10 Best Purple Hair Characters in Real Life

10 Best Purple Hair Characters in Real Life

10 Best Purple Hair Characters in Real Life

The color purple is generally perceived as intriguing and mysterious. No wonder those rare characters who rock purple hair tend to pique interest. This article will tell you about the ten best purple hair characters in real life.

Best Purple Hair Characters In Real Life

In the world of anime, purple hair is scarce. Purple-haired characters are almost always very, quite special, though. They are pretty powerful, but at the same time, they are pretty mysterious, sometimes even unpredictable. 

They are entitled to their power and posture, which speaks for itself. They usually yearn for privilege and material possessions; purple-haired characters are most often noble, privileged, restless, elegant, and selfish. 

We will explain the list of the ten best purple-haired anime characters. We will use the different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness that they represent. The list will be very diverse, including the various characters from the various genres. 

1.Kaname Tosen 

Kaname Yosen is blind, has very dark skin and braided purple hair, which looks fantastic. After serving as the 5th Headquarters of the 9th Division under Muguruma Kensei, he became the more former captain of the 7th division. 

Tosen is mainly very interested in the notion of justice and became a shinigami to fulfill this ideal. This motivation of the Tosen comes from the murder of his best friend, forcibly married to a very nobleman who killed her without being worried by the courts.

2. Dorothy Unsworth 

Dorothy probably has one of the most exciting powers in this series out of the squat captains. Being asleep at any the given second, even her powers will represent her endless need even to hit the snooze button. 

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So she takes you to her dreamy world, where you might have an endless sleep if you are unlucky enough. On a side note, why can not everyone hear the conversations, walk, and catch the evil dudes while they are sleeping like Dorothy?

3.Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass)

In the movie Kick-Ass, Mindy Macready, who died, is Damon Macready’s daughter, a famous NYPD officer. Unfortunately, he was framed for drug dealing and was imprisoned for about five years before she was born.

After Damon’s release from prison, he was just given custody of Mindy. He trained her in martial arts and taught her how to use the various weaponry forms, including guns, spears, knives, and grenades.

4.Ramona Flowers

She is an American emigrant who used to live in New York. She now works like a Ninja delivery girl for Amazon in Canada. She is about 24 years old and is Scott Pilgrim’s main love interest. Ramona reveals only a little about herself and is very discreet about her past in New York.

Ramona has enhanced her strength enough to snap a metal pole to use a weapon. She can travel just through the Subspace and has exes who challenged Scott just for her affection. 


If a sci-fi show did teach me anything, the machines are much better at killing than the humans are. And that was initially the case for the Ristau. But, be it, she was just a big chunk of the metal with the cute lilac-haired screen saver; she was still one of the most formidable foes. 

Later on, she would attain a more human form and personality and get severely nerfed. So she was stuck around more as a very supporting role to the rest of the other class. Nevertheless, she’s a literal e-girl and should always be loved. 

6.Plum (Bravest Warriors)

An alien girl who is about 16 years old. She is also considered the 5th unofficial member of the Bravest Warriors heroes-for-hire team. Like the rest of her race, the Mere Gifs, she is just mermaid-like, which means she has a mermaid tail that replaces her legs while swimming.

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Plum has been seen on wielding a bazooka and the other massive guns, but these are not the staples in her combat. Instead, she can transform into a much more powerful form with tentacles and glowing eyes that manages to defeat the most powerful Galorian Tear-Sucker. 

7. Roxy (Winx Club)

The Fairy of the Animals and a member of the Winx Club. Roxy is one of the youngest and weakest of the fairies. She is an animal lover and a very strong-willed, rebellious girl. However, she is still very emotional and prone to tears. As the Fairy of Animals, Roxy has an animal-based power. 

Roxy can also empathize with the animals, feel what they are feeling, and calm them down if they are terrified, angry, or hurt. In addition, she can speak to them and summon them telepathically. Roxy can also grant the animals the ability to speak like humans. 

8. Kirie Motoba 

Okay, I did get that Kyrie could be a wee bit mean towards her brother. And okay, she might pop out of just nowhere because she has some of the ninja-like stalking skills. But how are people afraid of her?

Look at these messy bangs and that ponytail; she looks adorable like the dork. She is not even outgoing, so if you are not a child, she would not have the courage to talk to you.


You know what they say “keep your own friends close, but your own enemies closer,” I think they also should have specified not to end up in love with your enemies at the same point. Shampoo’s character is also the best seen in regards to the Ranma. At first, did he gets the tsundere treatment, as god may know this woman is not a stranger to violence. 


Leon, who is also the gratest champ of the Galar region in the anime, and Sania, the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia, were childhood friends before the events of the Pokemon Journeys: The series and began their own journey together after becoming the trainers. 

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After the League President Rose had a firm eye on Leon, the two drifted apart, and their friendship was severely damaged. However, Leon would later become the champion of the Galar Region and one of the strongest trainers. 

Final Words

This article has discussed the best purple hair characters in real life. We recommend you do some research to get the best results possible.