10 Best Pink Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

10 Best Pink Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

10 Best Pink Hair Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

Are you one of those who are a fan of anime characters with unique-colored hairstyles? Then, we have got you covered. We will show you the best pink hair characters in anime, comics, and manga.

Pink Hair Characters In Anime, Comic, and Manga

As far as the time is concerned, pink hair is just something that is generally associated with the female characters and is almost exclusively to them. However, things have been changing in recent years.

Pink-haired characters were also either the female protagonists of the show or the love interests of the male protagonist. Still, that role has evolved to become more and more complex since then.

In this article, we will bring the list of the 20 best pink-haired anime characters that we know of. We will be using the different sources to rank them based on their popularity and the general level of the awesomeness they represent. 

1. Szayelaporro Granz

Szayelaporro Granz is one of the Octava Espada. He is a former Adjuchas. It will own numerous fractions. He has the same mentality as well as the captain of the 12th division: a profound contempt for gis Fracciones, unfair fighting techniques, proven sadism. A scientific goal justifies all his objectives.

Also, he thinks that his goal as a scientist is to create the perfection; this will clash with the Mayuri, who affirms that protection is not a very good thing for science. 

2. Hisoka Morrow

Hisoka Morrow is one of the hero’s antagonists, especially Gon and Killia, and a staple character in Hunter X Hunter. Mysterious, cunning, liar, and provocative. Considering himself a very good hunter, he is as good at fighting as he is at deception. He is always in search of his interests and pleasures, he knows how to be tenacious and daring to endangering his life.

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Hisko constantly monitors Killua, and Gon threatens the death of Metro, the leader of the hunters. His relationship with all the other characters is difficult to pin down. 

3.Rika Shinozaki / Lisbeth 

Riks, also known as Lisbeth in Sword Art Online, is a great blacksmith who makes scarce weapons. She is also a reasonably skilled player who will fight with the help of the messes and gets very close to Silica. 

Asuna is also one of her friends. Unknowingly recommended by the latter, she meets the Kirito when he decides to go to his shop on the 48th level to have a new sword forged. 


A Holy Knight whose power made him capable of manipulating the thunder and lightning. He is the son of the former Holy High Knight Zaratras, killed during the alleged revolt of the Seven Deadly most sins. 

He is also a childhood friend of Elizabeth and Meliodas. He has always been in love with Princess Margaret, for whom he does everything that he can to protect her. 

When he was much younger, he admired the seven deadly sins and wanted to be like them. Still, after believing that the Seven Deadly Sins were always responsible for his father’s death, he did decided to take revenge, becoming an emotionless man who does not care who he does evil.  

5. Nurse Joy 

Joy is always the first name of all nurses who looked identical in the Pokemon centers. They generally have a Chansey, a Wigglytuff, or an Audino in the Kalos to heal Pokemon. Brock generally falls in love with them. 

6. Melascula

The commandment of the original member and faith of the clan before being sealed and the betrayal of the Meliodas. She also specializes in all kinds of dark spells. One of her most characteristic abilities is bringing back the souls of all of the individuals who have been passed away, using the repentance of the deceased as her motivation.

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She, in appearance, is very similar to a young girl surrounded by a strange dark aura. Still, her actual appearance is that of a viper that shrinks in physical size as she loses the magical miasma. 

7. Moka Akashiya 

She is a vampire, but all of her powers and her other personality are only revealed when Tsukune takes away his rosary. Nevertheless, the two remained excellent friends even when Mola found out he was a human. Indeed, Moka hates humans because she was also forced to go to the human schools, where she was actually sidelined. 

Plus, she did feel very weird that humans did not believe vampires existed. She is very allergic to pure water, so she mixes the herbs with the water she drinks. By force of circumstance, she can not swim in the swimming pool either. 

8. Mina Ashido 

She is a girl who is been characterized by having pink skin and hair, horns, and a black eyeball with a yellow iris. She is very cheerful and festive. However, she is also able to secrete corrosive acid from her own body. Apart from being very cheerful, she is also so obsessed with her dancing. 

9.Uranai Baba 

Uranai Baba is the sister of the Master Roshi. She acts as a relay between King Enma and Earth and is also an old witch who can read deep into the future using her crystal ball. His real name and his age are unknown, but we can easily estimate the latter to be over 500 years old. 

Endowed with a terrible temper, especially at the beginning of the series, she will move by levitating on her crystal ball. She asks the astronomical sums of those who did need her help and forces those who can not even pay to face her minions to have access to her services for free. 

10. Gowther

Gowther is the Sin of the Lust of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gower was revealed to be the puppet created by the Gowther of Selflessness, serving as his father’s intermediary to the other members of the Ten Commandments. His Sacred Treasure is just of the Herritt Double Arc, which he did use in conjunction with his Magic, lost world abilities, and Invasion. 

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Final Words 

We have discussed the Pink Hair Character in Anime, Manga, and Comic in this article. We discussed every detail about them and their characteristics. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.