You Have Reached A Non-Working Number: What Does It Mean?

You Have Reached A Non-Working Number: What Does It Mean?

You Have Reached A Non-Working Number: What Does It Mean?

Simply put, the “The Number You Dialed Is Not a Working Number” message is meant to let you know that the number you dialed is not in operation. It cannot be connected to it because it is essentially an unused and free number.

How Can Someone Call You From a Non-working Number?

Many people who call from numbers that are not operational are scammers who use phone fakes. According to Wikipedia, “Caller ID spoofing is the process of causing the phone network to inform the recipient of a call that the person who initiated the call is from a station different from the actual source station.

Caller ID Spoofing

Scammers use spoofing of the caller ID as a fraudulent technique to alter the information that appears on the receiver’s caller ID. By manipulating the phone network, they pretend the call originated from a distinct number or organization. Even when a phone number appears to be genuine or comes from an established source, it could, in reality, be a non-working or inactive number being used to commit fraud.

Scammers employ spoofing of caller IDs to hide their intentions and identities, making it difficult for the victim to spot the potential dangers. They could pretend to be banks, government agencies, or other well-known firms to earn the trust of their victims. Once they’ve gained this trust, they could use tricks like phishing to obtain sensitive information, extort cash, or lure people to reveal personal information. It is important to remember that spoofing of caller IDs isn’t limited to numbers that aren’t working. It can also include legitimate numbers taken over or used without the owner’s knowledge.

Risks and Red Flags

Receiving a phone call from a number that is not working or from a caller with a fake identity could be alarming. A few typical red flags that could be a sign of a scam are uninvited calls that claim to be from government agencies requesting immediate action or private businesses that offer amazing deals or cash prizes. Scammers might employ intimidation tactics, including threats of legal action or a suspension of services, to create an impression of urgency. They may also pressure the recipient to divulge confidential information or perform financial transactions.

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To avoid becoming a victim of spoofing or caller ID scams, it’s important to be vigilant when dealing with unknown or unreliable calls. Be wary of sharing your personal, financial, or password information over the telephone. If you are unsure, you should hang up and call the official entity directly with an authentic phone number found on their website or in the documentation. Signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry can reduce the number of unwanted calls. However, it won’t completely stop fraudsters from calling you.

Does the Number Unavailable Mean Block?

It implies that the network has access to the phone but cannot connect to it because it is shut off or not within the service provider’s coverage area, and roaming is turned off in rural locations with no coverage. It could also mean that your subscriber is blocking you.

Scenario 1: Phone is Switched Off or Out of Coverage

One of the main reasons that leads to a “Number Unavailable” status is when the device you are trying to connect to is turned off. If a phone’s power is down or its battery has completely depleted, it cannot connect to the network. In the same way, if the phone is located in an area with poor or no coverage from the network, it could also display the “Number Unavailable” message. In these situations, it is impossible to get the call connected since the phone isn’t connecting to the internet or is situated outside of the coverage area.

Scenario 2: Roaming is Switched Off or in a Rural Area

Another reason that could trigger the “Number Unavailable” message is when the phone is configured to roam but the roaming feature has been turned off. Roaming allows phones to connect to another network even if it is not within the home network’s coverage area. When a phone’s location is located in an area where the home network cannot provide coverage and roaming is turned off, the phone cannot be reached, which will result in a “Number Unavailable” status. In rural areas that have limited coverage or in areas that have weak signal strength, the phone could display this message, signaling that it’s currently not available for communications.

Scenario 3: Being Blocked by the Subscriber

Although the “Number Unavailable” message is usually caused by technical issues, such as the phone being switched off or the absence of coverage, it may be the result of deliberate action. If the subscriber has blocked your number, you’ll receive a “Number Unavailable” status when you attempt to call them. Blocking a number indicates that the subscriber has decided to block all communications to that particular number. The reasons behind blocking differ, from wishing to block unwanted messages or calls to personal disputes or disagreements.

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How Do You Know if Your Number Is Blocked or Not?

“If you call a specific number and it immediately goes to voicemail or you get a strange message such as ‘temporarily out of service’ or ‘the person is not taking calls,’ this may mean your number has been blocked,” Lavelle explains. Perhaps you’ve made one of the mistakes you shouldn’t be making via text messages.

Sign 1: Immediate Diversion to Voicemail

One of the most obvious indications that your number might be blocked is when your calls immediately go to voicemail without ever ringing. If you’ve tried to call the person before but then suddenly discover that all calls are routed to voicemail, this could indicate that your phone number is blocked.

