10 Best Best Video Editing App for Android and Iphone without Watermark

10 Best Best Video Editing App for Android and Iphone without Watermark

10 Best Best Video Editing App for Android and iPhone without Watermark

A few years ago, editing videos on Android smartphones seemed like a big dream that would never come true. But today, content creators do prefer to edit their videos without themselves having to hire professionals. This article will discuss the ten best video editing apps for iPhone and Android without watermark. 

Best Video Editing App 

Video editing was once meant plopping yourself in front of a desktop. Not any, much longer. One of the best editing apps for iPhone and as well as Android will allow you to create compelling content from your own mobile device. The game-changing part is that you do not have to pay a dime to use them.

Download a free video editing app for Android or iPhone. You can easily make full commercials or outrageous Youtube videos in no time. But which app should you download? Do not worry; we have got you covered. Here are our favorite choices for the seven best free video editing apps for Android and iPhone. 

1. ActivePresenter

A very reliable video editor that will suit for the screencasts and recordings. It is a screen recorder and a video editor without a watermark. It is also applicable for making screencast videos, manuals, presentations, interactive training demonstrations, and documentation. 

With the full-featured editor, the software will permit you to edit the audio and video, modify the look and the feel of the content, and decide the branched scenarios basically and adequately. Moreover, the content which is created with the ActivePrenter can be offered for all the intents and purposes to any devices and the platform because it will support HTML5 and can also integrate with the learning of Management Systems. 

One of its primary vital features is designed with eLearning, built-in screen recording and webcam recording, intuitive and easy-to-use software, and advanced features like green screen effects and text animations. One of its pros is the app will support numerous file formats and a built-in screen recording to make the videos directly from your device. 

2. Shotcut

Free video editing software for very high-resolution videos. Shotcut video editor is just an open-source, cross-platform editor with a very brilliantly smooth and intuitive interface. It will provide you with various panels that can be docked and undocked as you deem fit. 

Viewable information does include the details about the media properties, an encoding panel, filter panel, and many job queues. You can likewise see the recent files, see the playlists with a thumbnail view, and the recent research history. Finally, it has the drag-and-drop functions from your file manager. 

Shotcut can support several audio and video formats and codecs, thanks to FFmpeg. Working with the Shortcut is very easy; you have all the information, functions, and tools needed to create quality materials. It will support the native editing of media files and has multi-format timelines. 

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One of its main key features is that it will support the latest audio and video formats, works with all the 4K videos, Webcam capture and audio capture, and multi-format timeline for the mix and matching the projects. One of its pros is that it has worked across all three major platforms. 


A very high powered video editor for pro-grade content creation. It is very much compatible with Macs, Linux, and Windows. It is also free to use. OpenShot is a very flexible software that will enable you to edit videos. In addition, the software will allow you to make professional-looking movies from your photographs, music files, and videos.

You can also easily add subtitles, transitions, and special effects. The created movies can be easily exported to DVD, Vimeo, Xbox 360, and numerous formats. 

A collection of incredible features accompanies the OpenShot, for example, sorting and trimming the videos. These transition effects are between the video files, chroma effects, and adjusting the audio levels. The program will likewise support one of the most common codecs and formats.  

OpenShot features a spotless, simple-to-utilize interface and easy, making the video creation and the editing quick and straightforward. Also, the application will enable you to create 3D animated title sequences that will impress the viewers.

One of its key features is that it supports most video and audio formats, keyframe animations, and keyframe animations. On the other hand, one of its pros is that the program gets regular updates, exports to many devices or straight to DVD, and has many advanced features like the chroma key, transitions, and many more. 

4.DaVinci Resolve

The one of the best free video editing software for the advanced or professional. It is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is best for advanced users with a lot of experience. DaVinci Resolve is just a program that mixes an advanced color corrector with professional multi-track editing ability. 

It will enable you to quickly correct the color, edit, finish, and distribute from a single system. The application is resolution independent and scalable, perfect for use on set or in a bit of studio. In addition, DaVinci Resolve will offer an increased compatibility collection of all the creative tools, high speed, and extraordinary pictures that you will ever need. 

DaVinci Resolve is also very ready to sync sound, edit the Metabase, and sort out the footage for the color-grading editing or visuals effects. By utilizing this kind of application, you will be able to manage the media files on your local drive or over the network.

The program will support every camera and video format. All of the above is why this program will also make it into our list of the top videos on Youtube. One of its key features is a customizable user interface, basic features like cut, copy, trim, etc. 

