Why do Nurses Think they are so Great?

Why do nurses think they are so great?

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Why do Nurses Think they are so Great?

Suppose, by some miracle, you find yourself in a hospital. In that case, you will almost likely have a negative experience with a nurse who is arrogant and thinks highly of herself. You are erroneous if you still believe it is the role of a nurse to provide care for patients and treat them with kindness.

Nurses’ propensity to take their employees for granted has contributed to the development of a bloated sense of entitlement on their part, making them increasingly difficult to manage.

In recent years, bullying among nurses has reached such a widespread prevalence that it has emerged as a widespread concern. It has significant repercussions for the patients and the other junior nurses. It can potentially ruin an institution’s standing in the medical community. There have been several examples of nurses acting rudely and uninformed toward their patients.

Nurses’ Sense of Humanity Is Dying

For example, on one occasion, a nurse took a patient who used a wheelchair for a walk. The patient abruptly fell out of his chair. The nurse was away smoking during this time. Even though there were numerous internees and nurses, they did not offer assistance. “Why should we be accountable for people who fall off suddenly?” the nurse remarked later when questioned.

This demonstrates how reckless nurses have become. To begin with, the nurse was incorrect in leaving the patient unattended, even if it was only for five minutes. Second, these nurses are becoming increasingly harsh, to the point where they are becoming inhumane.

Patients would scream for aid over and over, but the nurses would ignore them and act as if they had never heard them. On another occasion, a female nurse was assigned to an elderly lady and given the responsibility of staying with her throughout the night. However, she said that the nurse would turn off her bell so that she could sleep throughout her working hours on multiple occasions.

Bullying in the Nursing Profession

Nurses intimidate their juniors in addition to their irresponsible behavior toward patients. Head nurses enjoy being bossy and in charge of everything, including interfering in other people’s affairs. They are not going to band together with their subordinates. Instead, they want to have control over them.

Christi, who recently joined the North Carolina hospital, is one such case. Christi worked at the former intensive care unit as a nurse. Christi quickly rose to prominence at the hospital, and patients adored her. She also received a lot of stars on the bulletin board later.

This sparked outrage among the other nurses, who began to whisper about her out of jealousy. Christi claimed that all of her unit’s head nurses singled her out and even ignored her. Things worsened over time, and a patient became unconscious one day. Nevertheless, Christi continued to ring the bell in an emergency to summon help.

But no one showed up there, so Christi had to do everything by herself, even though the task required a lot of assistance. Because of this trivial issue of jealousy and competition, these nurses didn’t show up on purpose.

As a result, if such a hostile climate prevails in hospitals, it is natural for nurses to become hardened and nasty. As a result, some nurses with a conscience are intimidated or forced to resign.

How To Deal With Rude Nurses?

Sometimes a patient will be assigned to a specific group of nurses. Don’t argue with anyone or pick out one nurse as more responsible than the others, as this will just worsen things. This will make people envious, and as a result, they might not take as good care of themselves as they ought to.

When you disagree with a nurse, you can’t just walk away; you also need to consider the consequences of your actions. Because the health of your loved ones is in the hands of those nurses, it is possible that they will inflict harm on the patient as a form of retribution. Therefore, it is imperative that nurses who are allocated to patients be allowed to collaborate as a team to reduce the likelihood of disagreements arising.

It’s possible that you won’t always see eye to eye with the lone nurse that is on duty. Consequently, they have the right to decline to offer any kind of aid under certain conditions. Therefore, maintaining good manners while earnestly seeking assistance is strongly recommended. If you start a conflict with them, you will see a different response from them.

If you are forced to interact with a hostile nurse, you could feel the want to point out everything that irritates you or even lodge a formal complaint with their supervisor. Despite this, you should try to contain your excitement and take a different tack toward dealing with this predicament.

One of the best ways to deal with a sassy nurse is to try to get inside their head. Also, acknowledge that their lives are complicated, and ask yourself why anyone would want to be bossed around in such a manner.

The real world is not kind to them in any way, shape, or form. Because of this, you need to take a deep breath and decently handle the situation. You shouldn’t intimidate people to get what you want; instead, you should make your request in the most polite way possible.

The Other Side of the Story

This nursing profession demands effort and hard work after discovering this subculture that the majority is unaware of. Because of the ranking system, nurses work 12- to 14-hour shifts and must be present at all times, implying that they do not have a regular sleep pattern. Imagine witnessing someone die or often seeing folks who are injured and weak.

To deal with this, you’ll need a lot of courage and a brave heart because it might sometimes be traumatic. A large number of nurses experience depressive symptoms. They are human beings with sentiments, just like the rest of us.

They’re dealing with tragedies as well as reassuring frightened family members. It may appear that aiding activities and calming the patient with loving words is a simple task. The reality, however, is entirely different because it is a tough job.