Sign 2: Strange Error Messages

Another thing to look out for is the reception of odd error messages when contacting someone. For example, messages such as “temporarily out of service,” “the person is not taking calls,” or “call cannot be completed as dialed” could indicate that your phone number is blocked. The network typically creates these errors when the receiver’s phone is blocked or you turn off any calls from your phone.

How to Handle the Situation

If you believe your phone number has been Respect Boundaries: If you have been denied access by someone, you must respect the decision of the person who blocked you. Do not attempt to contact them via other methods or constantly call different numbers since this is considered invading and inconsiderate.  blocked, dealing with the situation courteously and respectfully is important. Making assumptions or reacting angrily can create tension and stress relationships even more. Instead, think about the following suggestions:

  • Examine the Situation: If you think your phone number is blocked, Try reaching out using other means, such as texting or calling another number. There could be technical reasons or legitimate reasons for the inability to respond.
  • Retrospective Your Actions: Consider whether inappropriate addresses that are blacklisted or interactions could have resulted in the receiver blocking your phone number. If you suspect someone or say something, consider asking for improvement.
  • Communicate openly: If you have a long-standing relationship with someone you are talking to, think about candidly communicating with them about the issue. Begin the conversation with compassion and a desire to comprehend their point of view.
  • Give space and time: Some individuals block numbers temporarily to stop communications or to deal with personal issues. Give the person receiving the message enough time and space before trying to reach them again.

How Do I Stop Ghost Calls From Non-working Numbers?

Utilizing the Firewall is a reliable method to block calls from ghosts. It is important to carefully examine your network’s traffic and make relevant Black and White lists so that only the calls you are looking for should be sent to your SIP telephone system.

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Ghost Calls and the Need for Firewalls

Ghost calls are a nagging problem that could disrupt your VoIP call system, leading to security issues and higher call costs. The calls are typically performed using software that checks the internet for open SIP ports and vulnerable systems. If a system is discovered, attackers could make unauthorized calls, leading to fraud on tolls and other security breaches.

A firewall is an effective security measure that separates your network from the external web, regulating and filtering the information that can pass through. By setting your Firewall to restrict or block certain kinds of traffic, you can efficiently block ghost calls coming from numbers that aren’t working and increase security for the VoIP system.

Configuring Your Firewall to Block Ghost Calls

  • Step 1: Determine SIP Traffic: Before you begin, you must identify the SIP traffic in your network. SIP traffic generally employs UDP (User Datagram Protocol) on ports 5060 and 5061 to save SIP traffic. Network monitoring tools to analyze your network traffic and find SIP packets
  •  Step 2: Make a Blacklist and Whitelist. Once you have discovered SIP traffic, you must make a whitelist and a blacklist with IP addresses. The blacklist must contain IP addresses known to generate ghost calls, and the whitelist should contain known IP addresses that have been granted access to connect to the SIP phones.
  • Step 3: Turn on SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway). Some firewalls include a SIP ALG option that assists in handling SIP traffic. Make sure to enable SIP ALG to ensure that your Firewall can properly understand and handle SIP packets, thus reducing the possibility of false positives or negatives in blocking ghost calls.
  • Step 4: Implement firewall rules. Set up firewall rules that stop traffic coming from IP addresses that are blacklisted and permit traffic from IP addresses that are whitelisted. Consider setting up rate-limiting rules to limit the number of requests from particular IP addresses in a particular period, reducing the chance of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
  • Step 5: Continually Update the Blacklist Keep your list up-to-date with new ghost calls and remove any irrelevant entries. Check and change your Firewall’s rules in response to changes in network traffic patterns and security risks.


What does it mean when I receive the message “You have reached a non-working number”?

The message “You have reached a non-working number” typically indicates that the phone number you are trying to call is no longer in service or has been disconnected.

Why would a phone number be non-working?

There are several reasons why a phone number may become non-working, including the account holder canceling their phone service, the phone service provider discontinuing the number, or technical issues with the phone line.

Can I still reach the person or business if I receive this message?

No, if you receive the “non-working number” message, you will not be able to reach the intended person or business at that particular phone number.

Is there a way to verify if the number is genuinely non-working?

To verify if the number is genuinely non-working, you can try contacting the person or business through alternative means, such as email, social media, or contacting them through a different phone number if available.

What should I do if I continue to receive this message for a specific number?

If you consistently receive the “non-working number” message for a specific number, it is recommended to double-check the number for accuracy and try again. If the problem persists, contact your phone service provider to inquire about potential issues with the call.

Can a non-working number become active again in the future?

Yes, in some cases, a non-working number may become active again if the account holder reactivates the phone service or if the phone service provider reissues the number to a new subscriber. However, there is no guarantee that a specific number will become active again.