10 Best Blue Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

10 best blue hair characters in anime, comic and Manga

10 Best Blue Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

We all know that blue is a scarce color and, although not wholly impossible to see. But, of course, it is an artificial color, and a person has to dye their hair to get a shade of blue. Nevertheless, there are many blue-haired characters in anime so we will discuss them. 

Best Blue Hair Characters In Anime, Manga, and Comic 

Anime gives all the creators the advantage of experimenting with unique designs, styles, and art. Character design has benefited from most of it, and studios have created memorable characters that leave a lasting impression on the viewers. 

One of the good things is it that stands out in an anime character design is the hair. While we have already just looked at some of the very beautiful anime characters with the red hair, today, we will be turning on our attention to those who have blue hair.

Some have significantly impacted the anime industry, while others may not be widely-known but are breathtakingly beautiful. So, without further ado, let’s look at them intensely. 

1.Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist): The Son Of Satan 

For the sun of Satan, one would not expect it to be a blue-haired and blue-eyed teenager who is not like the average person. His younger twin brother Yukio is just forced to play the role of the elder brother and, often, Rin’s father. Yet, despite his flaws, Rin Okumura is loved by all.

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He hates Satan just from the bottom of his heart for killing his adoptive father. He will enrolls at the True Cross Academy to become an Exwire to gain enough of the knowledge and skills so that he can ultimately defeat Satan. 

2.Tokiya Ichinose (Uta No Prince-Sama): The Talented Reverse Harem Idol

As the one anime that we took the world of the reverse harem by a storm, Uta no Prince-Sama’s name is not remembered by many Western fans. The anime featured a sea that is remembered by many of the western fans. The anime will featured a sea of beautiful bishies, where the Tokiya Ichinose was someone who quickly stood out. 

With his very dark blue eyes and piercing gaze, Tokiya was ab undeniable choice for the idol group ST*RISH. He is very calm and collected, and he loves doing everything perfectly. However, despite being immensely talented, his peers can often accuse him of singing without genuine emotions. 

3.Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko’s Basketball): The High School Basketball Star

Despite possessing a mane of the shocking blue hair on his head that can be just seen from a mile away, Kuroko was often has described as the invisible one by his teammates. In the game of the basketball, 

this often came to his own advantage since he could misdirect his opponents and pass on the ball to his teammates. However, Kuroko’s inability to express himself often comes in his way of making genuine bonds with his teammates. 

4.Sonoda Umi (Love Live): The Leader Of The Lily White 

This leader of Lily White will love the color blue. Her hair is blue as well, and since it’s never indicated that she just colored it, it is assumed it is her own natural hair color. 

As a second-year at the Otonokizaka High School, Umi is the only one of the main characters of the ensemble music anime Love Live. 

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Despite being an extremely intelligent and very book smart, she has a reserved personality, often reflected in her disciplined attitude. 

5.Lancer (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works): The Popular Lancer Of The Fate Series

While there have been many Fate anime which are out there, which may leave all the new fans very confused, the overall outline and appearances of the characters remain the same. 

While the Lancer’s hair color might differ from anime to anime (Because of the different studios adapting the different Fate anime), his dark blue hair has remained remarkably constant. Fierce but kind, experienced, and wise, Lancer is also an easily one of the most popular characters in the Fate series. 

6.Konata Izumi (Lucky Star): The Eccentric Otaku

One of the protagonists of the comedy-slice of the life anime Lucky Star, Konata, is shown to be an amiable but eccentric girl. As an otaku, she just loves consuming manga, video games, and anime in many different forms. Moreover, she likes to tease her friends, especially the Kagami. 

Despite her carefree attitude, she is reticent and athletic. However, she does not participate in any club activities because she prioritizes her anime shows over her passion for sports. 

7.Aqua (Konosuba): The Powerless Goddess Of Water

Aqua used to be the Goddess of the water with a lot of knowledge and power. However, in the Fantasy World, she has none of her powers and is next to useless for Kazuma, who does find it hard to survive in this new world. 

Aqua is carefree and very over-friendly. Unfortunately, despite her stunning blue-haired visuals, her behavior often does get her and Kazuma into a lot of the trouble, especially when she just decides to speak exactly what is on her mind. 

8.Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler): The Sharp & Cunning Eye-Patched Kid

Despite only being 13 years old, Ciel is a highly sharp, cunning, and manipulative young boy. He learned to survive quickly after barely escaping a mansion fire, which killed all of his family. Consumed with revenge, he then makes a big deal with a demon. 

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In exchange for his soul, he really wants the demon to torture and then kill all the people behind his family’s death. 

9.Tetsuya Kuroko 

He was a sixth player of the Generation of the Miracles when he played at Teiko College. He’s in his first year. Not he is very good at dribbling and shooting, he filled all of his gaps by perfecting his passes and managing to draw the attention of other people than himself during the games. Thanks to this aptitude, he just manages to be forgotten to be better reappear at the game’s crucial moments.


He is the Sexta Espada, and he had his tattoo on his back. He is an ancient Adjuchas symbolizing destruction. He is of medium height, quite muscular, and has blue hair. His mask remains a fragment of his right jaw, which opens when he laughs too much. 

His jacket is still open, and his tattoo is now on his lower back. Its still a hollow “hole” is located near the stomach. He’s a rebel in his nature. 

Final Words

This article discussed the best blue hair characters in anime, comics, and manga. We have discussed their ability and how good they are with everything. We also discussed their past. Finally, we will recommend you do some research to get the best results possible.