Why do you need Global Health Insurance for Long-Term Living Abroad?

Why do you need Global Health Insurance for Long-Term Living Abroad?

Why do you need Global Health Insurance for Long-Term Living Abroad?

All around the world, you can find a broad range of health care facilities. These healthcare facilities may vary across different regions of the world. For instance, if you are travelling to any foreign country & feel the need for any healthcare facility. In most scenarios, international medical facilities are relatively expensive. If you are thinking about asking someone to send money online, that won’t be a good idea at all. That’s exactly where global health insurance comes into play. A global health insurance policy assists you in getting the best healthcare facilities all around the world. It doesn’t matter wherever you are planning to travel. If you have an active global health insurance policy, you can get the best medical facilities and treatment worldwide. Let’s glance over important details about what makes you eligible for global health insurance and everything you need to know about it.

How can you become eligible for Global Medical Insurance? 

Global medical insurance is highly beneficial for individuals that are mostly travelling across different countries. You never know about the uncertainty or unforeseen circumstances. So, it’s better to get prepared for any unexpected events that could be at your doorstep. Various global medical insurance policies provide coverage ranging from $250,000 to unlimited amounts. Expatriate medical insurance is a perfect substitute for individuals residing overseas, digital travellers, or employees working overseas. Expat insurance provides medical coverage for individuals travelling across multiple countries for an extended time duration. It’s an outstanding option for individuals seeking insurance policies that are applicable in a wide range of countries. In most cases, the insurance policies are for people aged up to 99 years old. However, the cost of a policy plan varies from person to person, based on several factors.

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What are the essential benefits of Global Health Insurance?

There is a wide range of perks linked with global health insurance plans. Some of the general advantages are listed below for a better understanding of the reader:

  • Adaptable coverage for medical facilities that are designed following the needs & requirements
  • Extended coverage for hospital admissions & treatments facilities 
  • 24/7 emergency helpline for assistance
  • Euro, GBP, and USD currency for payment
  • Maternity coverage 
  • Consultations coverage for surgeons & doctors 
  • Dental consultation and medical coverage 

And much more! Keep reading to find the interesting aspects of receiving global medical insurance. 

How many global medical health insurance plans are available? 

There are many global medical insurance plans available in the international market. We’ll share the best international health insurance service providers with you. 

Cigna Global Insurance

Cigna Global Insurance was one of the first movers in the industry of global health insurance companies. They have been offering expatriates- the global cover to accommodate the best healthcare facilities worldwide. Cigna Global is a renowned health insurance service provider- covering a wide range of foreign countries worldwide. If you are looking for more details, you may visit their official website.

Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna Health Insurance hosts a worldwide exposure of around 160 years of health experience. Aetna is highly specialized in worldwide benefits of 55+ years. Aetna has been lucky to achieve several awards such as, “TOP IPMI Plan” & “Health Insurer of the Year”. You can get more details and information on their website.

GeoBlue Global Medical Health Insurance

GeoBlue Global Medical is specifically designed for US citizens abroad or internationals living in the USA. GeoBlue Global Medical is licensed with the Blue Cross Shield Association. It offers both types of health insurance plans, such as short-term & long-term. Their official website will provide you with deeper insight and information about their services.

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What is the cost of International Health Insurance? 

The International Health Insurance plan usually costs around $500 with coverage for limited medical benefits annually. Whereas if you are interested in comprehensive global medical insurance. It might lead up to somewhere around $8000 annually for medical cover in the USA & around the world. The insurance amount is far less in contrast with the medical expenses that you might have to come through. Although, various factors contribute towards comprising the complete plan. Below listed are some of the significant aspects that might be considered upon allotment of an insurance policy. 

  • Premium plan
  • Age of the applicant 
  • Medical history
  • Area of coverage
  • Insurance plan & maximum coverage selection

Is there any underwriting process before applying for expatriate healthcare?

Medical underwriting is a brief review of the medical history of a patient. Medical underwriting is required by the major health insurance companies before authorizing a medical insurance plan. In the case of a medical insurance plan for a family, all the family members need to provide their medical history. The following document gives a quick idea about your medical condition, that you have been through, or could prevail in the long run. Most of the providers take around 3-5 business working days to complete the underwriting. While the standard time could exceed based on unforeseen circumstances.

Pay for global health insurance via an international remittance service provider

Individuals can complete the payment for the associated healthcare plan via international remittance. Several companies provide convenient money transfer methods to complete the payment. If you are looking for a reliable online money transfer partner, ACE Money Transfer is the best option for your international payments.


After the above discussion, it is evident that global health insurance is an effective remedy for any sort of mishaps. It is always better to stay ahead of any uncertainties and be prepared for them. Individuals & overseas residents travelling across borders can benefit from a wide range of medical health insurance plans. The best thing you can do is to pick a medical insurance plan, based on your needs and requirements. So that, you would not end up paying an excessive amount to the insurance companies! However, in concern with the payment method regarding insurance plan and renewal, you can always consult with ACE Money Transfer!

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