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One of its pros is that the program has a vibrant editing interface; it is perfect for advanced users and professional editors. 

5. Video Grabber

A very ideal online and free video editing software for the edits in your browser. It is one of the best online video editing programs. Video Grabber is an across-the-board online service that will enable you to convert videos, edit them, do screen recordings, and grab online videos. 

You can efficiently utilize it to crop the trim, watermark your videos, alter the volume and play speed, and trigger the video effects. Also, it will offer you the capacity to modify the video resolutions, frame rates, and audio channels. It is very effortless to utilize and can easily give video outputs in several formats. 

One of its primary key features is that it runs in the browser, can grab the online videos from the URLs, and can be used for converting the videos. One of the pros is that the interface is straightforward to use. It will offer you diverse essential video editing functions, and it works online in your browser. 

6. iMovie

This is the essential free video editing software for Apple users. It’s compatible with Mac and iOS. This free video editing program will not imprint a watermark with specifications for the Mac and iOS clients. With it, you can undoubtedly make the Hollywood-style trailers and dazzling films in the 4K resolutions. You can quickly begin with the video editing on your hand-held device and complete the editing on your Mac PC. 

One of its key features is that it will offer cross-platform editing on Apple devices, supports 4K editing, 100+ smart soundtracks for the custom audio, and plenty of essential editing features like trimming and filters. One of its pros is that the software clips with the 4K quality and MOV format will provide vast options for the filters, themes, and credits. 

7. KineMaster (iOS & Android)

It is an easy and also free editing software for on-the-go alternations. It is compatible with Android and Ios. It is best for mobile users. KineMaster is a video-editing kit with a very well-designed interface with incredible user experience and a broad scope of robust features. You can easily make the videos you need in your choice. 

Utilizing the KineMaster is very simple: You will simply have to just pick the contents that you need to add to your own video in the order that you will need them and add a title to their final composition.

After this, you can easily pick a general subject for a composition. After this, you can then pick a general subject for your video, including an introduction. Be That as it may: Obviously, you can also edit on your content in a much greater depth if you want to.

KineMater will give you an excellent chance to save your project directly to your device in various qualities when you complete the editing process. What is more? It will allow you to quickly transfer the video directly to your Facebook or YouTube Accounts. 

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One of its primary key features is that it is designed for mobile devices and has a built-in recorder and essential editing tools like text, rotations, and trimming. Last, it offers instant upload to social media sites and Youtube. One of its pros is that it has 4k video editing. In addition, the app has a stock of music, fonts, stickers, and a simple user interface for beginners. 

8. Blender

It is the best free video editing software for 3D video files. It is also very compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows. Moreover, it is free to use. Blender is a 3D video editor that’s free. So, if you are going to try your hand at 3D modeling, this is the right app for you. 

Sure, it has some video-editing features like trimming and cutting. Still, it’s much more suitable for VFX, animation, and digital sculpting. One of its key features are Rendering, modeling, sculpting functionality, 3D animation development, editing, many VFX, and customizable interfaces. One of its Pros is essential to video editing tools like trimming and cutting.


An all-in-one video editor, converter, and the screen recorder as well. It is compatible with windows, mac and is best for video conversions. The VideoProc software do includes not only a video editor but also a built-in converter and a screen recorder.

It prides itself on the full hardware acceleration that will allow the VideoProc not to compromise the quality. The app has to support Windows 7, which is rare for advanced video editors. 

One of its key features is that it can be used to edit, record, convert hardware acceleration, convert into many formats, and record the screen video audio. One of its pros is good-quality video thanks to full hardware acceleration, plenty of video-editing options, even in the free trial version, and screen recording functionality. 

10. Icecream Video Editor

A very simple, lightweight editor for the low-end computers. It is very compatible with windows. The ice cream studio is well-known for its apps, from PDF-managing the software to a screen recorder.

All of the programs are even free to download and very easy to work with for beginners. Icecream Video Editor is no expectation. Suppose you are looking for free video editing software for windows 10 with no watermark. You can make the clips with the effects filters and transitions without much effort; this should be an excellent pick. One of its key features is that it is lightweight and does not use many system resources, various effects, filters and transitions, and beginner-friendly UI. 

Final Words 

In this article, we have discussed the best video editor software for iOS and Android. We recommend you to do some research of your own to get the best results.