10 Best Project Management Software for Small Teams, Freelancers and Individuals

10 Best Project Management Software for Small Teams, Freelancers and Individuals

10 Best Project Management Software for Small Teams, Freelancers and Individuals

Being a freelancer is like just running a one-person show. You are in charge of the drafting proposals and the contracts, client onboarding and servicing, invoicing, training, and following up on the payments. This article will discuss the best project management software for small teams and individuals. 

Best Freelance Project Management Software

The section will look at the top ten freelance project management software apps that will offer a very diverse set of features. Go through the list, and based on the feature set, pick the one that will fit the best for your requirements. 

1. Trello

We have already shared how Trello makes a very fantastic editorial calendar tool. However, you do not need to be in the content creation to make this work for you. For example, suppose you are frequently doing the same tasks, or you have a core group of clients that you will work with often. In that case, Trello can be easily set up to keep track any of the number of tasks from conception to invoicing. 

It’s also a great way to keep the track of every project detail, including supporting the documentation, outbound files, photo files, and marketing copy. Its index-card-inspired interface is easy for any freelancer to grasp quickly and master within weeks. It’s very favorite among creatives, designers, and marketers. 


Perhaps it is one of the most popular project management tools which are out there; Asana has been around so long enough to suffer through growing pains and came out even better than before. It features a simple user experience that will needs no training to use competently. 

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Teams can also schedule, assign, and comment on projects and tasks without a lot of complicated back and forth. The ability to highlight items by color is very perfect for those who want to access tasks quickly from their own mobile devices. 

3. Google Apps 

Both small and large businesses can run on Google these days. The solo freelancer can easily benefit from the extensive suite of services offered. While it’s not precisely an all-in-one solution, there are many other tools to cover almost every project management need. 

From the spreadsheets for the time tracking and shared documents for invoicing to forms for collecting the data, there’s something for everyone with full integration into all Google’s owned properties.

It’s beneficial for freelancers with Gmail accounts, Google calendar, and Android-based mobile operating systems. Need some help? There are many free templates online to just browse and copy for your project organization inspiration.

4. Red Booth 

Most of procrastinators adore this kind of project management tool, which will track your performance to give you a report of how you are handling the project overall. Are you chronically that late? Do you tend to get things done with time to spare? 

Red Both will always tell you and will be able to track you down to send desktop notifications when you have missed a deadline! A very simplistic dashboard shows you how you are doing. It is free for single users, up to $15 per month for 50GB storage and unlimited workspace.

5. Wrike

This kind of task management platform is very similar to Trello. You can easily create drag-and-drop fields to fill a project timeline. The ability to share the timeline, including the time spent on each task, with anyone–even those outside the organization- is very slick.

It is very easy to collaborate with any number of team members since it will integrate with Google, Microsoft, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, GitHub, and much more. In addition, real-time reports show at a glance how many tasks are in each section of your project pipeline.  

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7.ProProfs Project

This kind of project management software will combine a very detailed dashboard with the ability to utilize the cloud storage apps such as Dropbox and Box. It’s especially very popular among Zapier fans since it can connect its 100’s integrated apps. In addition, a handy progress bar will always show how far along you are on any of the given projects. It costs $10 per month. 


Formerly called Solo, this is an eye-catching app that makes beautiful work of managing the project and analyzing data. In addition to tracking projects, invoicing, and time, It will store all of your client data into a contact list that’s more user-friendly than most stand-alone CRMs. See who your best customers are at a glance via one of the more elegant dashboards available.


If you are one of the freelance project managers, Monday.com would be an excellent fit for you. The app provides excellent features, considering the broad scope of most project managers’ responsibilities. However, the app’s comprehensive scope increases its complexity. It makes it less suitable for freelancers looking for apps to stay on track. 

One of its main features is creating workflow automation processes to automatically assign the tasks whenever their status is changed, view monthly tasks in the list view to plan the work effectively, and integrate with around 50+ apps to streamline work. 

10. Jira

Jira is an Agile freelance project management software for programmers. It will let you stay on track with your Solo or client’s development projects. Besides the agile and scrum boards, you can develop your workflows, plan sprints, log issues and allocate work. 

One of its main features is that the plan projects and create roadmaps using the timeline feature, which works seamlessly with Bitbucket and Confluence as Atlassian owns all of these products. 

Final Words 

This article has recommended the best project management software out there for small teams, freelancers, and individuals. We recommend you do some research to get the best results. 

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