10 Best 3D Home Design Software Free Download For Windows 10 In Nov-Dec 2022

10 Best 3D Home Design Software Free Download For Windows 10 In Nov-Dec 2022

10 Best 3D Home Design Software Free Download For Windows 10 In Nov-Dec 2022

If you’re planning to get a house built, it’s essential to choose the right type of design software to help you make your property’s most accurate layout. This article will look at some of the best builders, starting with Dream plan 3D Home Design Software, which RealSoft3D designed to help even the most amateur users create full-color images of what their home might look like when complete. 

Next is RoomSketcher Home Designer Software, a well-known app used by many people both for fun and for helping to proofread their home design plans. Lastly, this list wouldn’t be complete without Virtual Architect 4D Home Design Software, one of the top programs on the market today that comes highly recommended by our team of professionals.

Dream plan

We LOVE the free DreamPlan Home Design Software because it’s versatile and powerful and allows you to design detailed architectural plans for residential and commercial properties. Unlike similar applications, the software can be used in 2 dimensions and 3, with the ability to switch between them at the click of a button! 

You can even get creative and design multiple stories AND roofs – How great is that?! The software also features numerous valuable utilities and tools. This free version is an excellent choice for noncommercial use, as it is compatible with Windows 10, Mac, and Linux computers – and will typically only cost around $1 per month.

Although it looks and feels dated compared to much more expensive software, Dream plan is an excellent choice for people new to using floor plans, modeling, and design software. This free download for Windows 10 has all the features that users have become accustomed to seeing in other programs, which cost almost ten times as much. 

What’s best about the Dream plan is that it’s easy to use and offers a large selection of tools for designing spaces inside your home and on the outside, too, including fencing areas around swimming pools, landscapes, and terraces.

Dream Plan offers the best features at a reasonable price, so no one has to worry about the cost. This 3D home design software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. 

The free trial version allows you to try it out before buying it. Other home design software can be costly, while Dream Plan has many similar advanced features as if you were paying a lot more! You can install and launch the software from Google Play or iTunes for iOS devices. You can also buy the package of your choice directly from Amazon.


Creating excellent floor plans has never been easier, thanks to RoomSketcher! Pick a theme and begin by choosing the right floor style. Next, select the perfect materials, colors, and designs for your staircase. Magnificent 3D walkthroughs can be generated effortlessly. If you’re adding an extension or want to decorate, the slider feature is excellent because you can move in real-time. 

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You can place a television, pictures on walls, cabinets with shelves, and even curtains with realistic shadows. Whether creating interior design applications or 2D floor plans – even linked blueprints – RoomSketcher will save time and money.

One of roomSketcher’s best features is the ability to create 3D images, which you can use to plan and design various objects and environments. With this program, you can bring your creative vision to life. Not only that, but you can easily customize 3D models created with the software so that their appearance will match what you had in mind. It’s also worth mentioning that RoomSketcher offers to troubleshoot if you have any trouble completing your work using their customizable software. 

One great feature offered by room Sketch is its library of photos available for download within the program’s catalog accessible inside the application itself. Whether you want to use these high-quality images to decorate an idea or even recreate it using their program, it allows you to do either at any time.

Virtual Architect

You will be able to design your dream home with the aid of virtual architecture software. You can use images of your existing home to import it into this program which allows you to visually see a 3D model of the house by importing digital pictures from different angles. 

This program will enable you to disguise certain sections, making viewing your dream home easier before investing in resources. It also has a library of vessels and furniture that are three-dimensional and customizable, such as doors, windows, etc., that can give you more insight into whether that appliance or furniture would look good in your home.

If you’d rather not spend the cash on interior design software, there are options available for free on mobile devices. You can enter your home measurements and choose your preferred style of architecture to produce a 3D elevation render in seconds. Additionally, you will get a more detailed plan which includes furniture placement, expanded floor plans, and more. 

This free application also enables you to import images of other houses (which gives users a sense of what they find attractive) and allows swapping between floor plans with just the tap of your finger.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a design application that allows users to build a three-dimensional home model with furniture and walls. With this app, users can create up to 300 different rooms and change their appearance. The application has an extensive object library of over 250 objects, including paint, ranging from interior designer hues and textures to classic shades and finishes. 

Users can also change the color and texture of walls, floors, and furniture. The program supports various file formats and plug-ins, including a wide range of standards from SketchUp’s .skp format to OBJ files. Users can measure dimensions horizontally or vertically as they build their three-dimensional models.

One of the youngest and most promising interior design apps is Sweet Home 3D. 

This open-source program can be run on a standard computer or laptop, has an intuitive user interface, can handle sophisticated design calculations, and has a decent 3D engine with Intel graphics that renders stunning images even on mid-end hardware configurations.

