pain during the Fourth Shinobi World War using the transformed jinchuriki. Obito manages the Six Paths using a single black receiver inserted into the left-hand side of their chests. They were kept hidden from the view of others. When they transform into a tailed beast, the receivers are moved between the neck and chest. He seals their Tailed beasts back into their bodies which he manages via The Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

Obito can make the jinchuriki transform into fully Tailed Beast modes. However, this poses a greater possibility of them disobeying his commands. Due to the effort required to keep six beasts in his control, Obito does not channel the Six Paths Techniques into his Six Paths of Pain. Instead, he utilizes the same techniques they had while alive, like Roshi’s Lava Release and Utakata’s Soap Bubble Ninjutsu. Through Obito’s Sharingan and the way Obito can see what his Paths observe, he’s capable of more precisely synchronizing and use their powers.


Following The six Paths to Buddhism of Reincarnation, the bodies were named in honor of one of the various pathways: Deva, Asura, Human-Animal Preta, and Naraka. Each of these paths or realms is the realm that a person reincarnates into after death, determined by the cumulative karma from their previous lives. While the two lower paths, Preta and Naraka, are hellish, while the two higher paths, Deva and Asura, are divine, all six are considered to be paths of suffering as they keep repeating the pattern of Reincarnation and the only way to end it and rise to a higher stage of existence is to achieve the state of enlightenment.

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Why is it important?

That is the way Jiraiya can deduce that Nagato isn’t, in fact, in the body. All of those in the Six Paths of Pain are indeed bodies of people Jiraiya has previously met through some coincidence. That is not called “Nagato”.

Jiraiya didn’t know the answer when he first saw the body because there was no reason to believe that the body it saw wasn’t Nagato. In reality, people alter their appearance over time (i.e. hair grows out, dye it, or lose their hair), and that’s the reason it’s not unreasonable to claim that Nagato had his hair trimmed to dye it orange.

It’s not until Jiraiya is aware of the scar on the body’s forehead and the fact that Yahiko is among the bodies that Jiraiya starts to think that Nagato isn’t, in fact, out there.

Of course, he’s aware Nagato is present on the battlefield since there’s so much information that only he will be able to (i.e. Jiraiya’s nindo, which he instructed him in). However, none of them is like Nagato. No doubt, Jiraiya has an excellent idea of how Nagato will appear like.

When Jiraiya discovers that he’s seen one of Pain’s bodies before the time it was still alive, Jiraiya starts to suspect Nagato isn’t there. In the end, Nagato keeps saying Yahiko is dead. However, Nagato is still using his body. The body Jiraiya captured was a person, but it’s also dead.

That is why when Jiraiya puts his life at risk to prove his theory, Jiraiya can prove that they aren’t Nagato. He is familiar with the individuals and has had the pleasure of meeting them. There’s a good chance that he has their names. We don’t know what the names are. The only thing we have to be aware of is that none of them was Nagato. Because of that chance, Jiraiya learns Pain’s secret and can then transfer this knowledge to Konoha. This secret will allow Naruto to beat Pain effectively. The real name of the Six Paths of Pain was vital. They confirmed the things Jiraiya was thinking and also exposed the secret of Pain to him. The people he spoke to were called “Nagato”. So, Nagato was not truly present on the battlefield.