10 Best Purple Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

10 Best Purple Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

10 Best Purple Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

In fiction, purple hair often signifies that the character is arrogant or stone, as it is a color that is also associated with royalty and vanity. This article will tell you about the best purple hair characters in anime, comics, and manga. 

Best Purple Hair Characters In Anime, Comic, and Manga 

In today’s world of anime, purple hair is relatively scarce. Purple-haired characters are always quite remarkable, though. They are pretty robust and solid, but at the same time quite mysterious and it is sometimes unpredictable. They are entitled to their own power, and their posture speaks for itself. They are usually yearn for privilege and material possessions; purple-haired characters are often elegant, restless, and selfish. 

We will be discussing the list of the ten best purple-haired anime characters that we all know of. First, we will be using different sources. Then we will rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent.


Leon, an excellent champ of the Galar region in the anime, and Sania, the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia, were childhood friends before the events of the Pokemon Journeys: The Series and began their journey together after becoming the trainers. 

After League President Rose had an eye on the Leon, the two drifted apart, and their own friendship was severely damaged. However, Leon would later become the champion of the Galar Region and one of its strongest trainers. 

2.Yolei Inoue 

She is a second-generation DigiDestined. She is one of the oldest and one of the most energetic ones. She makes her very first entry into the Digital World with Cody, with whom she has awakens their respective partners, hers being Hawkmon, to whom that she is extremely attached.

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Her parents are very grocers; Yolei often brings the food to the Digimon when they are present in the real world. Very direct, she always says that she falls in love very quickly. You develop, throughout the series, a very great friendship with Sora and especially Mimi. She has the symbols of Sincerity and Love. 

3. Dorothy Unsworth 

Out of all of the squad captains, Dorothy probably has one of the most exciting powers in this series. Being asleep at any given second, even her powers do represent her endless need to hit the snooze button. So she takes you to her own dreamy world, where you might have endless sleep if you are very unlucky enough. On a side note, why can not everyone hear the conversations, walk, and catch the evil dudes while sleeping like Dorothy? Which seems like the most valuable power ever. 


If sci-fi shows have ever taught me anything, the machines are way much better at killing than the humans are. And that was initially the case for the Ritsu. But, be it, she was a more significant chunk of the metal with a charming lilac-haired screen saver; she was still one of the most formidable foes. 

Later, she would attain a more human form and personality and get them severely nerfed. So she is stuck around more as a supporting role to the rest of the class. Nevertheless, she is a literal e-girl and should be loved.

5. Azusa Hamaoka 

Azusa is one of the boys. Unlike most of the females that are cast in this show. Azusa does not shy away from all the guys and their naked roughhousing. She enjoys life, hangs out with everyone, is not afraid to be down for a few drinks, gets provocatively dressed up or just even naked. 

And on top of all of that, she’s pretty intelligent and bisexual. So we could all also fall for her. Secondly, we are all able to bring the anime characters to life. I’m talking about Azusa out for a drink or something. She did seems like the life of any and every party. 

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6. Iris 

Iris is a trainer who specializes in the Dragon-type Pokemon. In contrast to the game, she is only a companion of the Ash in the anime. She is neither an arena manager nor even a champ. Still, Drayden later considers her a successor to his arena. 

7. Faye Valentine

She is a young woman who is interested only in money. She has shoulder-length purple hair and a red waistcoat over a short yellow ensemble. She also wears a black thong bodysuit. At the start of episode 16, men in coveralls are seen handling a block where Faye is cryogenic. She will woke up in 2068, in perfect health but amnesic. 

After making a great escape, she scours the space all aboard her Redtail, swindling those who she meets to pay off her own debts and almost immediately losing all her money at the races. However, her meeting with Spike is fortuitous since she will confuse him with a contact in a casino. She will then join Bebop and its crew. 

8. Ayato Kirishima 

Ayato is Toka Kirishima’s little brother and an executive in the Aogiri Nicknamed the Black Rabbit; he tends to be very confused with his sister, who also wears a bunny mask. However, he has the opposite personality to his sisters, coming across as cynical, aggressive, and arrogant. 

Believing that the main reason for the strongest is always the best, he still believes that the weak are destined to die and have no place on this earth. He has a fierce hatred toward humans, particularly against the CCG, which was destroyed by his family. Like her own sister’s, her kagune is a winged type. 

9. Anko Mitarashi 

As far as the female Naruto characters go, Anko was an S class in character tiers. She was a badass-looking woman with some snake powers, was under the Orochimaru, had the whole curse mark deal, though that was just an action-packed concept. 

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She also does not want to put the Itachi under the genjutsu, so she is way ahead of her competitors. When she first appeared, she threw a Kunai at Naruto and then proceeded to lick the blood of the blade, like come on. 

10. Rika Furude

Friend of Satoko. She is revered as the heiress of all of the local shrine. She holds the role of the priestess in the annual festival of watanagashi. Rika often does appear to be the calm and childish one but is also sometimes surprisingly mature and processing almost with esoteric knowledge. Her father and father died in extraordinary ways.  

Final Words 

This article discussed the best purple-haired characters in Anime, Manga, and Comic in this article. We have discussed their past and their ability. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.