10 Best Credit Repair Software Free Download In 2022

10 Best Credit Repair Software Free Download In 2022

10 Best Credit Repair Software Free Download In 2022

Credit trackers, cleaning kits, and simulators are all parts of credit restoration software that can be used to find mistakes on your credit report. Software for credit repair can identify errors on your report or submit credit complaints.

  • Experian Boost

Experian is one of the three main credit reporting bureaus, so it makes sense that it would have its credit repair software. You may link Experian Boost to your financial accounts, and it will then search through all of your bills and payments. And in doing so, you receive your lift.

If you’ve been paying your credit card and utility bills on schedule, Boost will see this as a positive and update your FICO immediately. Fortunately, the reverse is not true; if Boost discovers you haven’t been making payments on time, it won’t hurt your credit. 

  • Credit Karma

Credit Karma will give you the majority of the tools you’ll ever need to keep a careful eye on your score, but unlike some of the other names on this list, it does not allow you to contest inaccuracies in your credit reports. The software has gained a lot of notoriety for its usability and general usefulness, and on top of that, it is free.

Regular credit reports are still available, but they will be provided to you in a straightforward style that non-bankers will easily comprehend rather than in their complex raw form. The program will also provide you with a list of credit elements that can raise your score in addition to clear reports; you might even think of this as a to-do list if you’re determined to improve your score as soon as feasible.

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The credit simulator offered by Credit Karma is arguably the most intriguing feature here.

  • Intuit Turbo

As you might have guessed from the name, Intuit has credit repair software that’s, well… Intuitive. This means easy to understand and use. Turbo is geared toward clients who want all information given to them in a main and concise form – visual aids like green for good and red for not-so-good are also there to brighten up the software’s UI.

Intuit is a well-known company in the financial software circles. Its credit repair software gets good marks for accessibility and a valid mobile app – letting you keep an eye on your credit wherever and whenever. However, with ease of use comes a lack of functionality.

  • Dovly

Dovly, a Scottsdale-based fintech business, has made its automatic credit restoration platform available to as many customers as possible by releasing a free version of it.

One credit dispute each month is included in Dovly’s free edition with TransUnion. 

In addition to the company’s two paid offerings, which are available for either $9.99 or $39.99 a month, there is also a free option. Unlimited disputes with TransUnion or all three credit bureaus are available with the premium services, respectively.

Nirit Rubenstein, the CEO and co-founder of Dovly, told AZ Tech Beat that Dovly’s free version is ideal for anyone only attempting to strengthen their credit. Dovly is the only free, automatic credit restoration platform currently available, she added.

  • Credit Repair Cloud

With the help of the credit restoration software Credit Repair Cloud, you may launch, expand, and scale a business from the comfort of your home or workplace.

With the press of a button, this software enables you to upload credit reports easily. It also lets you send out dispute letters in bulk, saving you countless hours of labor.

We would have likely been required to engage a dispute processor and administrative assistance without credit repair software, which enables us to save money and scale even more quickly.

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It works with any customer relationship management (CRM) system and enables you to repair business and personal credit while generating additional cash.

  • DisputeBee

The second-place finisher in terms of credit repair software is DisputeBee. They outperform their rivals because they offer personal disputes at an affordable fee. Once you’ve fixed your credit, you can move on to fixing the credit of others by upgrading to their business plan.

Even though most options let you test out their program for a30 days for FREE, I suggest utilizing DisputeBee to try and repair your credit score first. 

Then, if you enjoy it, you can start working on repairing other people’s credit.

You can upload your credit report to DisputeBee, and their dispute wizard will let you know whether accounts are wrong or harmful with each central credit bureau.

  • Client Dispute Manager

Advanced credit repair software Client Dispute Manager controls every aspect of your company. A customer onboarding automation system, free training, and dispute letters are all provided by CDM. 

This credit repair software is ideal for novices and seasoned professionals who want to automate their business.

The business’s proprietor, Mark Claybourne, provides excellent training on YouTube.

  • DisputeFox

A complete CRM system is included in the credit repair program called DisputeFox. Despite being fresh to the industry, they have a bright future because of their high-end features.

You may easily construct automatic workflows inside of your dashboard, thanks to them! To make extra money, you can also design several billing schemes.

  • Credit Versio

Credit Versio is an AI for credit restoration that makes it simple to upload your credit report and send dispute documents using your smartphone. Additionally, you can get updates on your credit score and follow the development of your dispute.

I wholeheartedly endorse Credit Versio if you’re searching for a cheap and straightforward solution to rebuild your credit. They make the procedure incredibly straightforward and walk you through every step, from uploading your credit report to monthly results. Their customer service is excellent.

  •  Calendly

With the help of the online appointment booking tool Calendly, you may automate the registration procedure for more convenient appointments. Make an event, including your open hours and dates, and embed it on any of your websites or social media channels.

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We utilize Calendly on our website, and whenever someone makes an appointment, we receive an automated message for that event, which we then post to your Google calendar using zapier.

Even better, you can construct automation to notify your credit repair software when someone schedules an appointment on Calendar.