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It is also almost entirely extensible through the Lua programming language allowing users to create their furniture suites and even create new tools for any purpose imaginable! With its nifty movie recording feature, you can record your process of designing something if you are more into publicizing your work! If you like to boast about your accomplishments from time to time, that won’t be a problem!

Cedro 3D Architecture Software

Cedro 3D Architecture Software is a simple, easy-to-use, compelling program that incorporates realistic elements and objects into your scenes. Winery owners can easily design floor plans for their buildings or other buildings and add exterior decoration and landscaping with Cedro 3D Architecture Software to create an architecturally accurate presentation. 

Since its release in 1982, it has come a long way from its first versions (called Eucledian Architect). Currently, the most advanced 3D software in the market, Cedreo’s improvements have grown along with the technology itself. It is where designers put their ideas together to make something better than what existed before.

AutoCAD has workflow features and benefits from collaboration with other team members. It’s available for $1788 per year and includes many models and objects such as BIM modeling, and it starts at $1788 per year. It is optimized for video presentations. With Lumion, you can edit videos, create high-quality images, and get the best results for $4,495.

Personal Architect

As of 2022, Personal Architect 3d home design software is free to download for Windows 10. This program helps users draw any room in the home using precise dimensions, insert doors and windows, and customize the color and texture of walls. 

You’ll need to consider some things before downloading a copy. Some versions of Personal Architect 3d design software are much more detailed than others – typically, paid versions include more branded items for interior designs or plant libraries for landscaping purposes, so it pays to choose what version suits your needs!

The software is powerful enough to be used by professional architects yet easy enough for those who are only inexperienced in the design world. With its extensive library of 3D objects and ability to import photo-realistic images to digital creations without any need for an original product or any other sort of digital plotting. 

This utterly free software offers unlimited possibilities for the layout and decoration of their space. You can also add color schemes and shape sizes, with the option to make changes after you’ve clicked on save! Have fun experimenting with layering your designs.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

This software enables you to design your dream home, from the foundations to the finished building, including name-brand paint, furniture, and décor in its comprehensive catalog of home design elements. These features allow you to design the HVAC and plumbing systems, which is great for planning your new home or renovation. 

With added lighting and 3D visuals, you can add pictures of kitchens and outdoor areas to share with family and friends. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is an excellent tool for designing a new home or renovation.

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One of the most popular tools for designers is eclair’s Home Designer Pro. It has a high rating online and positive reviews from users. Although this software can be used for selling purposes, it can also provide entertainment to your family and friends. 

You should not rely on one application alone, and Personal Architect is another great tool worth checking out if you want an experience as close to reality as possible. Total 3D Home, Landscape, and Deck can help create landscape designs and incorporate them into your ultimate masterpiece home design!


Are you looking for the best free 3D home design software on Windows 10? Plan3D is among the top choices. This application offers a straightforward interface with a full range of features, including backup and recovery options. It efficiently works in CAD-compatible file formats and across Windows PC, Mac devices, and mobile platforms. 

The software goes beyond standard home design capabilities to allow users to adjust the atmosphere by changing shadows and sunlight for a more realistic view of your design. While there are no strings attached to this app’s free trial version, you’ll have access to many more features when you purchase a one-year license for this app.

Autodesk 3DS Max is fantastic software for creating a home. It offers a user-friendly interface, and it’s mainly intended for professionals. You can set walls and floors and add furniture and decorations. The program also supports floor plans as well as lighting simulation. Plan3D is the best 3d home designing software for windows ten available in 2018, and you should download it! If you’re serious about creating or designing a new home. 

This software will provide you with everything you need to create a beautiful master plan. When using the included objects and textures, there are endless possibilities in your hands. The application also supports export drawings to formats such as DWG and IGES, so you can use it however you like!

Live Home 3D Pro

The desire to have a beautiful home is something that many people can relate to, and there are so many different ways that one can choose to go about it. Suppose you’re looking for a method of 3D visualization associated with home construction, which is meant to help with the designing process and make it easier. 

In that case, we recommend the living room – as this software can provide you with floor plans and interior 3D visualizations in a way that’s more fun than most other options on the market! Remember that some of its best features will require in-app purchases when working on your design in this excellent application. 

But all users get access to most of the program’s functionality free of charge with their download on iOS devices!


Sketchup has made our list of the best home design software until 2022. There is a free version that you can download online (or look for an older copy if you download it later based on the listed release date). Sketchup gives users access to more than 60,000 products, including many they can modify. 

You can import 3D models from other sites or your digital libraries. It provides a detailed estimator for interior and exterior designs. Its features make it ideal for commercial interior designers, architects, and hobbyists. This program is available for three platforms: Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10 and Mac OS X 10.8 – Sierra or macOS 10.12+.